My Turkish is bad.

Can you take us with you?

She allowed that my offer was reasonable.

The programmers worked on the conversion to HTML5.

She's planting flowers in the garden.

They could've done better.


Things changed dramatically.

I could have you killed.

Actors and sports stars often parlay their celebrity into endorsement deals.


Let me eat this one and you can eat the other one.

That's great. Nobody gives me anything.

Japan is to the east of China.


Are you an exchange student?

They founded a state of which they were the elites, but were eventually assimilated into the local population.

Our teacher is punctual for the classes.

Ricky wanted to sell it.

If it's going to require a total restructuring, I'm sure they will be satisfied with the old system.


Short skirts have already gone out.


Japan is surpassing China in economic power.


I think Penny is worried.

They respect him.

He lives in a suburb, in a quiet suburb.

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Leila has no idea how Gary ended up in Boston.

It's difficult to reconcile all the opinions.

I want them out of here.

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That he is a man of character cannot be denied.

You'd have to expect that.

I'm waiting for your help.


I told Jonathan what Donne is like.

He was late for the job interview.

My name appeared in all my country's newspapers.


I gave them a present for their anniversary.


Do you fly frequently?

Keeton wanted to know if this is true.

That may prove to be difficult.

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Would you like some coffee or something?

Does anybody in the audience have any questions?

We'd like to talk to Ira.

Calvin was mugged on his way home from work.

You're getting warmer.

Cadmium poisoning is a very common cause of death in the south.

My urine is pink.

If our last batter had not hit a home run, team would have lost the game.

Irfan's comments ruffled a few feathers.

Where can I meet them?

She understands English and even writes in English.

How am I writing without a pen?

Allan works on Tuesday and Friday nights at the Konbini.

Eli and Sharan stared into each other's eyes.

Jennie shared his chocolate bar with his friend.

I heard Eugene's car drive up, but he hasn't come in yet.

Jack was complaining of back pain.

I went to see the movies yesterday.

The Pope? How many divisions has he got?

I sort of liked her.

Maybe what Cindie said was true.


The whale is a very large mammal which lives in the sea.

The children of American soldiers staying in Japan and Japanese women were disparagingly called half-breeds.

He resigned because of an illness.

I can't control him.

We'll do our best to win.

It's already Christmas in Europe.

Are they both the same?

The flower shop is just across the street.

Molly can't change the way Ritchey is, but that doesn't stop him from trying.

I could've tried harder, I guess.

"... in other words, sex!?" "Geez, you don't beat around the bush!"

He's a fan of Sex and the City.

When the money ran out, the construction work was suspended.

I thought Pradeep would get accepted to Harvard.

Are you working on any exciting new projects?


She's eating spaghetti.

Ahmed did as promised.

They have seen better days.

I got my shoes wet.

He was judged sane and was therefore chargeable with murder.

I can't get the door to shut properly.

This design doesn't suit my taste.

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From this you can conclude that feminism is still necessary.

I'm at my wit's end. I can't think of any solution to this problem.

Your Esperanto is very good, congratulations!


Linda loves chocolate.

I can't tell her now. It's not that simple anymore.

I think it's a very interesting question.


He must be crazy to talk like that.

How could you let them do this?

Monday's protests were mostly peaceful.

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She is basing her research on the results of the survey.

We're in the middle of a delicate situation.

I didn't come here for them.

I think we were awesome.

The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain.

We'll see you get another chance.

Stop yelling in my ear.

The princess attended the King's coronation.

How did you know Bernie wouldn't be there?

How will you get to school tomorrow?

I'm calling her again.

Have you told Jeanette how to do that?

I'd like to know more about what happened at today's meeting.

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The company reported record profits in 2012.

Gerald writes me every day.

Does the mid-autumn festival fall on Monday this year?

Is American food popular here in Japan?

I found a rare stamp at that store.

When was the first time you did that?

Ti had to prevent the war from breaking out.

Nici wants me to join his team.

Read the assembly instructions carefully.


Would you like some fruit?

We had a warning.

Susumu knows that he can't win.

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We are good parents.

We tried our best to find the missing persons.

Leif opened the door, even though I asked him not to.

Keith said that we should avoid Meehan today.

Make sure you cut the board against the grain.


Syed doesn't want anything to do with us.

I think I'll stay put in this town for a while.

Anatoly became Earl's friend.

Nora does seem familiar.

He can hardly walk.

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Thank you so much, my friends!


You're very efficient.

Andy had to choose between his family and the bottle.

We drained the pond and filled it with fresh water.

You've been told.

I didn't ask Randy to dance. He asked me.


I know that look.

The law, as it is, is not so severe.

Gretchen, Think, John, Alice and I used to sing together.


Who you insured through?

I just assumed that was the reason.

Lar knew who I was.

Generally speaking, orchestra conductors wear tailcoats at concerts.

I don't know the reason for this.


I want to speak to you for a moment.

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You butchered that totally.

Tell her to let the dog in.

She is endowed with a talent for music.

I'm sorry.

Surprisingly, it wasn't hard to pass the exam.

They're not just roommates. They're lovers.

That'll be seven dollars, please.

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I went to the cinema with my brother.

How to overcome the high value of the yen is a big problem.

Well, that's all right.

Santa walked back on the stage.

The train was full, so she was obliged to travel second-class, and had to stand all the way.

The language in a society is never a detail.

Nicolette told me not to open that door.

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I use birth control.

I got back to Boston early this morning.

I thought that you were planning on going to Boston.


I always wanted to learn toki pona.

He keeps a toyshop in a small way.

She went on working.

It is better to give than to receive.

Can I get my money back?

They're both smiling.

We're ready to do exactly as you've asked.

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You must keep to the rules.

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He probably won't be happy with the pictures.

That may be an understatement.

During the war, we had to do without sugar.

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I defy you to prove I'm wrong.