Today’s food consumption and production is one of the major causes of environmental degradation. Plans of action have already started from the production side. Taking action lacks however amongst the common people and it is therefore necessary to raise awareness around the gravity of the situation. Defining the environmental food print of meals and products is a complex puzzle and it is therefore necessary to simplify and solve this problem and make information easy accessible so it can reach a wider audience.

What we do

We are a catalyser for making people aware of the environmental impact of food habits, more specifically the environmental impact of meals we are eating on a daily basis.

We would like to know what factors are important to make a responsible decision when grocery shopping and recipe planning. Unfortunately, comprehensive data on the footprint of food products is difficult to find and compare. We propose to research and compile this information to spread awareness of the impact of our food habits on our planet.

Food for thought

This part of our site aims at collecting objective scientific data on a series of topics related to food production and the environment. Feel free to share your experience and/or data with us, or suggest new topics in the comments section below.

Foodprint calculator

We would like to help people to make responsible choices by creating a simple environmental food metric based on scientific research and statistical data. People will be able to calculate the environmental impact of their grocoeries, meals or recipes through an online calculator. We are still working on this, come back soon for our first prototype!

In the mean time, you can check out this similar and fantastic 718-421-8951 developed by the french association rhapsodize.

Go beyond

We will be posting information here about how you can get involved in our global effort.