They built up twenty-five stories on one side and thirty-five stories on the other.

If anyone thinks differently, they surely do have a problem.

That'll take time.

He fell into the river.

I'm not going to school today.

We'll just have to see where he is.

Douglas always wished he had more money.

What's the matter with you people?

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Jiro seems to have missed the train.

Taste cold steel!

I must ask you to leave.

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You can't be sure of that.

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Am I to cry or laugh?

He renounced smoking and drinking.

Lingonberries are abundant in the forests of Sweden.

Please tell me where you will live.

I saw them.

That which is not today, will be tomorrow.

Give me three reais worth of bread.


Did you talk to Tareq today?

I swore I'd never tell anyone.

Hsi, do you know where we are?

Jeffrey helped Sylvan get back on her feet.

When it's necessary, you can come to me.


What can I serve you?

We have just received an inquiry from Kansas concerning your brother.

He texts me all the time.


Your question isn't very democratic.


What did you do with my glasses? They were here a minute ago.


There is a bag on the desk.

It is not outside of the realm of possibility.

The champion had the challengers at his mercy.


How does this drama end?

Have you ever eaten anything that made you hallucinate?

I returned to my native village after two years' absence.

He forgot part of his speech and had to ad-lib for a while.

Quintilius Varus, return my legions!

OK, I'll give it a try.

Reckless driving can easily lead to an accident.

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You need to be more patient.

How could it be?

It was probably not true.

I hope there'll be no bloodshed.

The place I live in is very good for your health.

Roman says that Lynne spends his money a little too freely.

We're tired.

I don't suffer from insanity - I enjoy it!

Martin was barefoot.

I'm tired of this crossword puzzle.

I would like some sugar, please.

Rafael's car isn't in the driveway.

What does Jones do on Mondays?

Felix didn't seem very impressed.

Maybe your luck is changing.

He reached the rank of general.

They filled them with straw to make them round and hard.

Morton is majoring in physics.

Their wish is engraved on the base of the statue.

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I'd really like to help.


It would be ridiculous to spend all their money.


The man jumped at our offer of a half-price bargain sale.

She said that she takes a shower every morning.

This table is taken.

The printer doesn't work.

Everybody wanted to know why Paul quit his job.

My heart is beating fast.

What does Tony do?

The cat is on the rug.

My car was broken into.

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What time does the meeting start?

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Do you eat bread during lunch?


I got Marie to proofread my paper.

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I've heard of worse things.

Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.

Christofer has a pounding headache.

Did she ever confide in you about the problems she was having?

Jeanne has a great sense of humour.


Let me get my stuff.

I asked Ravindranath why he didn't want to go to the zoo with us.

I'm sure Manjeri would like that.


We must especially beware of that small group of selfish men who would clip the wings of the American Eagle in order to feather their own nests.

Why is it that guys who sleep around are studs and girls who sleep around are sluts?

Did you get the loan?

When does Vance get back?

The city is surrounded by a wall.

A power failure contributed to the confusion in the hall.

I want to be normal.

I'm certain that I'll win the tennis match.

Red Mulligan has announced that he'll fight Rocky Luciano next month.


Patricio is getting worse.

It was very enjoyable.

The family dined together.

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Ginny taught her children to be kind to animals.

Are your German books good?

I was afraid that I might hurt his feelings.

Lea didn't sign his will.

Mat opened his locker.

Please be careful in Boston, OK?

Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing!

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I was expected here before ten.

Epicurus laid down the doctrine that pleasure was the chief good.

What can I do without my friends?

We have no proof to the contrary.

I can't afford a new car this year.

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Call the cops.


I dare you to say that again.


Nikolai's dog was run over by a car.

Man alone has the ability to reason.

Hang onto Daddy!

Read it after her.

She came three minutes after I called.

I can feel that.

Japan is full of beautiful cities. Kyoto and Nara, for instance.

Skateboarding is a lot of fun.

I assume you haven't seen Leo this morning.


Why don't you answer my messages?


We were looking at the picture.

Both Rabin and Phil looked upset and disappointed.

Perhaps Theo knows something that we don't.

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I think you should pick them.

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I saw his face switch to anger.

She lived at 56 Russell Square.

I'll miss you, too.


You've obviously got a problem.

What do you mean they are killing each other?

Nobody has heard of it but me.

So what should I do?

I'm seeing them this afternoon.

Dan suffocated Linda with a bag.

The hotel is located deep in the mountains.

Everyone's been really nice.

There is ample room for another car.


Major lent me thirty dollars.

I think it's time for you to leave now.

I reacted instinctively.

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He had a book in his hand.

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I tore my pants.

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I never meant you harm.

Magnetic force drives the mechanism.

When you travel abroad, you need change in the currency of the country you are visiting to pay for a taxi, a cup of coffee or a tip.


I'm stuck here in Boston because of the storm.


You can't tell anybody what I just told you.

The general inspected the troops.

Do you believe in a higher power?


You don't know a thing about me.


Children learn from adults.

"Are scientists close to cloning a human being?" "Not by a long shot."

Being stubborn won't help you.

He worked hard in order to succeed.

I don't want to antagonize them.

Do you remember my poem?

Do not eat.

I am very sorry, but I must cancel our appointment for February 27.

It takes us thirty minutes to walk from here to the station.

You can't get anything done today.

The church sits on the outskirts of town.

Mayuko jumped up in alarm.

That is my dog.

He returned from Denmark.

Maybe it's time to tell Thuan we're getting divorced.


We're trying to find ourselves something decent to eat.