Brandy is the only friend I have here in Boston.

Elisabeth has a big penis.

I think it good for you to read this book.

Kim often eats lunch with his friends.

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You have not done anything bad.


Tell Geoff to do what needs to be done.

However tired you may be, you must finish that work today.

The door opened, and the man walked out.

Vincent and Teri are both good teachers.

According to Sigurd, Len is wild in bed.

The baby is able to walk.

"Can you smell something burning?" "Oh, I went and burnt the toast."

I hope I'm not being a bother.

Correct me if I am mistaken.

We're replaceable.

When dinner was over, we adjourned to the sitting room.

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Win came here for help.


Are you OK with this?


Mr Wilder gave me your e-mail address.


Would you do this for me?


Don't make an enemy of Mysore.

Why should I share the treasure with you?

This will have to do for lunch.

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Andrew was an outstanding coach.

I can take care of it.

It's a waste of food.

Goats do not like getting wet and will seek shelter quicker than sheep and other livestock.

Caleb lost so much weight that one of his friends walked straight past him in the street, without recognising him.

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You may have to help me.

How do you go to school every day?

She's rolling in dough.

Don't shut the door.

There's a large clock near the top of the tower.

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He broke the window by throwing a stone.

He speaks Spanish as well as he speaks French.

Do you want us to help?

Pardon me, would you explain to me the importance of this phrase?

Call me if you have a problem.

I try to help Nigel every chance I get.

The coffee break is an American institution.

Jennie rarely gets angry.

I guess I need to start studying harder.

Japan guaranteed a 2 billion yen aid package to developing countries.

"To be sure not to make a mistake, I've made it a rule to cite only authors whom I killed myself at least seventy years ago", the aged Jack the Reader said.

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We're never going to make it on time.

I was just talking about them.

Stop inappropriate content the moment it is posted.

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I don't think I'll ever get used to this.

Are you ready to go home?

That was a pretty stupid thing to do.


A samurai's blood runs in Taro's veins.

You must do your homework at once.

She has a loving family.

I wasn't able to fix it.

Franklin fell asleep while watching TV.

This story is interesting, funny and even exciting.

Tai said he just didn't have the time.


He took me for my mother.

Please draw water from the well.

He doesn't obey his parents.

Vicky told me he wanted to meet Amedeo.

Next year, Ann and Jong will have been married for 30 years!


Milner didn't have a chance to visit Charley when he was in Boston.

He wants to be more independent.

The workers in the factory were forced to work hard to improve the products.

You might not want to do that.

Were you born in the 20th century or in the 21st?

It'd be best if you gave me back my knife.

After a while, I noticed that we didn't seem to be walking on the path anymore.

Yesterday I met Syun on the street.

Have a good time on your date.

If you don't want to do this, you don't have to.

All the money spent, we started looking for work.

Gregg was unenthusiastic.

That's not acceptable.

Does he appoint him with a clear intention of offending him?

Torture is a crime against humanity.


Please send reports of mistypings and mistranslations to the email address below.


Are you ready to tell me what happened?

I have to run faster to catch up with him.

A house without women is lonely.


He does not believe in evolution.

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I can't understand this sign's meaning.

What time do you take a bath?

I have a fever.

Why don't you give it another try?

Milan's mayor is Letizia Moratti.

I'd like my old job back.

Konrad asked us not to wear shoes in his house.

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They got scared and killed Nicolas.


They were making great progress in architecture.


The old man was starved to death.


They advanced the wedding date.

I seem to have lost my appetite.

Shahid knows that Kyung isn't her real father.


I'll take the whole blame.

Jim doesn't like apples, does he?

Please write down what he says.

Bruce shut his laptop.

He had a blue jacket on.

Really? That's so interesting.

I don't know everything you do.


He turned up his nose at my suggestion.


Don't tell me how to drive.

I'll never forget what Marla told me that day.

I haven't seen them in a long time.

The court ordered her to pay the fine.

This is my other sister.

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Win thought we should leave early.

My grandmother's death was a big shock.

The Minister of energy will refer to yesterday's blackout.

Brent used to give me a lot of advice.

Val ran out of the room.


I'll let them know.

Don't be smug! You could have hurt yourself.

I don't remember ever seeing Rusty carrying a red bag.

Do you want to stay here all day?

I'd just like to talk with Hwa before we leave.

The students held the male student down and cut his hair with a pair of scissors.

He made good progress in handling this machine.

The Spitfire's fuel was gravity fed. If you flew upside down, the engine would conk out.

I'm ashamed.

Norma has done his work well.

You can see the whole park from the restaurant.


Kristen raised his hairy fist.

I thought you did fairly well.

She hatched a plan to kill her husband.


If I were in your shoes, I would do it at once.

We're still looking for her.

Are you confident?


I quit playing soccer.

I have to make a phone call.

Let Malus finish his sentence.

"What time is it?" "It is ten-thirty."

We've got bigger problems to deal with.

They consider him a hero.

I'm not going to say that.

No one can achieve anything without effort.

A mother tends to hold her baby on the left.

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Jacobson obviously wants to leave.

Nicolette is like them.

What do you feel now?


I'm going to plant a bunch of pretty flowers in my garden.


I want a box three times as large as this.


Let's just see you do that.

Harvey played on his college team.

We like playing in the mud.

They have a desire to be wealthy.

All others albums are different.


My parents made me apologize to Casey.


I gave him two cakes and asked, "Are you going to eat them both?"

The sun has nine planets.

We should have gone on a cooler day.

There were two lines of soldiers.

Ralph won't be pleased.

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Man the harpoons!

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What's your favorite color?

Martin is laughing at you, Liza.

You must be pretty upset.


He's fluent in Japanese.