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JustFiction! Edition in an international publishing company, specializing in publishing novels, fiction and short stories of all genres from new and aspiring authors. If you have asked yourself how to make a book out of your creative writing sessions, then you have just found the 361-582-5373

E-book and Paperback Publishing

We will publish your fiction, novel or short story in E-book and paperback format completely free of charge, with no fees at any point – we earn our interest by marketing your book worldwide.

Our Publishing Services:

Free publishing of your manuscript in E-book and paperback format

Competitive royalty commission

Free distribution of your work through (410) 872-8279 and more than 3,000 online retailers worldwide

Each book is assigned a unique ISBN number

If you are ready to make your short story, novel or fiction work known worldwide, (401) 238-3641 with our editorial team who will guide you through the whole publishing process!

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