Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Four horses roam the pasture.

I knew you had a girlfriend!

We are in on the project.

I've made a terrible mistake.

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I lived in New York last year.

I'd like to wake him up myself.

Jarvis fooled everybody, including me.

Nadeem doesn't have to tell me why.

After drinking three bottles of beer, Wolf fell asleep.

The text of the national anthem of Canada was first written in French.

I was awful to you.

I had never been there before.

This was in Clark's locker.


Elaine isn't sophisticated.


I told you to wait over there.

The word "theory" is often misused.

That's all we can ask.

It's obvious that she's sick.

Stop protecting me.


They'll get married sooner or later, I think.

You're going to do just fine.

What did Raphael do for you?

Sam is inspired.

You're not going to find Stagger.

Here's a restaurant I eat at a lot.

You party too hard.

Kosovo is the heart of Albania!

Jane didn't know that Suwandi was married.

Our throats are becoming dry, standing beneath the sun like this, without even a tree for shade.

Vishal left a note.

These plywood beams are of different thicknesses.

The next time I'm in Boston, I'll try to visit you.

I wasn't expecting to hear from you.

Sridharan and I are very close.


The fact seemed to irritate her husband.

The man died a few hours ago.

That's not exactly how it happened.


It's good enough.

Maybe Lucius will apologize to Eva.

We saw terrible scenes on TV.

He writes to me once a week.

Chet wasn't healthy.

Please keep the children busy.

In the project "Springboard to Languages," they teach Esperanto in schools in Great Britain as a propaedeutic to prepare for learning other languages.

Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!

He will walk.

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The tourists camped in the meadow, unpacked their sleeping-bags, and inflated their air-beds.

I can't tell you the truth.

Ralph remained in the car while Kieran went into the supermarket.

Darren decided to start a business.

I don't regret doing that.

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Be careful what you tell children. They'll believe anything.

I love him. I can't help it.

Roger does everything so well.


From a bird's-eye view, Los Angeles looks like a chequered carpet.

I wonder what Debi was trying to find out.

What difference does this make?


However badly you want it, it will never happen.

He went to the barber shop.

I was looking at her.


Quick judgements are dangerous.


Although I have been studying Chinese for 2 years, there are still a lot of words I do not know.

Michiel's baseball glove was on the dresser.

My parents also have a farm.

The play was so popular that the theater was almost full.

Amarth didn't lose his temper.

Compare this genuine jewel with that imitation.

A new museum is being built in the center of the city.

Bea is just an ordinary man.

You are in favor of the plan, aren't you?

Not having dealt with such a problem, they don't know what to do.

That was a special moment.

She shouldn't have any problem passing the exam.

We don't want Saiid to see you anymore.

He is good at golf.

Ann was utterly confused.

She was content with her life.

Don't you think that's a little strange?

Earl has done more than enough.

Joyce works the late shift.

Heat will break this chemical down into harmless gases.

My mother cannot drive a car.

Come in, the door's open.

I can protect you.

That only happens occasionally.

I was expecting it to be a bad book, but damn me if it wasn't quite good after all.

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I have given him permission to do what he wants to do.

There's little merit in asking him for help.

Who's more important, me or Tatoeba?

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I quickly saw through his game.

Sharks are good swimmers.

Please let me explain.

Prior to the Second World War, World War I was referred to as the Great War.

Tyler doesn't know the difference between Iraq and Iran.

Anime director Satoshi Kon died of pancreatic cancer on August 24, 2010, shortly before his 47th birthday.

I never imagined meeting you here.


Go to red alert.

What do you have for me?

Blayne opened his eyes and looked up at Giles.

Herve wrung out the cloth.

Sekar got up and walked out of the kitchen.

Damon didn't use to drink so much.

I have a good mind to visit the Silk Road.

Tanabata comes up in manga a lot so I also know it fairly well.

Wade is going to go back to Boston.

With one accord the audience stood up and applauded.

I'm glad she liked it.


Frank doesn't want us to leave.

Wood floats in water.

The door was locked, so I couldn't get into the room anyway.

What kind of truck was Winston driving?

You've been amazingly tolerant.

Today wasn't a good day.

Jenine slipped on black ice.

That is the height of foolishness.

I'm not mad at her.

Jurevis is using you.

If you're not careful, you'll make another mistake.

It's certain.

Jack is a slow walker.

We hold that he is not guilty.

Life is enjoyable.

Her career was rich and exciting.

I think you went too far.

What did you just say to Melinda?

Sekar is very groggy and disoriented.


Don't use "discover" when you mean "invent".


Do you know what PKO stands for?

Why do we allow our students to do that?

Eddie remained in his car while Stagger was in the supermarket.

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Manuel is going to put his house up for sale.

I'm not listening to music.

The Prime Minister holds a press conference tomorrow.

I can no longer find the Vivendi file.

Apparently, he had never heard of recursion.

Why are '0.3' pencil leads so expensive?

If you keep on drinking like that, you'll be drunk very soon.

You'll never achieve anything if you don't study harder.

That country intervened in the internal affairs of our nation.

What is your goal?

Have you ever been in trouble with the law?

The woman he married is very beautiful.

This could be very useful.

I myself am to blame for my own mistakes, no one else.

It happened that he was out.


I'm having a party for my birthday. Do you want to come?

We were truly surprised.

He and I have been inseparable friends since our student days.

Tell Daniele I'm in a meeting.

I was surprised Polly was there this morning.

I do not much care for this kind of drink.

I'm hoping to find her.

Deborah's office door is open.

I guess that works.

We'll just have to wait until something happens.

Saad didn't get along with Juliane too well.


I hope Dory can sort this out.

I want to see your expression.

Melinda is gone forever.


I get up at 6 o'clock every morning.

You can't say anything about this to Pierce.

No one ever doubted that Saiid would win.


Is there anything I can do?


Everybody was excited by the news.


Reinhard is the name of my swart warthog.

We can speak here without a problem.

Since Carl's Tavern has started offering a delivery service too, it has been flooded with phone calls.

How soon are we going to arrive?

Thierry thought Norbert would come to his party.

You should ask somebody else.

We've met a few times.


I remembered riding home in a pickup truck last Sunday.