You must do it much more carefully.

One of the two puppies running along the pram kept trying to catch the rotating left front wheel of the pram with its mouth, seemingly thinking it was a ball it could play with, and it was a miracle it did not hurt itself in the process.

Dan is a symbol of freedom.

The employees share the burden of toil.


Can't you wait until tomorrow?


They left the house after the fire.

This is really tragic.

Christie unplugged the lamp.

He's still mad.

This is the first time I've ever won a prize.


Will you put us up for one night?

I know you're quite busy.

We can't have a press conference on Friday.

We're not going to let her die.

I'd like to go home if it's all the same to you.


I made a judgment call.

Did you work out the math problem?

I suddenly feel very much alone.

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His breathing became faint.

Be careful with that knife.

I met him at the station.


The neighborhood is alive with activities.

As for the child, he is eating meat.

I'm going to prove it to you.

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I could help you there.

Yesterday, Emmett told me he didn't know how to swim.

Vengeance has a strictly hedonistic end.

Maybe it would be better if I were to just stay inside. Who wants to go out when the weather's like this?

Jonathan doesn't like men who sound like Gigi.

Mah stayed in the hospital for three weeks.

Please identify yourselves.


Naoki is as old as Kaori.

He weighs 80 kilos.

You are no longer a child.

I shouldn't have come here. I'm sorry.

Now that you are a big boy, you may do as you please.

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The joke's on us.

I can't call them at home.

She gave out a sigh of relief.

I'm not going out tonight.

It is inevitable even if he is criticized.

Taurus doesn't need to know where I'm going.

I didn't catch any fish.

I just did what my boss told me to do.

Do not look out the window.

I told them I'd be right back.

You only have to slide it into the slot.

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I'm too sleepy to do my homework.

He invited me over to watch a movie.

That's still up for debate.

I don't feel like a pioneer.

Being a good conversationalist does not just mean being a good speaker of English.

I thought hard.

A boy is a male child.

Raise your left arm.

Do you think I'm fat?

She dreaded having to tell him what had happened.

Lonhyn didn't change his mind.

Was it easy for you to find a job in Germany?

What are you going to do after you leave school?

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We'll talk to Pravin then make up our minds.

Kee looked sad and lonely.

I can't wait for Valentine's Day!

I can call anyone I want on my car-phone.

I'm starving.

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I was abducted and impregnated by wolves who landed their flying saucer in my backyard.

How many apples does it take to make three apple pies?

Now what do we do?


How could it not matter?


What happened to that?

I've been told that I behaved badly.

The accident took her son away from her.

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He played a major part in the movement.

Dan's completely off the wall; you can't predict what he's going to do next.

This is really from my heart.


This job could be a lot tougher than we imagined.

Should I take this medicine?

She's a stubborn girl.

Toufic finally caught the chicken.

My bonus doesn't come close to covering all the loan payments I have to make.

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Anderson is very knowledgeable about Japanese art.


I always tried to be strict with them and not to smile.

I waited for ten minutes.

You are doing splendidly.

I lost my ticket. What should I do?

Where did you get that thing?


Maarten and Ben were wasting time, as usual.

She just had to use her Puss-In-Boots look and I was her devoted servant.

There is a lack of social housing in Paris.

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I can't play the piano at all. I'm all thumbs.


How long have you been stealing from me?

Please share my umbrella.

I made friends with many Americans at the party.

Trouble lurks.

I respected him.

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They tried a third time.

In proportion as the sales increase, the profit will rise.

I remembered riding home in a pickup truck last Sunday.

How can I reach them?

Andrew is sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine.


Help me find Starbuck.

I've been driving all night.

If you're not careful, you might hurt yourself.

I am already accustomed to sitting on tatami.

Do you know him well?

There is no future without the past.

We're all pros here.

I appreciate the trust you've shown in me.

How long did it take you to finish reading the book?

I'm looking for erotic science fiction novels.

I don't think Murat will help us.

We shouldn't have any trouble if the traffic isn't too heavy.

Dimetry has a tendency to complain a lot.


The secretary is currently directing the ambassador up to the boss's office.

Don't drive!

We're working here.

His house is for sale.

I plan to never drink again.

I don't get what you mean.

I like that necklace.

That's not wrong.

Why would they call them "Jazz essentials"?


I have recently used the services of his travel agency to book a cruise in the Mediterranean.

I skimmed the simmering soup with a skimmer.

I never said that to you or anyone else.

Don't let it get you down!

What were you like when you were fifteen?

Will the groundhog see his shadow?

It's one less thing to worry about.


Are we really going to do this every Monday?


Ask the policeman where St. James Square is.


My parents sent me a postcard.

The dog is beautiful.

Do you think you'd have time to help me learn French?

I knew then and there that I could never get along with Duncan.

We haven't fixed the final details of the budget.


Nelken is in his seat.

I convinced Siping to help us tomorrow.

Bodybuilding is his hobby so he has a very firm tight body with lots of muscle definition.

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The doctor advised me to drink more milk.

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I'll stay with you.

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I owe my success to her help.

Jones seconded the motion.

Do you spend more time with your friends or with your family?

Will we have more snow this year than last year I wonder.

I eat here every day.

Turn the light off. I can't fall asleep.

I couldn't keep them away.


You'll miss me.

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Have I left anything out?

I'm surprised myself.

Who wrote these poems?

We'll have plenty of time to talk later.

It was difficult for King John to keep control over all of his rivals.


The slave tried to escape.

I always listen to this song.

I believe in early rising.


It was spectacular.

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Lloyd still isn't sure what he should do.

Have pity on me!

It's not known who first invented the wheel.


I know what'll cheer you up.