It's nice to have choices.


Nhan wasn't able to provide an alibi so the police arrested him.

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Thanks for your honesty.


I was thinking about what I said earlier.


The mountain top is covered with snow almost all year.

I'm too lazy to do my homework.

I'd be willing to try something new.

We're about to leave here.

Cindie told me that he's planning to take Amarth out to dinner tonight.


I was being taught to cheat.

The climate here is colder than I expected.

Do you remember the day when we first met Maria?


The telephone is now out of order.

I didn't notice how she was dressed.

Why can't they be stopped?

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He's asking you to help him.

Some new books were added to the library at his expense.

I must concentrate.

I can't let him go alone.

What do you think should be done about it?


Don't tell anyone what we're doing.

Academic fraud is probably more common than most people think.

Thank you for the delicious dinner.

He has gone back to California for good.

You will look for me, but you will not find me; and where I am, you cannot come.


I'm looking for a native speaker who could help me correct this essay.

Add up this column of figures.

A laptop is better than a desktop.

Why are you talking about money?

Nici wasn't smiling when he entered the room.

Everyone is watching.

Can you explain to me why you refused their offer?

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She didn't think her dream would ever come true.

Indonesia is unique in its stance towards religion.

I find them irresistible.

Do you smell something strange?

Lynne seems interested.

I told them I couldn't do it.

Gregor denied knowing anything about the robbery.


Can you explain why you dislike him?

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I didn't want to tell you about this on the phone.

Any other bright ideas?

"Where is my Time Machine?" I began, bawling like an angry child, laying hands upon them and shaking them up together.

I can't repay you.

I brought my kids up well.


It's OK with me if Betty watches television after he finishes his homework.

Jarvis is at the computer.

I wonder why they left my name off the list.

We're moving in next door.

Is there something you'd like to tell me?

It never occurred to me that Syd might feel that same way Floria did.

The whole town lay sleeping.


The security guard told Vicky that he couldn't take pictures in this area.

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Perhaps it isn't your fault.

More than 300 people attended.

How different is Bobbie?

Rik is a horrible driver.

It's probably healthier to eat popcorn than it is to eat potato chips.


She rested on his promise.

A cobra bit Shawn.

I should not wish to hear it even once.

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I think I need to see a doctor.

Maybe you should also ask.

The traffic accident took place on the highway.

Someone was there.

Send it by airmail.

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I travel frequently.

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What is it you'd like me to say exactly?


He mediated between the two parties.

Leif wanted some fresh air.

Japan is an extremely noisy country.

I always figured Old would become a teacher.

Have you got a seven-yen stamp?

This house is about the same size as Peter's.

Just between the two of us; are you in love with my sister?

I thought about him.

He sat in Zen meditation.

Plastic shaved.

It's better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.

Jesus must realize what he's done.

Edwin doesn't have a credit card.

Hitoshi and I work at the same hospital.

He declined the job-offer very politely.

I'd like you to accompany him.

I'm prepared for the entrance examination.

I really didn't see it coming.

Dreams came true.

Imported cars account for less than eight percent.

Frances hasn't done anything so far.


I'd like to ask you a few questions.


Early to bed, early to catch the worm. Or, is it the bagel?


Move your car, please.


He helped an old lady to get up from her seat.

Stones don't swim.

Eventually, Glen's curiosity overcame his fear.


I thought Joni said he didn't want to get married.


In my "Agenda for urban mobility", which I am going to present to the Universal City League Congress tomorrow, I will address some of the necessary measurements.

The Lions had an easy win over the Hawks.

Rayan went to visit his sister in Boston.


The voting continued.


I totally agree with his definition of friendship.

She used a fake identification card to get into the bar.

Let me explain how this works.

You forgot something.

I've got to get Lorenzo out of here.

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Mom applied the plaster to the cut.

It's a worldwide problem.

Gigi is unprejudiced, isn't he?

It's none of my business!

You're not trying hard enough.


Today is the day that Jenine graduates.


We are lost in the middle of nowhere.


See you in about an hour.


I think Elliott is good-looking.

Pieter is now middle age and has serious health problems.

We'll be there in thirty minutes.


A handsome man is a good reason to go to hell.


I thought it was shocking.


The prime minister's businesslike approach to welfare reform earned him accolades among the upper class.

Pablo did his best to rescue James.

Miek crouched down next to Carole behind the car.

Phiroze is 50 years behind the times.

He did not decide to be a writer until he was thirty.

Don't trust him no matter what he says.

I've got a package for you.


Snow White was so pale that the doctor suggested she go out in the sunshine.

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Why did you break up with her?


Ann was under suspicion for murder.


I suppose that she was happy then.

We can't thank you enough for all you've done for Sheila.

Brodie believes whatever Merril says.

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Konrad doesn't know why Kathy wanted him to leave.

Why don't you just go get them?

He acknowledged my presence with a nod.

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What is this commotion all about ?

He was shorter than me.

I don't have so many skills.

Have you made any new friends recently?

Many students go to Europe for the purpose of studying music.

He knows how to greet people in all languages.

Part needs to get into shape.

The airline provided free accommodation to stranded passengers as a goodwill gesture.

I don't worry about it.

You ought not to have done such a thing.

Why isn't this working?

Rabin wore himself out.

Many people would agree with you.

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Titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti.


May I touch these?

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There's a saying, "once in a life-time event," and that's just what this is.

I plan to make a trip to China in the winter or soon after.

I tried to warn Mats about her, but he won't listen to me.

You know so many words!

Don't wear yourself out.