About Lewis

Lewis Porter is a British music writer/producer, based in Toronto, Canada. He specialises in creating modern, exciting and recognisable pieces of music.

Lewis has worked on multiple projects with Emmy Award winning producer Peter Johnston, worked with Grammy Award winning mix engineer Ian Dowling (Adele, One Direction), and his music has been used by the BBC, Fender Guitars, Sky TV and countless other high profile clients.

Raised in a highly musical family, Lewis has been involved in creating music his entire life. His career has seen him tour across Europe and North America as a session musician, record live on the BBC, and perform alongside musicans such Cee Lo Green and the late guitarist Gary Moore.

Since focussing solely on music writing/production, Lewis has written hundreds of audio branding tracks for businesses on 4 continents, ranging from small family-owned startups to globally recognised multi-national corporations. Lewis' wide ranging musical experience has ensured he always brings fresh ideas and methods to projects, never getting bogged down in one single style or approach.

Film/Art Music

A selection of videos showcasing more ambient and sparse music Lewis has written, either for films or just for his own enjoyment.