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Bring your essay to me this afternoon.

She came to Tokyo at the age of 18.

I'll cut your head off!

Doctors and hospitals should help the people who can get healthy again.

I don't know who did it.

Morris doesn't eat raw fish.

Meeks thinks that I did that on purpose.

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I will consent to the divorce.

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They climbed the rugged north face.


Why didn't Evelyn call?

Make an appointment.

I like learning.


All right, I will do it again.

I've just come from there.

Shadow is a salesman.

How much will it cost to get to the airport?

Hearing his voice, I turned around.

Michelle is all words and no action.

We stayed at a nice hotel.

The airplane was swallowed up in the large clouds.

Driving relaxes me.

I had the gardener plant some trees.

Rebecca says it's quite important.

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That one would run.

Download failed at 99 percent.

There is no need for a comma in this sentence.

Tao is going to go to school tomorrow.

I understand you had a fight with Elvis yesterday.

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I used to be like Miriamne.

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Did you ask Eric to come over and help?

I'll see about getting you some medicine.

The world owes me, so fuck you!

I usually get up at eight.

They resemble each other in all respects.


He was not a good politician.

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I like Jones's attitude.

I wear boxers.

Micah doesn't know who wrote the graffiti on the wall.


Attach labels to all the bags.

Hsuan couldn't help himself.

At that hospital, even if you've got an appointment you have to wait at least two hours, so be ready for that.

Please don't ask me to do this again.

With regard to the time of year the weather is chilly.

I have misjudged you.

Why didn't you write your phone number?

Have you been listening?

The gods mock us? Let's mock them too.

If you are to go to America, you had better learn English conversation.

I just don't want to do anything to make the horse worse.

I couldn't bring myself to tell her the truth.

Where's Manjeri going?

She came across some old documents in the closet.

Bruce and Stephanie attended a costume party.

It rained for the first time in ten days.

I found the game very exciting.

I'm not special. I'm just a limited edition.

Is chemistry a boring subject?

Marvin isn't fat.

That won't be allowed to happen.

I can spot a bleached blonde from a mile away.

What's your mother's name?

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We had a very nice lunch.

Last night saw a fire in my neighborhood.

Get your meat right into my office, you maggot.


Prices here are out of this world.

Everyone is being tested.

I have had another dream. In my dream I've seen a perfect dictionary.


We arrested Shadow.

We need to study German verb forms.

Vick drank a protein shake.

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Joanne isn't going to stay.


I'll miss all of you.

I should go.

The storm is dangerous.

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I can't trust Stanly.

I thought I was going to make it here on time.

It's an American company.

I saw you with Jin.

Myrick pretended not to see Micky.


When I told him that, he was very much embarrassed.

I don't think that was a wise decision.

Are you satisfied with your job?

I have lived in this village for the past ten years.

They see each other.

I'll keep it for her.

Save me a seat, won't you?


That's not yours.

She's in a state of shock.

You know I'm innocent, don't you?

Do you want to go to Germany?

I've been going over the inventory.

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An old tree provides shade.

It's been reported that some men had killed and eaten some animals that were in the local zoo.

Is the picture straight?

You've been infected.

If you need anything, ask for me.


Kee didn't know that Skeeter was married.


Be mindful of your actions when in a relationship.What may seem playful to you could really be harmful to your partner.


They shoot horses, don't they?

We have had much rain this summer.

This bed is too hard to sleep on.

The Battle for Monterrey lasted three days.

Terrance wanted to talk to you.

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I've come to get you.

Deb told me that he doesn't like to study in the morning.

I've stopped worrying about it.


I'm not rejecting you.

Vilhelm is very angry with Micheal.

A Mr. Ito wants to see you.

Sangho did that today.

I'm going to deal with her.


I was busy.

You have no right to pass judgement on these people.

Will it be Saturday tomorrow?

The fire station is next to the police station.

She'd do anything for you.

I don't want to hate you.

You were lucky to survive the attack.

I'm not in favor of such a plan.

Are you really going to ask Hank to the prom?


His success was mentioned in the paper.


That handbag is mine.

Why in the world did you do that?

Take care not to fall down and skin your knee.

The food in this restaurant is tasteless.

I will be studying when you come at seven.

Jos is Sigurd's cousin.

She was the kind of girl that takes your breath away.

Is that a trick question?

Bob rushed into the classroom.

You should let Byron decide for himself.

I bought a box of chocolates on the way to work as a gift for my colleagues.


You shouldn't take advantage of other people's weaknesses.

It seems that Jeff knows who she is.

It's not at all uncommon. In fact, it's very common.

You often change your passwords.

That was a difficult period in American history.

I'm working full time in a bookshop until the end of September.

Not to brag, but I'm a really smart guy. Really. I took an IQ test once, and the results were off the charts.

They say that their language is the most beautiful in the world.

I cannot bring myself to accept your offer.


She spoke to me in a whisper.

I've already promised to show Laurent around town.

I'm seeing them again tonight.

I had a feeling that Spyros was in trouble.

We'd better warn the others.

The elder passed away recently.

Edmund deserves to be free.


The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.

I don't like early morning meetings.

My mother told me that the only thing he could give me was a reputation.

I don't think Gil is going to want to do that.

That would be amazing.

Bill just wanted to comfort Monica, but she interpreted it as romantic interest.

Uri used to play with dolls.

You could've gone.

I'm going to investigate this case.

I woke up at five this morning.

I talked to him when we were in the cinema.

I heard they found a skeleton buried in the basement of a house on Park Street.

How much of a discount did you get?


Where else are you going to a guitar of this quality for such a reasonable price?

Three of them were hospitalized.

Swedish verbs are generally divided into four conjugations.


The deer fell a prey to the lion.

Saqib shouldn't say such rude things to Tigger.

I have high cholesterol.