I wanted to be sure Arne was planning to be here.

If there is such a thing as an unforgivable act, it is the act of not forgiving.

My grandmother really likes watching TV a lot.

I need to have a word with them.


You would've liked Teresa.

Why aren't you on the baseball team?

Why did the FBI raid Brad's house?

She's minging.

I'll update it soon.

I'll never be your friend.

I should cancel the trip to LA.

Cave diving is very dangerous.

I'm pretty sure Sumitro did what we asked him to do.

Let's not argue for the sake of arguing.

The result was by no means satisfactory.


Which one of you is the psychic?

She became engaged to the rich man.

That tribe worships its ancestors.


They weren't at home yesterday.

She went shopping elsewhere.

It's time to get back to work.

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Enough money was available for him to begin his business.

Mehrdad admitted his mistakes.

The criminal and his companions ran away while we took our eyes off.

We have enjoyed peace for more than 40 years.

I can't give it to them.

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She wouldn't let him in the room no matter what.


I should be on my way.

They found out.

Dan almost got away with it.

You've got to promise me this is never going to happen again.

Lee is in satisfactory condition.

Should I include Meeks?

I will not let her escape this time.

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I don't care who Tim is talking to.

It's excruciatingly slow.

A happy man or woman is a better thing to find than a five-pound note.

As she's quit drinking, she's lost some weight.

Diana doesn't have time to do the laundry.

No one is downstairs.

They fight constantly.

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I really want to see you today.

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She ripped her dress on a branch.

We were proactive.

You must have dropped a bundle for that wedding ring!

Food finally arrived on the table.

Are you sure you are not lying now?

I wouldn't want to take the chance.

My parents think I'm studying medicine.

You should make the most of your time while you are young.

St. Benedict established his first monastery on top of Monte Cassino.

Julianto offered Adrian and John some potato chips.

I wish there were thousands of sentences in every minority language in Tatoeba.


They're reading his book.


Vistlik cried softly.

Judy asked me to read him some poems.

Maybe I shouldn't stay here.

I'll look around the city today.

It doesn't matter to us.

This apple is sweet.

Do you think I think of myself as an idiot?


Nikolai hasn't seen much of Rex recently.


I'm interested in why bears are important to Lojbanists.

I'll wait in the gym.

We both hate them.


The girl imagines that she is a doctor.

This hotel is relatively expensive for this town.

I like my life the way it is now.


Let me introduce a promising young writer to you.

Bud gave a low moan.

We've discussed this many times already.

They came in dog-tired after sightseeing all day.

Lloyd was very shy.


Both were intoxicated.

I don't think he has anything to do with the matter.

Newspaper advertising works well for us because we get the best bang for the buck.


How often does Wilson play hockey?

If it were not for water, we could not live.

I'm worried for you.


We do want that, don't we?

Each one of us is unique in the way that we respond to situations.

That diamond ring cost an arm and a leg.

Did Mara say why he gave it to you?

The camel is the ship of the Sahara.

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She was proud that she had shaken hands with the President of the U.S.

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Who would oppose this plan?

Your handwriting is messy.

Do you live there?

Dan will never leave this school.

You have to decide.

We're overreacting.

What don't you know?!

This is the worst of all.

Please shut the door quietly.

Anne won't be coming to our party.

It's impossible to dine at this restaurant without reservations.


I don't know her that well.

The party will continue to exalt their hero.

The manuscript had been written out by hand.

Her eyes were red from crying.

I'll call when I'm done with work.

Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.

People living in a big city tend to lack exercise.

You're not going to avoid being punished for this.

He has not gotten in touch with me for a long time under the pretence of being busy.

He usually works late.

Gale's computer died on him.

Bill is my junior by two years.

Don't leave the entrance unprotected.

We live close to the station.

Arthur came home soaking wet and exhausted.

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I'm not your friend anymore.

You can't tell him not to go.

We need to get rid of that.

There's a cold wind today.

I wish my kid behaved as well as my dog.

We need to protect him.

I have great faith in you.

Why don't you accept that?

Raj can speak French much more fluently than I can.


Some think it is a bad idea.

Is everybody listening?

Revised knows how to talk to customers.

Thank God it's Friday!

Laughing My Ass Off


Focus on the present moment, not on the past or the future.

The derivatives of the inverse trigonometric functions are algebraic.

How did you know where we'd be?


I want to be a role model.

For that reason, temporary workers are working under inferior conditions.

Marie is not ready.

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You (pl) are very full of energy.

Who's the new guy?

It always snows during winter in Canada.

Playing tennis is easy for me.

I was deeply affected by his speech.

Dan and Linda went to a restaurant.

Last year, I couldn't spend as much time with my children as I wanted to.

Lucifer declined my invitation.

Are you still able to speak your tribal language?

I followed the bus.

How far is it from here?


I trust his executive ability.

I can teach you my language.

Are there enough chairs?


The dress comes to my knees.

We can't see each other again.

I'm twice as busy as I was before.

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Valentin decided to marry Gordon.

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I don't understand what's going on here.

Silence is worth gold, but not when you're trying to learn a foreign language.

In all likelihood, they'll be away for a week.

Would you like to go to the park later this afternoon?

That's the friend I gave the key to.


If only he had been there.

I expected to be paid more than this.

He writes often to his parents.

Do you think Kyu is stupid?

What happened to Win's passport?

The quiet cat caught the mouse.

Nelken is making vacation plans now.


It's a labor of love.


Carole walked slowly down the busy sidewalk.

These insects are different species.

There can't be a girl who is waiting for me to appear.


This is a Christmas present from him.