Do you need to work on Sundays?

I really enjoyed the talk we had about politics.


Bruno and Amir have a daughter named Alice.

Here's a list of our demands.

It's never safe.


Hunger is our bodies' way of driving us to find food and eat to stay alive.

I can't believe Trevor isn't coming.

I need anti-itch ointment.


I think Stewart made a mistake.

Page thinks you'll enjoy this.

Didn't you say Shel was an architect?

What places are you planning to visit in your travels? And how? And why?

She begged for something to drink.

You seem to be really busy.

Do you like confectionery?

I don't have any job leads.

Someone stole my wallet.


It is easy to distinguish good from evil.

Anita did not make friends as easily as Karl.

I don't intend to tell them anything.

Kathleen talks as if he knows everything.

I owe you 300 dollars.

Geoffrey had trouble finding work.

Are you the only one who has a key to this door?

It's strange, don't you think?

How can I forgive you if I never felt wronged to begin with?

We asked several questions of him.

Ronni is immoral.

I like a lot of sugar in my coffee.

Samantha has arrived.

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Oh my God, you're drunk.


That's a misunderstanding, for sure. You're giving me too much credit.

I think she's hiding something.

Sorry I'm late.

I got my hair done.

The boat began to take in water and soon sank.


Tell her I need some money.


Nobody else can.

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That's never going to happen.


I think you did an excellent job.

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I want to go out with her.

These flowers come from Holland.

I think I'll be going home now.


How did Leo sleep?

Let's see if there's any damage.

Donovan got blamed, but it wasn't his fault.

My father told me not to read books in bed.

He left the Mexican capital to return to Texas.

Kirsten is doing it right now.

Bring her with you.

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The counsellor said that Josip had a textbook case of OCD.

Dwight did some odd jobs for me.

It just gets worse.


They've lost so much.


Leigh promised to be back by 2:30.

What are we supposed to do?

They vanished.

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Many drivers abandoned their cars in the snow.

She was 19 at the time.

This food is delicious. Where did you learn to cook that well?


Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

He has terrible eye sight.

I am so tired that I can hardly walk.

Please try to be as brief as possible.

Novo doesn't have an appointment.

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I just did a test and it's a bit slow but working fine.

We must maintain the friendly relations between Japan and the U.S.

He hasn't returned yet.


I found the bed quite comfortable.

I have no idea how to do deal with my daughter.

Would you consider giving me a small loan?


The leech sucked his blood.


He blamed his teacher for his failure in the entrance examination.

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The Vikings sailed most of the North Atlantic before entering the Mediterranean sea.

I noticed you didn't finish your dinner.

You really are in trouble, aren't you?

Marek Clancy passed away at 66.

I reached the museum after a few minutes' walk.


Not every man can be happy.

This just has to be Arnold's hat.

There's no hope at this moment that the closed section will be reopened.

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I had a conversation with him.

Why do you all look so happy?

This is broken.


That's always been our biggest problem.

Who do you think is the writer of this novel?

We're all going tomorrow night.

I'll look up the expression in the dictionary.

It's a blessing in disguise.

Shuvra never told me what I was supposed to do.

Japan has been sending athletes to the Olympics since 1912.

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I really thought we were going to win.

Honey, are you hurt?

I hold this as self-evident.


I don't even want to think about why.

I'll help you fight them.

The project requires lots of money.

I understand you're planning a trip.

Let's talk about death.

I finally feel like I can take some time off.

You should have studied harder.


Let's find out what Konrad expects us to do.


If you don't like it then you can leave.

The firemen broke down the door with an ax.

Left alone, the baby began to cry.

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I know what we need.


You knew me, didn't you?

We have great teachers here.

He meditated for two days before giving his answer.

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No matter what they tell me, I still plan to go to Boston on Monday.


Declare your position in a debate.

I work at this company.

War is, at first, the hope that one will be better off; next, the expectation that the other fellow will be worse off; then, the satisfaction that the other fellow isn't any better off; and, finally, the surprise at everyone's being worse off.


My brother saw to all the arrangements for the party.

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The bird went far away.


Yes. I'm pretty sure there are complimentary tickets that haven't been used somewhere.


I told him to wait in the car.

I met Tony on my way school this morning.

Todd and Marvin bought matching shirts.


The Chinese people are exceptionally hardworking.

You don't even know why I'm here.

How am I going to impress Grant?

Have you considered moving to Boston?

He gave the material a cursory reading.


Do you want to drink something?

My mother is always on the go.

I'm in a relationship.

We're conscientious.

We can fix that.

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The boy talks as if he were a girl.


Billy is a sociopath.

They enjoy the highest standing.

I'm fixing something.

This is not a complete list.

You can't compete with Eddy.


He is a gentleman. He cannot have said such a thing.

Meeks wasn't bothered in the slightest when he didn't get the job he'd applied for.

This isn't music.

Shel promised Leslie that he'd never leave her.

Speech sounds are defined as phones.

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I should've introduced myself.

Anxiety lined his face.

I drive a black car.


Syun and I stayed at the same hotel.


We need help.

I'm a klutz.

I'm looking for a piece of string.

She realized her ambition to become a great scientist.

I did everything I could, but I had to give up.

What was that?

You would never do such a thing.

This is a drink I don't particularly care for.

You were married, weren't you?

This medicine should help you stop coughing.

Poor tomcat.