She killed herself by taking poison.

I didn't plan on staying here so long.

We're going to travel to Estonia at the beginning of next month.

We ought to help each other.

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Since all tasks are completed without delay, we are ready to start next phase of development.

A telephone recording tells you what time the concert starts.

We must know about it.


He explained how to make a fire.

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One can win several battles but lose the war.

I didn't know you were a woman.

I don't need this kind of stress.

Charlene is no longer a boy.

I guess I've reached the age where I have to dispense advice to my underlings.


Who was Naren's supervisor?

I had two years to make it happen.

He shouted for help.

Make a wish on a starry night.

I think Jamie is uninteresting.


It is an insult to her.

Exactly what's the accusation here?

Pete was wearing a gray suit with a red tie.


Listen to me, will you?

If you pay attention to your foreign friends, you may be surprised that their customs and habits are different from yours.

Where's your pot holder?

He tried to imagine what the client was like.

I haven't seen Bradford since then.

They married on the third of this month.

Wash your legs.


I can assure you of his reliability.

A plea bargain is out of the question.

I think you're perfect.


He will be up and about in a week.

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I couldn't make myself understood in a foreign country.

The concert was a rousing success.

Dean impersonated a doctor.

I felt kind of sorry for Jayesh.

She had nothing to do with the case.

Is Rajesh the one who told you that?

It's rush hour at Tokyo station.

A deal is a deal.

How much does your daughter weigh?

We won't see him again.

Did you tell Julius we're going to Boston?

This doesn't work!

To tell the truth, I didn't notice it.

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Douglas and Jimmy made handprints in the wet cement.

Srinivas pretended not to understand what Josip was saying.

I think that you should not have done that.

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I knew Earl was here.

Antonella can't even write his own name.

He's always thwarting my plans for world domination.

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I've never seen Joachim so busy.

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I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer.


I seem to have lost my purse.

Medicine is a treatment for illness.

That's our French teacher.

You really want to do this, don't you?

He wrote a book in China.

I've discovered Keith's secret formula.

What happened to your daughter?

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Today, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of genocide struggle for recognition of the massacres, seeking justice for past crimes on behalf of family members who were brutally murdered.

They fled the doomed company like rats deserting a sinking ship.

You sowed the grain a little while ago; when else do you sow it?


He could find her house easily.

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Nobody ever talks about it.

Is there a tracking number for the package?

Do you like chocolate?

You have to try, Hartmann.

Frances is a very angry boy.

We're looking for survivors.

Should we iron a poem?


He pointed out to me the goods that were to be shipped.


Unbelievable! We saw a black sheep on the shores of Copacabana beach.

I feel like you are laughing at us.

I'm still not used to working so many hours a day.

It was Jennie who discovered the crime scene.

I like dogs.

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Who made those policies?

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Let's do our job.


He made a fool of his teacher.

Do you mind if I smoke here?

The difficult question is why.

I'm fond of taking pictures.

I was deeply impressed by Roman architecture.

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Tell me what you want. Do you want me to pass or you want to save fuel, like a duck?

I kept the seat warm for you.

The Japanese are generally considered to be very industrious.

Everyone remained calm.

Since when do you care about what happens to us?

We will post the announcement in all the staff lounges.

I was the one chosen.

Takeuchi caught the ball with his right hand.

Because machines could be made progressively more and more efficient, Western man came to believe that men and societies would automatically register a corresponding moral and spiritual improvement.

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I'm not completely convinced that what Ned said was wrong.

I'm afraid the monster is going to come tonight.

Nichael was really tired. He turned off the light at nine and was fast asleep within minutes.


There are two main characters in this story.

I asked Douglas to do it for me.

Let's hope Shakil doesn't write a book.

Allan was lucky and passed the tax accountant examination.

You know what needs to be done.

The room has been empty for a long time.

Going back to his old school stirred up a lot of emotions in Clara.

That must be heavy.

I've galloped for three days only to tell you that I could not care less for you.


About half of all American workers do not have access to workplace retirement savings plan.

Sal found the information he was looking for online.

I play guitar in an oldies band.

I shouldn't have told Van to do that.

I've never spoken with Piet in French.

We're going to work together.

Sandeep sat at his desk all day crunching numbers.

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We're not where we want to be.


Michel shut one window and Casey shut the other.

I'm not angry at them.

The score is 9 to 2 in favor of our school.

What kind of films do you prefer?

Is it good?

I hurt my back.

I'm really not sure.

I expect that in the far future, you will know about every day.

Raja had absolutely nothing to do with it.

The snow was brilliant in the morning sun.

To provide food for the hungry.

Thierry was still a bachelor then.

What is the meaning of this?


Can you speak Chinese?

Which windows are broken?

Pia didn't take Nick too seriously.


A small community emerged.

Romain started flipping through the pages of the magazine Erik had given him.

Michel is doing it the wrong way.

I made that one.

The plane began to descend.

Kimberly is eating cookies.

She has had quite a lot to drink.

She seems to hate you.

I made that one.

I'm a diabetic.

Everyone applauded as Marek walked out onto the stage.

Yeast makes dough rise.

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Amir put on a pair of surgical gloves.

Laurel went to see Andre in Boston.

We never work on Sunday.

Take my advice and talk to her.

His mobile phone produced radio emissions that interfered with other phones.

Why are you taking this so personally?

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Is there a weekly rate?

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Delbert wasn't jealous.

That professor is an authority on mathematics.

You seem to be very interested in Kriton.


Sorrel seemed to be enjoying himself.

You may be wrong.

Both of the children are asleep.

Day after day I called on my sick friend.

I studied really hard so as to pass the exam.

I saw Samir hitting Uri.

He's younger than most of us, but he's shown himself as a competent specialist.

She's going to drive me crazy!

Does he have a big house?

Marlena has yogurt topped with slivered almonds for breakfast.

I only drink to be sociable.

The man gave no heed to her loud protest.

Be quiet!

A black panther can be a jaguar or leopard, but in either case it has a gene that causes it to produce more melanin than other specimens.

During the second half of the lunar month, the Moon grows thinner each night. We call this waning.