You hate raw onions, don't you?

I think Harmon knew Kathy.

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I thought you wouldn't like it.

Earl really takes after her mother.

Wouldn't that be cool?

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I don't need any help.


The world will smile happily without me.


Have you found your umbrella yet?

Naim knows too much.

It is a secret.

It's a hard question.

Kane was an old friend of the president.

Love is a great contradiction. You cannot live without it but at the same time you will be hurt by it.

Few passengers survived the accident.


He was challenged to a drinking contest.


John Muir was a famous naturalist who founded the Sierra Club.

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I will try to pay what I owe by the end of the month.


Eli is in there somewhere.

The boys kept quiet.

You'd be a fool not to do that.

It was the increase in population that caused the poverty.

You should try to learn a little French.

That man over there is Curt.

We made a mistake.


Please open the bottle.

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But why doesn't she shut up?

Can I see the wine list?

Are you underage?

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I'm against the marriage.

He was surprised to hear the news.

I've tried to be your friend.

Bernard seems unenthusiastic.

Nobody wants to drink?

Creaking cars reach the furthest.

Briggs has paid his debt to society.

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No matter how we try, it is impossible to distinguish good people from bad people by outward appearances.

She was wounded by a shot in the leg.

It is a campaign to encourage young people to vote.

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Gerald gave that question serious thought.

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It isn't easy.


The time for skiing has gone by.

The street is very narrow.

She's my daughter.

His proposals were adopted at the meeting.

"Are the drinks free?" "Only for ladies."

Roxana found the problem.

Presley noticed Isidore was wearing a new dress.

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

It's not an easy sport.

Let's find him.

This poem is attributed to him.

This terrible monster was the Sphinx.

The need for reform in Italy is enormous.


These shoes are too tight to wear.

I have a lot of dreams.

Actually, Agatha doesn't have insurance.

We played extremely well.

This isn't my umbrella. It belongs to someone else.

Neil has just turned thirty.

He likes finding faults in others.

To this extent, it has the characteristics of a great complicated balance between plant life and lower forms of animal life.

The only hope is to escape.

Do you want to meet somewhere later?

He works too slowly to be helpful to us.

They haven't paid me anything yet.

Playing cards is a popular pastime.

Mwa is reading something.

She knows how to repair computers.

Put the question in writing.

We all know that Piotr didn't do that.

Srikanth's laughing.

I like the meat rare.

The sound grew fainter and fainter.

Visiting hours are almost over.

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I think that the romantic myth is one of the most pernicious of our times.

Won't you join our conversation?

Have you called a doctor?

I was excited to come.

In fact, to listen to her, you would think the flesh hung from her shoulders like swags from a curtain rail.


Are you pleased with the results?


I'm good at mathematics.

Tell me again why we're here.

We have three boys and one girl.

I sent this letter to grandfather.

He needs help.

I was just in the right place at the right time.

John played guitar and his friend sang.


Ima was articulate.

The girl has a white horse.

Don't speak too loud. You'll wake her up.

By hard work we can achieve anything.

Why do you need a doctor?

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Bill Gates is often considered the world's richest man.

I like to fish.

Transcending time, the insects of ages gone past dance livelily in amber.

What's the point of my knowing three foreign languages if no-one listens to me?

Do you want me to believe that?


I have fewer students than Pedro does.

Belsnickel is a scary German Santa Claus.

Are you going to be all right?

I heard my name called in the cafeteria.

People call her Yotchan.

Can I borrow your glasses?

Interest in baseball cuts across classes and ages in this country.

Kelly reached for the notepaper.

A short walk brought me to the lake.

Just be careful with that.

Is this train from Paris?

We bought this in Australia.

I'm looking for one of my brothers.

He said he had lost his vigor at forty.

Straka will tell the truth.

I don't understand why Belinda doesn't like me.

Helen was one of our best.

If he were here, what would he say?

It's time for you to stop going on and on all the time about ethnic deprivation.

Gale is drop dead gorgeous.

The door has been forced.

Futurologists have fun pondering about what is to come.

We cannot tell a good person from a bad one by looks alone.

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We will have some guests tomorrow.

Kim opened the door before Panzer had a chance to knock.

Oh, look, a shooting star!

Lui thought it was hilarious.

It's cold around here.


Why is there so much violence in the world?


You should tell Lar that you don't plan to be in Boston next week.

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I made my son a new suit.

They were trapped.

If I had to sum up your attitude in one word, it would be arrogance.

I told the cops the same thing.

That's why I followed you.


The people came out of their houses to listen to his music.

Nadeem was just about to say something when the door opened.

Does this mean that I am still in love with her?


I had a letter from her yesterday.

He'll wait for you.

She told me about a place where I could stay for cheap.

You shouldn't make fun of them.

This table takes up too much space.

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I'm writing you a book.


I'll let you speak to them.


Have you ever seen Ravindran's mother?

Let them live.

I really hate job hunting.

I have something to ask you.

You don't have to fear magic.

Don't make a mountain out of a molehill.

I've never associated you with this place.


Could I have a glass of white wine?


He made an accurate report of the incident.

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I'd like you to tell Naren not to be late.

I have an old computer that I don't want anymore.

Is he that good?

They were too close to the door to close it.

Pandora is the best employee we've ever had.


Next time I find you smoking in the toilet, I'll report it to the manager.


He won many competitions.

I want to mend this watch.

Blast off!


In 1902 he was arrested and exiled to Siberia.

I saw Evelyn.

The French government made a 35-hour workweek mandatory in 2000.