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Shall I close the door?

You know what we need, don't you?

Eating meat is bad for your health and for the environment.

I'm not lighting their candles.

How many babies can a mouse have at one time?


Tell them to take a hike.

Sheila might want this back one day.

The airplane was going to carry them to Bauru.


He is older than I by two years, but less tall than I.

You must attend to what she says.

Are you the new teacher?


Do you think anyone is watching us?


The wind is blowing very hard.

Murray knows what's wrong.

The arrangements are subject to change without notice.

Will you go on a trip?

I'm kind of in the middle of something here.


I'm not strong enough yet to go to school.


Where is there a drugstore?

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I'm not blaming anyone for it.

Let's leave her alone.

We were all worried.

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She helped her father with the work in the garden.

Can I buy you guys a round?

Almost half the men in Great Britain regularly give chocolate to their partner, especially for their birthday.

You'll get there in time, so long as you don't miss the train.

Angela seemed to know what he wanted.

Stephe works in agriculture.

I've been in this place too long.

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Why are you dressed up like a clown?

I want to know who killed them.

Are you looking at me?

"Why didn't I think of that?" "Because you're an idiot."

I wore several hats at my last office so I'd like to specialize this time.

Since we insulated the house we've saved a lot on heating oil.

Randall doesn't need to worry about me.

Lievaart is a successful businessman.

Bart asked me where I got this.

Almost no one thinks that we are sisters.

Ronald hasn't had his dinner yet.

Jane folded the map and put it back into the glove compartment.

There's nothing out here.

This sort of thing happens.

The magazine comes out once a week.

Alienation is a common theme of twentieth-century literature.

I'll wait for you.

Jeannette didn't want to change the subject.

Piercarlo met his wife in Boston.

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Is he really coming?


I showed Jakob who's boss.

Oh, the humanity!

I wasn't trapped.

It says girls born under Cancer are 'daring'.

The next question is for you.

I could sure use that scholarship money.

Where did you trap them?

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They appointed him chairman.


Lex dreamed of being a hero.

I want Brendan to see these.

He was granted a pension.

This goblet is made of gold.

We'll get in touch with them.

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Could you just go help Sharan?

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The main purpose of propaganda is to convince no matter what.

You go to the bazaar not to become a sheep, but to buy sheep.

I swam back to the boat.


I work hard.


If I go to China, it'd be to speak Chinese as much as possible.


I no longer believe that.


Ripe bananas are yellow.


Ami doesn't like fish.


Everyone in the car said they wanted to get out and stretch their legs.

We may as well cool our jets and wait until it starts moving again.

Consult him.


He was red with anger.

I gave them all my money.

Chai tea often contains cardamom.

He swallowed detergent by mistake.

Perhaps you are mistaken.

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Vladislav was the first to the table.

It'd be good.

Why didn't Rudy tell us this?

I'd love to live in Australia for a few years.

I couldn't understand him at first.


Let me tell you what I want you to do.

Sandip feels well now.

His notion is that planes are safer than cars.

In fact, he has never been to New York.

I fancy that most people who think at all have done a great deal of their thinking in the first fourteen years.

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Why didn't Panacea go with you?

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Your message has been received.

Morton held his cup out for Anthony to refill it.

Are you still mad at me?


He'll regret it sooner or later.

He frankly expressed his own view.

I don't think it helps.


John belongs to the swimming club.

My wife's taste in dress is contrary to my own.

They fixed it.


He touched my hand.

How many people are in this room?

The troll army of Russia came knocking at the gate, armed with misinformation and inflammatory statements.

He got up the courage to ask her to marry him.

Her new novel has been highly praised.


I'm counting on your presence.

Lucius isn't my girlfriend.

She had no incentive to work after she was refused a promotion.

The sky is clear and the sun is bright.

The boy quivered at the sound.

Ellen couldn't talk to Kristen and there was nothing he could do about it.

You wouldn't like me.

I could not remember his name for the life of me.

They left Srinivas behind.

Don't forget to bring a camera.

She outsmarted me.

Did Jerome tell you how he and Christian met?

I told them to stop.

Machinery dispenses with much labor.

Vishal was disappointed at not being invited.


The teacher skipped the exercise on page 21.

Trey played the violin.

Tatoeba is the slowest site.

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This political problem gave rise to hot discussions.

He stared straight at her.

They're cute.


Add the onion.

I thought I'd lend you a hand.

He availed himself of the rain.

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The doctor gave him some drugs to relieve the pain.


Can the rumor be true?

Jose couldn't get to sleep till after three last night.

Does truth begin in lies?

The people listened to the speaker attentively.

I've mislaid my watch.

I have a lot of things to do.

How many nights will you stay?

The allies defeated the evil empire in the fierce battle.

Maybe Pandora wants to be alone.

The best thing about working in a team is that, when something goes wrong, you can always blame someone else.

This is just what Sandy said he wanted.

This looks like a great place.

What is his age?

She showed me great kindness.

That band comes to our town tomorrow.

Owing to a shortage of funds, our project failed.

No matter where you look you can see damage caused by the earthquake.

We can't leave our tents on the beach where they are now. If we do, they'll be under water during high tide.

Don't be surprised if you get a visit from Death.

We should not have angered Matthias.

Rabin talks to Susanne a lot.

Wow, you're so lucky!

Hartmann didn't have time to read the report.

Our house overlooks the river.

Can't you see what I'm doing here?


Elric didn't think Dick's joke was funny at all.

Christopher and I are both a little busy right now.

The profit will amount to three million dollars.

Eliminating the deficit will be a hard nut to crack.

It wasn't funny at all.

Half of them don't work.

Norm can't be killed.

We have no business relations with the firm.

Your feet are dirty.