Last week I saw a German movie.

Bryan didn't yell at us.

Lukas is a cop.

Victor bought Tuna a diamond ring.

Are those the people you saw yesterday?

I took Dominic to my favorite restaurant in Boston.

She doesn't speak English, let alone French.

I won't tell.

Many people think that this house is haunted.

Ozan doesn't want to go back to Boston.

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I can't afford to buy a used car.

Money can't buy happiness.

Eli pulled off his wig.

Vincent would likely try doing this some other way.

Why on earth would I do that?


My friend remembered which way to go.


The king is the best.

The police looked into that incident.

She enjoys reading scientific articles.

You're not supposed to go hunting without a license.

I have already done my work.

Last night, I indulged in reading the book he lent me.

He chafed under the groundless criticism.

They made for the scene of the accident.

The children were particularly quiet.


Avocado is a fruit.

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No one can imagine what has become of him.

The driver was so fortunate as to escape death.

The boy is tall for his age.

Did you go to Hawaii or Guam?

I'll go and look for her.

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You may stay here if you like, as long as you keep quiet.

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What's everyone eating for lunch?


I would've taken care of Casey.


We make the most of the opportunity.

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I will be traveling round Europe next week.

"How do I look?" "You're the most beautiful woman in the world."

It never occurred to me that he was the right man in the right place.

Why should I stop her?

Have you ever really been in love?

Reiner has a couple of friends in Boston.

She gave him a present.

I could not believe my eyes!

Panzer didn't know where his pen was.

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Consider it a gift.


Marcel is still not fully aware of what has happened.


I hate violence.

The diagram above commutes if and only if f is an isomorphism.

Nepal is called "Nepal" in Nepali.

This looks like a good spot.

Pinocchio walks about the town.

John is in the swimming club.

Everett wanted to give Torsten a chance to explain why she hadn't yet done the work.

In America we are reluctant to acknowledge that speech patterns are tied to social class.

She saw herself as the world's savior.

We experienced a pain in our legs.

We think you should take it.


Alexander just disappeared.

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Why don't you want to help the police?


Boy, was I wrong.


You must be careful with the wine glass.

"May I use the phone?" "Please feel free."

What are you doing up here?

The bank loaned the company one million dollars.

Look to your left.


We took turns with the driving.


Did you go to Ming's party last Saturday?

I think Mann doesn't have a dog.

What is her surname?

Mother has sent you some cakes and milk.

I spend a lot of time in Boston.

I thought this was just between us.

Sho understood exactly what Triantaphyllos meant.


They want me to go in.

Many people think that sharks are the most dangerous fish in the ocean.

Dan wore a long baggy T-shirt.

I'd like to meet them.

I left a duplicate key to the room with my mother.

Space is actually a good insulator because it is difficult to transfer heat to nothing.

Don't bother calling for help.

Mind you call me up tomorrow.

Ross has a slender body.


Robin is here with me.

He hung it on the wall.

Noh is a traditional Japanese art.

This wildcard character stands for an unspecified symbol.

Len opened his desk drawer, pulled a gun out, and aimed it at Cynthia.


I helped my father yesterday.


Everett probably thought I wouldn't like that movie.

Sally has a surprise for Blayne.

Some passengers complained about the service.

Wealth is becoming more and more concentrated.

I lost my bongos there.

There was a great crowd at the party.

We have to do this right away.

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Kathryn has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

The man went to pieces when the judge said he would have to go to prison for life.

Huashi can't turn Presley down.

The two meetings clash.

I get motion sickness.


The little boy said hello to me.

We need a bottle of juice.

I'm following Roderick.

I'll call you when I have time.

Thank you a lot for this information.

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The house with the green roof is mine.

Did you kill him?

I can but wait.

I know how to fix that.

It's natural that she should get angry.

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He is the principal of the high school.


Linda was Dan's new love interest.


I am so thin that they say I look rawboned.

We know that you lied to us the last time we spoke together.

He planned the attack carefully.


The new president wants to build up the army.


Jesus was as scared as Randy.

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I'll give you as much time as you need.


Show me something else.


I want to go with him.

How exactly did Stacy get hurt?

Bring and Buy: an informal sale, often conducted for charity, to which people bring items for sale and buy those that others have brought

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How did Devon's umbrella get here?


Get off your tush!


I don't think I'll do that.


Sangho showed us where to look.

You should know I'm a procrastinator.

By second grade, students are expected to have basic reading and writing skills.

I have no plans whatever.

I'm not very optimistic.

I prefer learning languages that has a long history.

They owned the lot between them.

We could be here for hours.

I succeeded in getting the book.

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Pandas were hunted to near-extinction by humans.


Marc has been trapped.

Have you ever mentioned this to the teacher?

The war ended with many victims.


We must do it quickly.

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They're friends of yours, aren't they?

I need some time alone.

I suspect that Naim is a cold-blooded murderer.

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Don't give her any ideas.

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I'm just finishing off some notes quickly.


All the seats are booked.


As it was written in haste, the book has many faults.

Listen to her.

They don't work with us anymore.

His idea will radically alter our way of life.

Friendship requires mutual trust.

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Will Iran attack Israel?

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You don't have to be so formal.