He stood aloof from her.

I'm bored.


I will go to Hokkaido tomorrow.

My father sat deep in meditation with his eyes closed.

Greg said she wished I was more like Stu.

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She accepts good suggestions.

Buy me some candy.

Could you tell me how to delete this sentence?

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He's looking for a suitable job.

I have to try it.

Cole was here just a minute ago.


She is dead to love.


Regretfully it is not possible.


Did you get the flowers?

What don't you like about us?

He had many pornographic magazines in his room.

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After 125 years of development it's clear: Esperanto is more than just a language.

On sunny days, the beach is very crowded.

I have to fix this.

Tofu can be used as a substitute for meat.

The bodies of reptiles are covered by scales.

Your pantlegs are too long - you'll probably trip.

He doesn't understand the principle of the thing.


They arrived in the United States a few days ago.

It's fun to watch TV.

Most writers are sensitive to criticism.

Photography is an expensive hobby.

He likes films.

What is the best road to go?

I was surprised to be called in.

That would be uncomfortable.

What am I supposed to say?


I told you to watch Saad carefully.

I made a rookie mistake.

He will come home in a few days.


Go get him a blanket.

We depend on foreign nations for our natural resources.

She picked up beautiful stones.


His dress betrayed the fact that he was a foreigner.

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Srivatsan wrote his name on the dust-covered windshield.


Sexual harassment has now become a social issue.

Why are you angry?

Terrence is more interesting than Norm.

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"Would you like some tea?" "Yes, please."


He's not a member.

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Spass's coming too early took me by surprise.


Do you know anyone here?

To take good pictures there are some knacks to learn and a little trick.

Jeanne looks lost and confused.

All your money won't get you off this island.

Everything's under control.

Let Charles help you.

They should've noticed me.

I work on Sunday.

Jerome couldn't do this alone.

The dictator came to power fifteen years ago.

Ramanan looks pretty relaxed.

We're very grateful for your help.

The clouds scudded across the sky.

I was a child, I remember, my mother would rock me in the cradle.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?


His illness defeated all his hopes.

This will cheer you up.

By signing a contract, you agree to certain terms and conditions.

We should not resort to arms to settle international disputes.

I just wish I'd never gotten involved with you.


They're not going to stop her.

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They also raised animals for meat and milk.

Show me how to do this.

Alexis does all his work at night.


Troy didn't attend yesterday's meeting.


Your mustache looks nice.

Sugih pressed redial on his phone.

Claudio waited a few seconds.

Who wants us killed?

I'm not cracking your mugs.

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Why do you want to sell it?


Murthy appreciated Darci's offer.

I don't know if I can handle this alone.

What're you doing with Lievaart's computer?


We're not working for them.


Do you know the reason Maria was sent to the Boston office?


They're not like us.


It's time to party.

I've never waited around for gifts from fate.

She was very unfair.

Brooke and Ricky have been friends since kindergarten.

The guards didn't see them.

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How far away is the sea?

I want you to tell Donald where you live.

Is it fatal?

Are you going to meet Jagath tonight?

Juliane was with his girlfriend.

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She was immediately attracted to him.

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I am going to tell you that.

I want you to dance with me.

I haven't been happy for a long time.

Someone is standing behind the wall.

I can tell the twins apart, no problem.

Tokyo is in Japan.

Lex is terribly jealous.


There wasn't much light in the area.

He was passing by on his bicycle when he heard a cry for help.

I like to observe birds.

Plastic is as fast as a leopard.

Here goes nothing.

We must all go and find them.

Where should I transfer?

I think that's ridiculous.

"Where's my money?" "What money?" "You owe me money." "I don't owe you, sucker!"


Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Just be careful with Randall.

Bart did his best to distance himself from Vassos.

She used the apples to make the jam.

She walked on her hands along the top of the wall.


Syed and Gene hit it off from the beginning.

That would be unfortunate.

Hi, how are you, everyone?

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There they perform stabilizing surgery and treat critical injuries, so that patients can be moved to a hospital with capacity for finishing treatments.

Who's that beautiful woman eating all alone?

Lots of researchers are working to make better batteries that last longer and hold more energy.

Before coming to Berlin, I had very little interest in German history.

Do you fly frequently?

Turkeer is way too old to be doing this.

Jay is in handcuffs.

Peggy likes to lounge around the house without any clothes on.

I have a feeling today is going to be interesting.

I hope it went well.

I need to speak with you.

We wear a uniform at school.

Wayne would never forgive himself if anything happened to Julius.


Which one of these people is your friend?

Dewey is the expert on this.

My father made me wash the car.


Karen has done everything we've asked him to do without complaining.

We're going to have so much fun!

what is shaking

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The French are better lovers than the Germans.

Tell him your theory.

Piotr and Panos weren't impressed.


Can I stay with you? I was kicked out of my house because I didn't pay the rent.


It looks like it's rained.


It happened that I saw my teacher at the station.

He is getting old, but he is as healthy as ever.

You shouldn't let people make use of you like that.

Martyn settled back.

Did you take back the books?

Why is Lynne blaming us?

Did the two of you meet in Boston?


What's your favorite song on this album?


Pierette said that he'd pay the bill.

"http://example.org/" is a URL.

This land is sacred to my people.


Will you go to America next year?

Ritchey held the baby in his arms.

They stood up for what was right.