I won't let her have you.

I'm looking for my glasses.


I would lodge a complaint.

Bilingual teenagers are encouraged to apply.

Don't underestimate them.

Do you think it's easy to find a job in Germany?

I am a sensitive person, you know.

Let's go outside and sit in the garden.

Felix is organising a secret Santa at work.


Only a few drops of rain have fallen.

Is Elisabeth partly to blame?

Did you double-check these figures?

Let Francois answer.

Swamy got a job commensurate with his training and experience.


Never tell a lie!


I'll take whatever I can.

I was on the mountain.

You'd better look at it.

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I believe I have been more than fair.

Rupert learnt from Mr Ogawa that many people have scorn for the nouveau riche.

In fact, there is a joke about passport photos: If you really look like the picture in your passport, you certainly need a vacation!

Don't mess with us.

Take it.

The long-term use of painkillers has been linked to heart attacks in older patients.

He opposes this initiative.

You might not like this.

Paul was reading a short story last night.

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It might be a long time before you see me again.


I always want to sleep after dinner.

The teacher concluded that Merat would pass the exam.

Dan came out of sedation.

I just want some peace and quiet.

He didn't tell me his name.

Do stop talking and listen to the music.

There's something you need to know.


It is time not only to equalize men's and women's wages, but also to equalize responsibility for housework.

Christina and Tai work together.

Doyle went to high school with me.

Krzysztof didn't really want to help us, but he did.

As I didn't have time to go shopping today, I had to make do with a sandwich for dinner.


I hope this fine weather lasts till the weekend.

You're inventive.

I'm an incorrigible shopper.

All the streets in this area are named after famous people.

I'm passionate about my job.


The alert guard perceived a dim shape in the distance.

Who first reached the summit of Mt. Everest?

You can answer it.

Every time I read the Bible, I am deeply moved.

I could not but laugh.

That's right. It's written in an unassuming fashion, and it's an ethical standpoint as well.

I've got some new information.

They are short of funds.

Which party does she belong to?

My friend doesn't believe in ghosts.

I thought we'd already been over all this.


Would you like to say something to everyone here?

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Most of these who are thrust into combat soon find it impossible to maintain the mythic perception of war.

We came so close to winning.

Give me two pieces of chalk.

Here is some money for continuing your trip.

Countless stars were twinkling in the sky.

Mann isn't going to go to Boston with us, is he?

This is my brainchild.


Mick isn't nice.

I have no idea what he has in mind, rejecting such a favorable proposal.

The main shops are in the city centre

That's all I said.

I didn't recognize what it was.

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The moon was on the lake.

Milo is very mean.

Hy would never talk about it.

Louise reached inside her purse and pulled out her license.

Warren knows I'm home.

Ann had no friends to play with.

I know when Carolyn is lying.

She suggested that the customer buy a blue tie.

It is almost ten o'clock.

Karen is eating breakfast right now.

Dwayne will change it.


You're taking Miriam too seriously.

I never want to have kids.

There's only one bullet left.

Lorien isn't schizophrenic.

We're all professionals.

How did he ever get so lucky?

Look, I really need some help.

The caterpillars ate the cabbage.

Stepping into the carriage the princess drove to the grand entrance of the palace.

Bobby sided with his mother.

We were told Jin wanted our help.

It's been quite a day, hasn't it?

Timo invited us to lunch.

The curtain fell.

I have never seen anything like it.


Jennifer is more intelligent than me.

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Do you really believe there's a connection?

A lot of people think that lawyers get paid too much.

It's thanks to his father that he owns this hotel.

I have a black and a white coat.

Are you going to warn Pravin?

Both Jarmo and Kazuhiro live in Boston.

That's accurate.


You scared us.

Matt, Leung, John, Alice and I used to sing together.

Art may be in trouble.

I prefer to take medicine rather than getting a shot.

All right, I'm listening.

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I'd never do something like that.

Vijay doesn't want to make Sergio angry.

She's getting married next month.

That kind of talk will get you nowhere.

Let me tell you a funny story.


It's rude to whisper in front of others.

I can't move any faster.

He had his car stolen in broad daylight.


Do you know the reason which prevented her from coming?


I took it for granted that you were on our side.

Amigo took three steps backward.

No one would dare do such a thing.


I'm looking for her.

I visited a lot of different areas in England.

He's very shy. He says he wants to see you.


His latest work is an advance on his previous one.


A dairy cow is a useful animal.


Was he in New York yesterday?

I have run short of money.

Look at that boy who is swimming.

I don't disagree with Roy.

Americans accumulated their trade deficits by living far beyond their means.


The commander said they would stay.

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Are you eating lunch?

Let's have some coffee during recess.

Can't we just ask them to leave?

Elias leads a relatively active life.

I'm forty years old.

There are not many books on these shelves.

Do as you want.

Nobody can say no to Kevyn.

Read a book!

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He started his voyage around the world in his sailboat.


Ninja was scared of something.

The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with Larry.

She fled the United States.

Jarl told me to come here today.

Did you make the train?

I think I'll buy a new car.

This is a crime scene.

We had to learn to read the word.

He has a grudge against you.

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I can't go on living this lie.

Sehyo doesn't know the truth.

I brought someone here to meet you.


Why don't you accept that?

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Everyone is anxious to know what has become of the former champion.


I believe things will get better.

It's not easy to get rid of a bad habit.

Mother is setting dinner ready.

When a man cries, he is strong. When a woman cries, she is being hysterical.

Are you coming or not?

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The three-day discussion was worthwhile.


Who's replacing you?


Should we wait here for Jitendra?