An up-to-date edition of the encyclopedia will come out next month.

The park is common property.

Can't you speak English?


He's not the kind of person to act without thinking. He's not a thoughtless person.

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It doesn't seem right.


Sunil does fine work.

Blair is utterly obsessed with food. No wonder Randy dumped him!

I told you I'd help.

I don't like to run a risk.

In reply to your request, we offer you an extra discount of 5% on this order.

You're so beautiful it hurts.

He was injured in the leg.

You played hooky yesterday?

I agree to go with him.

Do you love me just because I'm a Chinese girl?

What if it was all nothing but wishful thinking? Would it make everything unreal?

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I think that you're right.

She is not beautiful, to be sure, but she is good-natured.

Most Japanese eat rice every day.


He stood up and took a deep breath.


I have no savings.

Will you get me off the hook this time?

Whether you agree or not, I cannot change my mind.


Pachacuti was the ninth ruler of the Inca trilogy of Mexico.

I slept through the 3 hour-long sermon.

Thank you for giving me something to eat. I was really hungry.

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I thought you might be too busy to help.

Sarah hit on a marvelous idea.

Turn down the TV.

Think before you act.

We'll never get one here in time.

I went to the swimming pool the other day and then I got ill.

I'm very happy to see you.

I'm so glad you're back.

You've got my phone.

I'm going to give Noam a copy of the book I wrote.

This is really going well.

I hope you like this gift.

It looks like you've hooked a big one.

How do you do that, Ramsey?

I'm glad we agree, Arne.

There will certainly be doubts about your proposal.

Amanda and I are well.


Jane danced with the hostess of the party.

There's only one day left.

What a big dog that is!


Don't let him see you.

I'm having dinner with some friends this evening.

Paris is the capital of France.

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Stay right there.

I believe that he was angry.

Maria had too many distractions in her day to day life.

You could afford to buy one of those if you wanted to.

The question is whether Olson knew about it or not.


You hate this kind of stuff, don't you?

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Sriram dated Hans when they were both teenagers.

I can hardly believe it's over.

I was late for the last train.

How lucky can one guy be?

Near my house, there's a park.


What you said really got me thinking.

Jitendra looks wobbly.

I have to return some books to the library.

I have buck teeth.

The fishermen cast their nets into the sea.

Amarth has a Canadian passport.

You have to go to school.

I was thinking about going to a movie. Do you want to go with me?

People always seem to enjoy talking about other people's problems.


Lend me a pencil.

They'll find you.

Brent and Nathan were sitting on the sofa as far away from each other as possible.

It stings.

Randal was dressed to kill.

The judge sentenced Pierette to three years imprisonment.

What effect will that have?

It was less stressful being around Donald after he did an anger management course.

If you commute to work with a car, you risk getting too little exercise.

"Gee, it sure is boring around here!" "You've got to be kidding." "Yes!" "Good."

Margot has a huge crush on Kate.

The protons and neutrons cluster together in the center of the atom in what is called the nucleus. The electrons orbit around the nucleus.

You do look a little pale.

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I never do anything without asking Marc first.

Irvin doesn't like to fly.

Sentences on Tatoeba are like microbes. There are useful ones, but there are also harmful ones.


The treasure was buried on the island.


NASA has launched a probe called Dawn, whose mission is to travel to the asteroid belt. It will first travel to observe the asteroid Vesta. After collecting data from Vesta, Dawn will intercept with Ceres where it will observe its surface features and collect data about its chemical composition.

The three of us get on very well.

If you wish to speak with many people, you ought to learn Esperanto. Why this language? Because it is both beautiful and stimulates our study. An international language is of great moment because there are so many people in the various countries of the world. And besides, Esperanto is not only useful but easy to learn. If you speak Esperanto you can travel in many countries. Come and learn it!

I ate Japanese food for the first time.

I have no problem delegating authority.

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Kerri entered the building unnoticed.

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I haven't seen Ruth for a few weeks.

We all loved Elijah.

They found one.

I read that book a long time ago.

I'm not sure what Win is trying to do.

European green crabs are invading North America.

Give it a whirl.

Malaclypse is never where he's supposed to be.

Even though the posted speed limit was 55 miles per hour, Those was driving much faster.

This isn't a trivial matter.

I don't need you telling me what to do.

Don't make me suffer.

You can borrow a copy from any public library.


He brought us a small gift each time he called on us.

I've forgotten how to tie a bow tie.

Let's take it to court.

There is one solution.

It would be nice if you had a wedge of lime I could squeeze into my icewater.


Stephan will probably succeed.

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How are you smiley.

Do you really think that's fair?

She enjoyed the life on board.

Why is it that kids leave their clothes all over the floor, after they take them off?

He finds it undignified to translate such simple phrases.

Rajesh disappeared into the restaurant.

I'd rather walk.

I admire the view of the entire city atop the Ferris wheel.

I don't have the confidence to do that by myself.

He broke the window.

We know how to handle them.


Do we need to watch out for tigers around here?


The party ended at ten o'clock.

Valerie might have something to do with that.

He ate out.


It's such a waste of time.

You're over-the-top in everything you do.

Phiroze has no one to play with, so he's lonely.

I'm sick, so don't talk me about food.

He is always full of vigor.

My apartment is near here.

Just do as I tell you.

Is it true that you came by plane?

I think it is cruel to trap animals for fur coats.

The result is neither good nor bad.

Philippe isn't saying anything.


He will try it.


I'll believe it when it happens.

Starbuck always wears a blue shirt.

Many people declined the invitation to the reception.

Dannie and I had the same dream.

I won't settle for anything less.

I doubt if Raja would want to go with us.

The scrolling text on the display of my Internet radio gives me information about the selected station and the running program.

I think she would be happy to receive a new computer.

Five plus two equals seven.

Tobias sat down at the piano.

Sandra told Jagath the story that John had told him.

We hired Stu.

How do you know those are real diamonds?


Everything was silent.

Sherri threw a pillow at Hon.

They came even though it was raining.


We need to talk about Marty.

By changing those things which need to be changed.

She is a big eater.

Several people were standing in front of the notice.

He went there by bicycle.

Examinations interfere with the real meaning of education.

We are back in school again after the holidays are over.

I'd like it very much if you'd stay.

I don't have enough time to do everything that needs to be done.


I haven't opened it yet.

This is a souvenir from Hokkaido.

To many Americans, a two-party political system seems natural.

They'll get over it.

It would only take 100 or 500 yen coins, so I search for change but don't find any.