You had better not do that.

Though he dieted, he still remained too fat.

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Todd is working as a security guard.

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That's how they learnt English.

I really love watching anime and reading manga

He put terms on his problem.


Her child was snatched away from her.

He admits being able to bend a metal spoon.

Isn't the Christmas festival just simply wonderful?

I know some dirty jokes, but I never tell them.

I don't burn them.

Hurf does do some goofy things from time to time.

He knocked his knee against the chair.

Janice has a wonderful voice.

Granville will do everything he's asked to do.

I should've written it down.

Tell her thanks.


Kit doesn't know what this is called in French.


My father often falls asleep while watching television.

They admitted her to the hospital.

Human beings can live up to 40 days without food, but no more than 7 without water.


I must have lost my key along the way.


He took a taxi in order not to miss the train.

A good programmer will influence everyone around him.

You are now quite at home in English.

His sisters as well as he are now living in Tokio.

George sensed that Ralf wasn't happy.

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Are those guys your friends?

Even though I studied French for three years in school, I'm not good at speaking it.

All of a sudden, I saw a hare running across the field.


Perhaps the only adjective in the English language that can follow the noun it modifies is "unknown".

"Did you like his music?" - "No, did you?"

He must not find out the truth.

Lynn is in the kitchen with Emily.

I hate seeing you like this.

Shadow has good taste.

Every translation will be translated again.

Tao has an extensive vegetable garden, and rarely needs to buy vegetables during the growing season.

I was invited by an old friend.

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Terri took a piece of candy from the bag.

I don't want to talk anymore.

My uncle made a fortune.

And what did she answer?

Well, you have only to ask for his help.

My father died four years ago.

Did you know Cynthia was in there?

Somebody killed them.

What is Ozan so mad about?


We found something interesting.

That happened last week.

I'm ready to proceed.

Tell him about your trip.

I've just had new tires put on my car.

I like my coffee weak.

The first step is the most difficult.

Prepare yourself for the future.

The Jabulani is the official match ball of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Stop doing that.

As far as I can tell, there's nothing medically wrong with Stu.

His wife was killed in the accident.

Don't look into my room.

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Be kind to Toufic.

It's not worth much.

Marie is a few pounds lighter than Pierce.

Thanks a lot for having warned me!

I broke up with Ed.

Saul has already set the table.

Sugih knows he's running out of time.


I'm so blessed!

The knife was covered in blood.

One of the greatest secrets of happiness is moderating your wishes and loving what you already have.

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I'll have to remember that.

Ronald said he needed some time to work things out.

My Japanese teacher used to use a song to help us remember verb conjugations. No one really sang along.

He stayed in this hotel for two days.

My backyard can hold more than ten people.

Finish your education first.

Do you study English?

That's a nice shade of blue.

The only thing we can do is wait.

She is threshing wheat.

Please lower your voice.

Jennifer is very disappointed about the concert being cancelled. She really had her heart set on going.

Today week I'll be in England.


Mechael isn't always as busy as he says he is.

It'll be safer.

Mott is anxious to meet you.

You have to choose.

May I ask for your phone number?

Don't trust him no matter what he says.

Let us protect our peace!

Granted, I'm whimsical, but I'm certainly not a lunatic.

Why can't Go be popular in Turkey when it is so in Japan?


Jupiter is the only planet in the Solar System whose common center of gravity with the Sun lies outside the Sun itself.

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Saqib is asleep on the cot in the back room.

Would you tell her we're back?

This clothing of mine has gone out of fashion.

It is dangerous for children to play near this pond.

The man in that car is Elias Jackson.

Bertrand was trying to reach out to her.

Boston is beautiful.

Maarten tried to profit from the tragedy by creating a false Facebook page to collect donations.

It's illegal to shine a laser pointer at an airplane.

Gary wants results.

What were you doing down there?

I'm going to keep your secret.

There was a blackout, so I reset my VCR's time, but I was off by an hour, so I missed my appointment.


I don't think you'd like it.

Have you seen him before?

"I've only had two boyfriends." "Oh, I have two boyfriends right now."

We need a little more time.

His new book is planned to appear next month.

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She doesn't want to have children.

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I know that he'll call with another price increase.

We seem to have a little problem here.

Rudolph is pretty good at improvising.


Darrell was amazed at how precisely Len sensed how she was feeling.

I don't think I'll be able to convince Josip.

We should hurry.

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I intend to listen to it tonight.


I visited Paris, but I didn't climb the Eiffel tower, since I'm afraid of heights.

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I went to high school with him.

Martin doesn't let me do anything.

If I want, they will kill you.

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I am at a loss for words.

If I were you, I'd paint it blue.

Don't hurry if there's no purpose to your hurrying.

Why should we help?

You must reboot your computer.

Why did you decide to learn French?

He used to get up early when he was young.


It's supposed to rain today, isn't it?

He wrote to his parents.

Why doesn't he call me anymore?

Without the error, our team could have won the game.

There was no taxi, so I had to walk home.

You don't need a gun.

This is where Price said he used to live.

I never do anything embarrassing.

May I use this pencil?

The soup is bubbling in the pot.

He began skinning the animal.

Don't just stand there like a lump, start taking notes!

Mr. Suzuki studied French before he went to France.


Shareholders voted to liquidate the company's assets.

When was the last time you picked apples from the neighbor's garden?

We go to school together.


He left through a secret passageway.

Which would you like?

Truth or lie? It depends on the advertising.

I can't talk to anyone else.

I'd like to forget the whole thing ever happened.


The babies in the hospital have grown up.

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He's nervous and excited.

Does he have a family?

If your father asks your mother a question in French, does she answer in French or in English?

I wish they would stop fighting.

She is fit for the job.

I'm not going to listen to any more of this nonsense.

I felt like slapping her in the face.

They had a culture of their own.

It's a waste of time to wait any longer.

Vistlik knows where I work.

Shouldn't Roberto go first?

I saw a horse galloping toward me.

Jos and Jane are cousins.


Clarissa asked me if I wanted another beer.


We didn't exactly hit it off.