Loukas looked up at Kitty.

Do you still have a key to the house?

Waking up is the opposite of falling asleep.

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He is good-natured.

Do you have any bread?

Are you really going to make me do that?

The guilt lies with him.

I think we should reduce the price.

I've asked Manuel to stay.

It was too soft.

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Every time I hear that song, I think of my childhood.

Robin seemed like a real nice boy.

I'm the type who likes to think things over very carefully.

"Evan gave Nick a box of chocolates and one long-stemmed rose for her birthday." "That's really sweet."

I have to deal with this issue.


Eric thinks Toufic knows where John is.

Please tell me what you think about this article.

I plan to go to bed as soon as all these people go home.

You're a true gentleman.

Sachiko is more popular than Judy.

I don't feel like filling out this questionnaire. There are too many items.

This explains everything!

"I really do," replied the little black rabbit.

Edith told me to knock on the door.


The driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers.

I spent all day cleaning my room.

Bring it back when you're done.

They were good kids.

I don't compromise.

It has its benefits.

He told of his adventures with animation.

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I had no way of knowing where Vance was.

I'm looking forward to seeing you and your family.

What are you so angry about?

I'm not the kind of girl you kiss on the first date.

Do you have some money?

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Many teachers have a problem with Lorraine.

Lynne knew Kee would help him.

It is getting bigger.

She has her heart in music.

We set out by car.


What is your maiden name?

He searched for the key.

We have wine.


I might tell Kenton everything.

Let's not get caught doing this.

You may give this photograph to anyone who wants it.


He went about the store looking for something to buy.

We'd be pleased if the two of you could join us.

"What shall I do?" I said to myself.


All the efforts went down the drain.

You're the most amazing person I've ever met.

They'll come to us.


Mike's apartment is way too big for just one man.


Hour after hour in hope he bore,nor might his soul its faith give o'er; nor could the tyrant's scorn deriding, steal from that faith one thought confiding!


People think that it's easy.

It's quite likely that Jane will come.

She then proceeded to negotiate with her bank.

Police are trained to use weapons.

Dori became emotional.

The hill is always green.

I work on a farm.

Laurence said that she would always detest Derek.

Juergen looks like an accountant.

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I haven't seen him in a few years.

He knocked on the closed door.

You're sure about this, right?

I love the color scarlet!

The police have traced her to Paris.

What would a cockroach do in a meeting room?

I'm not a thief.


I work under her.

Born in better times, he would have become famous.

She has perfect teeth.


He is ashamed of his failure.


I'm cleaning my room.

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Blame me for everything.

They're not going to leave us alone.

We are watering the garden.

Linder often sings out of tune.

Caroline knows better than to spend all her money on clothes.

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To my surprise, there were no people in the village.

The weather is beautiful today.

We finally arrived in England.

Why did Nanda change his mind?

Which university do you think Ted will go to?


Stagger can't even play one song on his ukulele without making mistakes.

Kari got up to greet me.

He has a talent for acting.

How far is it from New York to London?

That's the most important thing in the world.

I'll take my chance.

A cloud floated across the sky.

I can't get promoted.

I don't really look at it that way.


Don't forget to talk to Tim tomorrow.


Nobody moves!

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Everyone is angry.

Something weird's going on.

I shouldn't gossip.

Little Kay is really with the Snow Queen, but he finds everything there so much to his taste and his liking, that he believes it is the finest place in the world; but this is because he has a piece of broken glass in his heart, and a little piece of glass in his eye. These must be taken out, or he will never be a human being again, and the Snow Queen will retain her power over him.

The fact is that he did not notice the difference.

Students are open to the influence of their teachers.

Nothing happens without God's knowledge.


You have potential.

A rook is a chess piece.

That chicken looks good.

We're moving to Boston next week.

The back door is open.


Do you recognize these?

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It's not my job to confront Kerri.

At that time, he pointed out every single pronunciation mistake I made, no matter how small it was. It was annoying. Especially in front of other people.

I am still in shape.


He is keen on rock music, but she is even more so.

You're more than welcome.

Be nice to the babysitter.

Sofia is prejudiced, isn't he?

Micky tried opening the door.


Did you see something?

Dani will be dead in a few days.

I will only buy the car if they repair the brakes first.

Todd has lost interest in watching TV.

What's Rainer's point?

I have already paid, please ship the item as rapidly as possible.

I've never excelled at chess.


Simon sounds like a great guy.




You're a good actress.


I'll leave you tomorrow.


The king exacted taxes from his people.

Marie has a lot of questions to ask you.

She made an attempt to ride a bicycle.

My parents discouraged me from traveling alone.

I know her secret.

I am giving you a star.

Page often wears a fake wedding ring.

Dalton blinked.

Half of what we write is harmful; the other half is useless.

Aren't you glad you don't have to do this?

It is her eldest daughter that he loves most.

I think Adrian and I agree.

You will always be in my heart.

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Things are going well.

Different languages don't just name things differently; they also see things from entirely different perspectives.

Elwood felt guilty.


I cannot look at these pictures. They are horrible.


Wild animals roamed across the plains.

Are you going to break up with me if I get fat again?

She has been sick in bed for the last week.


Dannie was a strong man.


Many people pushed their way toward the rear exit.


There's free beer.


We have to take the stairs, because the elevator is being repaired.

Will she be back home at five?

Straka had to perform 100 hours of community service.


His daughter has become a pretty woman.


Are you being sarcastic?