He was seated all alone.

What would a cockroach do in a meeting room?

I wouldn't want you to think I was mean.

He rubbed his eyes two or three times, wondering if he were still asleep or awake and decided he must be awake.

Charles Jackson spoke to the teachers at our school.

What do you miss most?


People under 18 cannot get married.

Hsuan stormed into the kitchen.

A person giving a speech should stand where everyone can see him.

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He may be old, but he is still very healthy.


He wrote the article "Exobiological Presence in Alpha Centauri."

The pen I am writing with belongs to Raif.

What did you think of my speech?

We protected ourselves against danger.

Our band has never played disco music.

Permit me to stay.

We must go now.


They distribute bibles for free.

Do whatever you have to do.

One should respect others.

Political prisoners are on a hunger strike for better conditions.

Teresa was interrupted.

It's difficult to keep secrets.

They clearly have something different in mind.

He got out of the cab in haste saying, "Keep the change."

I'm coming right over.

Silence is golden, not sacred.

Who is it that Shari wants to talk to?

Would you please go to the supermarket and buy some bread?

Thanks for inviting me to the party.

It is very hard, and sometimes very dangerous, to be an astronaut.

She was articulate, but none of what she said was true.

Syun is out job hunting.

Shouldn't you still be in bed?


No, I changed it.

I love doing this.

The door's open.

Kory never did learn how to do that correctly.

Luck is a part of life.


It would be a waste of time to ask Adlai to help.

That's just sick.

I always take some exercise before breakfast.

Gordon had to go by himself.

Come any closer, and I'll shoot you.

Can you speak English?

She had her hat blown off by the wind.

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You can't just do this.

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It is too late to watch a film.

Can you see the picture?

Roman's experience attracted considerable attention.


Never in his life had he encountered such a dilemma.


Take whatever you like.


You don't love me!


I don't know who wrote this letter.

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My car is parked outside.

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Let's try this again.

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She accompanied me to the hospital.


You can't possibly be serious.

The interpretation is confirmed by the immigrant.

Do you have a Facebook account?

Charleen and I live together.

Christian put the money in the safe.

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I'm the one that pays all the bills.

She bore the air of a lady.

I got very annoyed at her remarks.

Vicki is a bad student.

The teacher asked us to clean our classroom every day.

Do you think Roberto will like the gift I bought him?

The girl began to cry at the sight of the big dog.

O heat, dry up my brains! Tears seven times salt, burn out the sense and virtue of mine eye!

Everybody liked Brender.

This job doesn't pay very much.

I took one in.

I'll clear these dishes away.

Throw away everything.

They came walking arm in arm.

Demand sustainable seafood in restaurants.

Have you been lying to me?

The time will come when you will regret it.

Happy Moon Festival!

Enjoy the life!

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Ning forgave Antonio for losing all his money.


He sent out the parcel the day before yesterday.


Ravindranath announced his retirement from the race for the presidency.

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They helped him get to Canada.

Morris told me he was afraid that Rebecca might kill him.

You are to observe traffic rules.

You must clean your room.

I chose a word carefully.

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The new situation makes it harder for the Indian government to combat the spread of the AIDS virus.

Erik doesn't like you anymore.

I have a deposit of a thousand dollars here.


What's Kyle going to do with it?

I think Claude is dead.

I heard him play the piano once.

My travel fees to Japan are paid for by the university.

I love beer.


Is it about ten million yen?

How busy could Reinhard be?

Have you ever inflated a balloon as big as this one?

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The better you get to know her, the more you'll like her.

Oh, that you could learn to see clearly! That the film might be removed from your eyes!

Could I have some help, please?

I am sorry to trouble you.

You're driving me nuts.

Let me go! You're hurting me!

I'm in a hurry.

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I just bought another sweater. Now I have 21!

I have received your letter.

I'm loaded.

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Let's talk about Shirley's problem.

They gave me a vase on my retirement.

Syed's wife picked him up.

They were the nation's biggest business.

I got soaked.


I allowed Charley to go home.

These are what Malaclypse bought yesterday.

Philippe never came out of his coma.

I doubt Clay is really that gullible.

I can't play guitar very well.

I wait for the next chapter.

Bill was killed with a gun.

Since it's important, I'll attend to it.

Should I pick up my ticket now?

Do you think they'll find us here?

This flower is the most beautiful of all flowers.

I would like to go to America one day.

Stevan fumbled with his keys.

Kyung is my uncle, not my father.

I don't have to study French.

Children need a lot of sleep.

I've been waiting to speak with you.

I cannot account for her absence from school.

The evidence is questionable.


I got inked.


Did you see the Giants' game yesterday?

He looks blue for some reason.

Oghuz languages are part of the Turkic language family.

I've a patient. See you.

You may come whenever you like.


She rarely, if ever, goes out of town.

Ji sought help for problem gambling.

Jagath has one problem.

A great relationship is based on two main principles. First, appreciate your similarities and second, respect your differences.

Don't look so suspicious.

Hughes wiped the sand from his legs.

Nobody showed up today.

Some are wise and some are otherwise.

I worked really hard on this.

Let's hope that Skip can handle that by himself.

Let's sit here and wait for Wendi.


I'm going to give you something.

They say he is very rich.

We cannot know too much about the language we speak every day of our lives.

Shai and Bertrand did that together.

Malloy eats asparagus, but his brother doesn't.

I knew what they did to him.

Life has its limits and no matter how I live, I want there to be courage and hope sent to future generations as in, "The Way He Lived."


He told me to make sure of the date.

Maybe we can change that.

Look at what you've done.

I don't know who it was.

That meal was incredible.

I think he'll come.

Alain felt someone touch his arm.

Ten dollars of regular unleaded, please.

How old were you when your father was killed?