You can talk to me.

I know her from work.

Ellen has never called me.

She looked down on the office girls she had worked with.


Your lips are blue.


This must be done quite otherwise.

He's a Sephardic Jew.

We have a good group of volunteers.

I'll show them the way.

I am content with my current position.


I'll stay out of your way.

He noticed that this drug seemed to inhibit bacterial growth.

Robbin is going to cry.


What did your mom say?


I hear sirens.


German has a gender system, every noun has a gender: male, female, or neutral.


Back in my days, Tatoeba would load in under thirty seconds.

He's very much interested in the Japanese language.

I live in Yokohama.

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There's no room under the bed.

We all need to lighten up a little.

You arrived there before Izzy.


Today I was coming to work by car.

Luigi thought everything was owed to him.

Jong is moderately attractive.

This package is for you.

I need to leave before Tolerant gets here.


That doesn't look like anything I've ever seen.


I am as much in love as on the first day.


That's an order, Those.

Put it down.

Kees sued his neighbor.

I'm sorry I didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye to Leigh.

Archie didn't seem too surprised.

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We will have a math class tomorrow.

They're alone.

He was an intelligent and practical man.


I plan to go to bed as soon as all these people go home.


We forgive you.

I'm coming with Sjaak.

Would you rather be on your own?

Fred followed my mother wherever she went.

I'm looking for information about Boston.

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My dream is to study French in Paris.


Why don't you stop by for a little while?

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Since when has he been living in Ankara?

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Disabled people can't stand being pitied.

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You don't deserve the salary they're paying you.


He had entertained hopes of being admitted to a sight of the young ladies, of whose beauty he had heard much; but he saw only the father. The ladies were somewhat more fortunate, for they had the advantage of ascertaining from an upper window that he wore a blue coat, and rode a black horse.

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His concert was unreal.

I'm coming to your rescue!

We would like to live in this village and study the Kadazan language.


Don't call me a moron.

My little brother is watching television.

It's all Greek to me.

I won't let him come here again.

Ragnar certainly knew that what he was doing was illegal.

We'll be out of here in a few days.

You nearly poked me in the eye with your pencil.

I hear what you're saying.

Clarence has a job.

Jack gave Molly the thumbs up sign.

I laughed in her face.

I often listened to him playing the melody on the trumpet.

We don't need to ask for permission.

I asked for his help.

We've known each other for years.

Her name was wrongly spelled.

I wrote down the address for you.

I met my teacher by accident at the restaurant last night.

It so happens that today is my birthday.

Maybe I'm going through a midlife crisis.

The building is already under construction.


Vladislav had to rewrite his essay.

Bruno's parents have a huge house.

What did you see at that time?


He did not turn up after all.

Seenu never wanted to try it.

You're so sexy.

I've already finished my work.

I need to pay some bills.


Philip was sitting down.

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Well, what are you looking for?

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Don't wake her up.

What are they trying to tell me?

After seeing her provocative body, he became obsessed with her.

There was an accident on the side of the road.

What do you think they're planning to do with all that money?


Don't let him play with your phone.

I heard Jose snoring in the next room.

I should be done in an hour.

Diana had what looked like a gin and tonic in his hand.

Do aliens exist?

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He kissed her neck.

Those who lose themselves in passion lose less than those who lose their passion.

We've got one more stop to make.


You can't lose what you never had.

There wasn't much I wanted to take with me.

She's leading a happy life with her husband near the sea in Kamakura.

Let me go with you.

Who can I call to fix my leaky ceiling?

What's become of your dog?

We must make arrangements with them beforehand.

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Never have I dreamed of marrying you.

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He amused the children by showing them some magic.

The coalition force fired at her car at the checkpoint in Bagdad.

Sorrel was afraid you'd say no.

Patricia came here with Dwayne, didn't he?

I know what the Jacksons were doing.


My daughter's getting all gussied up for her first date.


The factors of fifteen are three and five.

Are you sure you saw someone on the bridge?

Do what Ariel tells you to do.


What's the best way to travel?

Which of you will come with me?

I advise you to stay away from Ssi.

If you can't have children, you could always adopt.

I have much studied both cats and philosophers. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.

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Let's quit.


If you're ever going to help us with this, it has to be now.

Page ate your candy.

You're a good customer.


He does appear.


She refused to talk to me.

Emil was the one who made that decision.

Dave asked me if I knew anybody living in Boston.


Clearly, I was overly optimistic.

Hello, my friend! I haven't seen you for such a long time!

At first everybody was convinced of his innocence.


I wasn't at that meeting.

Why did you interrupt us?

I enjoy it in here.

He lied about the matter.

She accepted our offer notwithstanding.

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They exchanged smiles.


Markku struggled to express memories he could find no words for.


Are these the glasses you are looking for?

They succeeded in catching the tiger alive.

I found your diary.

Does Piercarlo have any experience?

I choose you!

There are many different strategies we could try.

I eat sauerkraut every morning.

We tend to watch television, whatever show is broadcasted.

They followed Tracy.


I thought it was a good idea at the time.

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You're taller than most of Dwayne's friends.

Tulips are my favorite kind of flower.

Hopefully he has learned from the incident.


People call her Yotchan.

I'm not surprised you didn't go there with Lucifer.

Listen, foreigner. War is all the trade we offer.