She lives in that house.

The hospital there is not huge.


I'll help you fight him.

Don't ever say her name.

I would've let Tuna do it.

Right feels wrong and wrong feels right.

This book is a whodunit.

Do you have any better ideas?

Since you don't have anything to do, why not come fishing with me this weekend?

I knew I would win.

Could you tell me how old are you?


I wasn't the one who got lost.


Please initial and send back to us.


He can't speak any English at all.


Marguerite has been sleeping all day.

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Why can't we be privy to that information?

How many cars does Stephen have?

Could you please tell me again where you put the key?


They're very old friends.

Am I first?

Tad just wasn't making any sense.

Why did you stop then?

The critical period in matrimony is breakfast time.


The president was nice, and replied to my letter.

Above all, be true to yourself.

Colin is undeterred.

A field of grass can be quite beautiful.

This work is simple enough for me to do.


How do you say "How do you say 'I ate an apple.' in Lojban?" in Lojban?

Betsy works the night shift.

Man has the gift of speech which no animal has.

My car's in the garage.

I love him all the more for his faults.


I still haven't decided what to do.

This sentence is still ambiguous, even though it isn't long.

He came while I was still asleep.

He loves his puppy. His puppy is really adorable.

I assume you're referring to Mariou's problem.


What Hilda thought was a harmless joke, soon became deadly serious.

What do you really think of him?

Come with me to the southern coast of France!

I want him to win the election.

The wood is alive with birds.

For three weeks, he ate nothing at all.

Why didn't somebody tell him?

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I didn't have to pay the full price.

They know we're friends.

My table is old.

Please forgive me for forgetting to call you.

He thinks that she will leave.


What a pity that the number of foolish people is more than clear people.

Let's try to speed things up, okay?

Do you want to get us both killed?

I can write you a letter.

The roof is made of thatch.

Faith, unity, discipline.

I don't have a problem with this.

Jayesh is going to be a father.

This is my decision.

When does spring start?

She is an avid reader.

We live in Hungary.

He treated it with utmost care.

I've smoked a tear in my lung.

You're a doll!

Granville finished his dessert.

I don't remember the last time I had so much fun.

What ship did she arrive on?

Our investigation is ongoing.

This is true of you, too.

I haven't got the nerve to ask you for a loan.

I'm too drunk.

The teacher didn't do her justice.


She should be there now because she left early.


I can't do it just anywhere.

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Ranjit has a house with two rooms.

Come home before 10 pm.

Finally, I took leave of them.

I could not image how cruel he was at that time.

He failed to do what he said.


You'll be gorgeous.

That's not the same.

Give me my cane.

Evil is everywhere.

He was killed in the first hours of battle.

It happened so long ago.

Rajesh has a half-sister.


He did his duty at the cost of his health.

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We often have unusual weather these days.

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Penny wasn't sick.

They all looked at him.

Randall can't attend the meeting.


For all her wealth, she is not happy.

I know something!

The construction of the hospital is about to end.


My decided preference is the fourth and the last of these alternatives.

I thought Gabriel was your surgeon.

They aren't just any 3-D glasses.

You speak French, don't you?

He watched the Sumo wrestling with folded arms.

At eight o'clock I will be ready for work.

No definition of poetry is adequate unless it be poetry itself.

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Swimming is a sport that is practised in water.

As per commutative law, I understand that it is -(-x) = x, 1/(1/x) = x .

The doctor analyzed the blood sample for anemia.

He was subjected to insult.

If it had not been for your help, I couldn't have completed the work.


You're the only one I know who likes Phiroze.

Is that even legal?

When does school break up?

I inquired after him.

Dariimaa rarily drew birds and animals.

His wooden instruments were primitive even for his time.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

Rafael was hurt in a car accident.

Was that Petr out there?

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We did our best only to fail.


I think Gordon did a good job.


Did I give you the tickets?

You'll drink four glasses.

The number of students going overseas has been increasing lately.

Let's stop wasting time.

I went to the pawn shop and asked them to please appraise my 1980s style car

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Darin enjoys watching sports on TV.

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Please call on me when it is convenient for you.

Please come inside.

Julie is getting wary.

My gloves are size medium.

Who did this?

Jock looked unfriendly at first.

I thought you moved to Boston.

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She went into the bathroom.

I know how to solve the problem, but I've been asked not to tell you.

I know you'll do what's necessary.

They are required to wear a suit and tie to work.

Can any of you tell me what happened?

The police say that Jesus's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.

It was one of the worst TV Shows of the 1990s.

The German word "Verschlimmbesserung" stands for a supposed improvement that makes things worse.

It's not hard to stand out when you're surrounded by idiots.

Do you have any siblings?

Marcos said he wanted to go.

My uncle suffers from osteoporosis.

And now, looking back on the experience, I really learned a lot.

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To be honest, I would lie, if I said that I have never regretted my sudden decisions.

Bert asked me to come here to deliver this message.

Kitty got here early.

Linder did what he could in the short amount of time he had.

Is any of this stuff stolen?

The meeting was well attended.

You got it right.

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I'm pleased to hear that.

Please show me how I have to do it.

Update your software.


He attributes his poverty to bad luck.

I'm pressing charges.

I thought I dealt with it well.

Take away these dishes, please.

I caught a beautiful butterfly.


His dad is a senator in the USA.


Jussi was the first to come.


I'm deeply grateful for your kindness.

She's interested in fashion.

Would you help me move this?