Did you call an ambulance?

Please pack the disks and hard copies into the briefcase.

You must be above such mean conduct.

Filiberto is a man who is more than forty years old.

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I am a little bit afraid that he will not prepare anything because I have not seen a presentation of his with presentation material.

Who are you supposed to be?

Use bullet points.

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Don't bother me with such trifles.


Matthew unzipped his backpack.

It's probably right.

Do we have any food?

I need some new supplies.

I'm not free today.

You are on the wrong plane.

Jeremy had no time to finish the story.

He won't leave us alone.

Scott leaned forward and spoke to Delbert.

I hate working with kids.

None of my friends speak French.


Nor can I.

Eric picked the diamond up and looked at it.

We're saving up to build a new house.


Please unlink sentence 123456.

You learn to appreciate your health when you are ill.

Please let us know.

I've got two friends named James but none of my other friends have the same name.

Rogue deserves a raise.

I read my books, you yours, and Marcos his.

I don't know how we're going to manage that.

I want you to meet my new squeeze.

She brought him to our place.

This train stops at every station from Nakano on.

I cannot get enough of it.


Look, what an amazing coincidence! Bud has the same fingerprints as me.


The buildings were still intact after the flood.

Cranes are big beautiful birds.

That's not true!

Knapper is a professional.

Raymond didn't know James had a sister.

Rayan asked Shatter several times to open the window.

I don't wanna be your friend.

I don't like this game and I don't want to play it anymore.

Where you live?


I'll be happy to teach you things.

We're finally alone.

Have you ever seen Rhonda and Karen together?

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Tuna wiped his face with his sleeve.

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I don't want her at my party.

The man lay motionless.

Please help yourself to the apple pie.

Did you know Brooke was unhappy?

Suwandi tore the paper in half.


Cathy began to beat his daughter.

My son is subject to ill health.

I think it's still there.


We hope your stay was enjoyable.


Being the oldest of her siblings, Joanna inherited a family Bible, which contained the names of her father, grandfather and great-grandmother along with their respective dates and places of birth, baptism, marriage and death and the birthdays of all their descendants.


The ground floor was flooded.


Turkeer pulled Roxie into the kitchen.

Columbus argued that the earth was round.

Heidi didn't have all the facts.

Do you know whether or not she can speak English?

Bryan followed Kurt down to the basement.

They entered the elevator.

Thanks for coming all this way.


You are what matters to me.

This is not a sentence.

This apple is not red.

Emmett doesn't want to do this, but he says he has to.

Kanthan seems discontented.


I regret not having studied hard for the test.


We know enough.

Luca's motorbike is faster than mine.

All human beings are legally equal.

Leads assumed Spike was talking nonsense simply because he didn't understand her.

Democracy is the illusion of equality.

Carter kissed the young man on the cheek.

Sedovic likes to hunt.

Did you decide where you're going to have lunch?

I had a nightmare last night.

We'll see you.

Lloyd was about to get into his car when he was shot.


I was guilty of a slip of memory.

Their efforts made the situation better to a certain degree.

Mann isn't very friendly.

It's not right.

Earle's gym teacher is Izumi's basketball coach.

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This book is much more interesting than that one.

Now that he is absent, I will have to work in his place.

Jeffrey stayed home.


I have to turn in my report today.


I just wanted to take care of you.

Who made you so happy?

Your plan is bound to fail.

I said that ages ago.

I don't like him any more than he likes me.

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Do we have to have our cat spayed?


The incident left a spot on his reputation.

How many students are in the classroom?

Jwahar smiled when he saw me.

This was a Christmas present from Kim.

Hey, I should get your number.

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We're going to try again.


Art has sex with Vicky.


Am I the only one worried that the plan won't work?

Do you want a lawyer?

This car comes with an air conditioner.

A mother put a large vase on the shelf.

Forbidden fruit tastes sweetest.

An English language students' magazine has invited readers to submit an article on the theme of culture shock.

I cannot possibly finish the work by tomorrow.


I will give you a bike for your birthday.


How do you know something isn't true?

He was to have started that day.

I must start doing the exercises.


Hoover said this was wrong.

What do you do with your money?

I asked her who the man wearing the white hat was.

Eduardo used to have a job.

They guarantee it.


He didn't lock the door.

Whatever you do, don't blink.

Sigurd hopes that he'll meet Matt this evening.


There's nothing wrong with this law.


We sought the shade to rest.

Suits me fine.

How much vodka does it take to kill you?

Siping hasn't bought milk yet.

Can you speak either Chinese or Russian?

How long can I borrow this book?

He would be the last man to steal money.

My friend ended up taking the rap for a crime he didn't commit.

I think Meehan has already seen it.

Please correct it.

You'll be nice to Rainer, won't you?

We want to become famous.

The wounds are healing.

We need to talk to Klaudia about Harmon.

It's so different.


At that time, she was busy with some sort of work.


I'm a lucky man.

You can't postpone the party.

Pitawas and his wife both have to work to make ends meet.

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Jill was surprised by how well Subra spoke French.

What do you do with all these goats?

In the summer I sweat a lot, and my armpits get smelly.


You were charming.


He loves him for his beauty.

She saw a snake.

Beware lest it be shameful too as well as evil.

Renu can remember the day he first met Woody.

Fritz lost his memory.

You aren't safe walking alone around here.

My nose itches.


The teacher tells us to clean our classroom every day.

Stay tuned for details.

My house is near Tokyo Tower.

When I told them I'd done it, they looked at me like I was nuts.

From tomorrow this email address will be invalid.

She is a firm believer in human rights.

Jarmo knows what I do for a living.