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An updated CardValet app is now available. Older versions will no longer work as of February 13, 2019. Update now to manage your cards and transaction alerts!

To complete the update to the new version (Apple v3.1.8, Android v3.1.7), users may need to close and reopen the app, which may be running in the background.

When attempting to update their standalone CardValet app, some Android users are receiving the message: “Update your device settings to enable Verify Apps, a Google utility used to secure your device.”

To enable the Google security utility, users should:
1. Launch Google Play.
2. Tap the left navigation menu and choose Play Protect.

Users may then proceed with updating their CardValet app.

Once updated, the mobile app will allow access to all previously set card controls and to transaction alerts, which continue to function independently of user access to the app.