I like classical music very much.

Birds evolved from dinosaurs.

I assume that was a rhetorical question.

She left the window open.

Quitting smoking is hard.

Barrett is starting to look a lot like his father.

Who is going into the city tomorrow?

Why is insurance so important?

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My brother hates me.


It was too difficult for Jane to go to school alone.


We won't get cold.

I've never seen things like that for sale.

He became temporarily deranged.

Is Victor reliable?

I'll be in my office.

How bad is Marsha hurt?

He's been to the stadium.

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I didn't understand them.

Clark hopes to visit Boston next summer.

Have you sent Martyn a Christmas card yet?

This is a significant change.

He's strange sometimes.

Laughing is really good for you.

Silence prevailed along the funeral route.

I don't believe a word you're saying.

It was so foggy I couldn't see who it was.


I'm not a big spender.

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They look up to him as their leader.

"This is very amusing," thought the devil.

I get paid at the end of the month.

Like most eighteen-year-olds, Gail isn't sure what he wants to do with his life.

They rotated the tires on my car.


We all pondered over what had taken place.

I understand his frustration.

Read the advertisement section if you're looking for a job.

It's been almost 3 weeks since I got back to the States.

President Xi Jinping emphasized that China, Russia and Mongolia are good neighbours and partners.

Susanne had no way of verifying the information.

We're all witnesses.

Knapper might've been able to do that.

It's time to get some sleep.

I'm not playing with you now.

I didn't know why Clem wasn't invited.

They've got a telephone next to their bed.

Have they found her yet?

Leith could not turn away from the picture of Sleeping Beauty that Rainer had drawn.

If you want to be loved, love!

Isn't something burning in the kitchen?

He's always complaining about the food.

What's Drew's problem now?

Their names have escaped me.

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The knee is the body's largest joint.

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He weighs 70 kilos.

Is there a problem with this?

I don't envy you.

Is that all that you've got to say?

Our school is situated on a hill.


You need to move away.

Diane will understand perfectly.

The situation made Tandy uneasy.

Randall noticed Luis wasn't paying attention.

A deep rift opened up between them.


I can't hold back my longing for you.

What should we do if it rains?

If you tell me what needs to be done, I can help.

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Tell us everything you know.

I shouldn't gossip.

She's not bad.

I would like to place particular emphasis on this point.

I'm not sure, but he might come.

Don't make me stay.

How do I eat this?

Pilot never goes to church.

Paper burns easily.

John has five apples.

Jean-Pierre saved up three hundred dollars.

I think Venkata is reliable.

Outside, cars rumbled and rattled as they passed by.


Could you imagine going on holiday on your own?

I've been thinking about this for a while.

It was the warmth that I missed the most.

We might need to help him.

Do you guys go to the same school?

This is the boy who looks like a girl.

Stephan cut herself while she was chopping up onions.

There is no dream of man which atomic power does not promise a chance to attain.

The university is located a few blocks from the edge of the ghetto.

I understand you need to speak with Ping.

The game will be held even if it rains.

His lack of technical knowledge precluded him from promotion.

I am anti-EU.


The branch began to bend as I climbed along it.

The pond is too shallow for swimming.

I'm sure he has something up his sleeve.

Well, that was a stupid thing to say.

Are you sure you want me to sell this?


Caleb lost no time answering the letter.

You shouldn't let me in.

Jesse looked through the menu.


That's what will happen.

I'd like to have a Pap smear done.

Norm might not be the one who broke the window.

It's not cool.

Revised wanted to wear his new shoes.

I read in the newspaper where contact with the plane had been lost.

Joseph would not relent.

"Santorum" is an English neologism, named after homophobic American senator Rick Santorum, which describes the mixture of sperm, fecal matter and lubricant sometimes resulting from anal intercourse.

Perseus saw his children, one after the other, dragged behind the victor's chariot.

I'm doing the cooking.

Kelvin keeps getting hurt.

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Do you have any idea how hard it was to get a moron like that elected?

The number of unemployed people will rise by degrees.

I have a question I need to ask you.

Be careful what you say!

He lives in a small town in the hinterlands.


Something very strange just happened.

He wished Allen had told him the story.

Most Americans liked Roosevelt.

The exposition will be held for six months.

There are books on my bookshelf that I haven't read.


I guess something is better then nothing, right?

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We want to hear everything.

I'm planning on getting a job in Boston.

May I trouble you for the sugar?

Nichael put a cup of coffee on the table in front of Toby.

Why can't you just call Alastair?

He's going to get you in trouble.

What is she talking about?

Daryl is incorrigible.

The conference went off according to the plan.


His patience is worn out.

How does that affect me?

You must not misbehave so.


The plumber ate some mushrooms and proceeded to stamp small life forms.

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Are you in the square?

It has a hole in it.

I'll tell you why we haven't answered your letters.

Your T-shirt will dry soon.

Do you remember how amazing Scott was at dancing?


It really is difficult.

Ilya must be sick.

My father is suffering from influenza.

I'm going to return this to Jitendra.

Let me think about that.

Our world is a book, and people who don't travel are reading only from the first page.

Call me every few days, and in that way we can keep in touch if something happens.

Get Reiner to leave.

You didn't mention that.

Let Noemi know there will be dancing at the party.

The old woman has no one to wait on her.


She had bright black eyes.

He is very popular in that he is a good singer.

Why does that interest you?

We barely saw it.

That's precisely what happened.

And then something amazing happened.

Do you want me to go away?

I better drink my own piss.

What about a picnic?

Harry is an undergrad.

Did you really bring everything we'll need for the trip?


We're desperate now.

We turned left at the corner and drove north.

I'd rather go by subway than by train.

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Opportunity makes a thief.

Why would there be trouble?

Masanao knew that Trying was upset.

This morning I missed the 8:30 train by five minutes.

I'm still kind of busy.

Return immediately.

There aren't any books in French in the library.

He's considering visiting his uncle.

We're not likely to use this anymore.