The crowd loved the concert.

Oh, say your name!

A man is known by his friends.

I meant no disrespect.

We couldn't open the door because it was locked from within.

You can put it anywhere.

Woe to boys who refuse to obey their parents and run away from home! They will never be happy in this world, and when they are older they will be very sorry for it.

He watched the horse race with his binoculars.

It's already cleared up.

I have no other option.

Would you like some more salt on your popcorn?

She was singing a song.

She asked for my assistance.

She doesn't wash the dishes.

Emily's home.

Vilhelm is going to take care of you.

They are after happiness.

Give him rigid training.


The agreement gave Britain control over Egypt.

I'm being raked over the coals.

I've always thought that.


What color is your urine: clear, dark yellow, reddish, or brown like beer?

Where are the toilets, please?

Does Alison have experience?

The store that I always go to has Calbee potato chips on sale for 98 yen a bag. My favorite flavor is lightly salted. As a matter of fact, the ingredients for this particular flavor changes from time to time. Today's chips are chemical-free, made with natural salt. Fitting for someone like me.

Young people are not shy about the future of this country.

Had it not been for your cooperation, I could not have finished the work in time.

Gordon ran for mayor.


I see you are once again afraid to do battle with your nemesis.

Many salesmen are smooth talkers, so I think you shouldn't trust them much.

I know that interest rates are fixed in accordance to the borrower's business risk.

I never heard from him again.

"Do you want to be a millionaire?" "Who doesn't?"


May I present this to you in token of my appreciation?

The file is weighing 7 megabytes.

It seems that there are people in Japan who keep penguins as pets.

Will you support me?

Let's stop doing this.


Don't you ever shut up?


Do not expose to temperatures above fifty centigrade.

Did you see them last night?

If you are to do well in school, you must study hard.


Somebody ought to talk to him.


They kept the plan among themselves.


An investigation is ongoing.

Flour is made into bread.

My first deed as Senator is designating you as the official jester.

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Don't risk your fortune on that.

Let me drive your new Toyota.

We'd better go help him.

This music is beautiful.

I just wanted to make it right.

You can hide in here until the police leave.

This car is not mine.


Varda had his wallet stolen.

I should be so lucky!

Don't you just hate the way Alberto always monopolizes the conversation?


At that time, Seth was too young and so was I.

I have no idea what has happened here.

How do you know that belongs to him?

First of all, learn the formula by heart.

Here's a magazine for you to read in the plane.

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I could sure use your help right now.

Do you think they gave Miki a square deal?

You cannot be too polite when you meet the president.

They led me up the garden path.

A snowflake landed on Real's nose.


I went to the Jacksons' house.


I splashed my face with water.


I heard you talking to them.


Can you swim across the river?

They fixed the sign to the wall.

This volume of ethanol cannot completely dissolve 0.5 g of the white solid.

They wanted to deal in gold and silver.

Bill has sharp eyes.

We can see wild animals lying in the grass.

It's time for the children to step in.

The breeze kissed her face.

The manager advanced him two weeks' wages.


You should go to school.


Your eggs are getting cold.

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Are you really going to do that by yourself?


"What shall I do next?" she said to herself.

What time does this train reach Yokohama?

Why do many people like John Lennon so much?

I baked some cookies for Wade.

Don't ask me to choose between you and my job.


The soldier refused to fire his rifle at the enemy.

Do you like the corsage?

They exulted in their unexpected success.


Please speak more quickly.

We all breathed a big sigh of relief.

I should have paid more attention to the signs.

We don't know what dark matter is made of.

Give Daryl some time.

Let's dine out for a change.

I went down the slope, falling again and again.

The African elephant is the largest land mammal on earth.

In future, be more careful with your money.

Delbert has always been that way.

Randy will be shocked.

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Do you want to go first?

I was embarrassed when he talked to me.

His aunt is all alone in London.

Could you do that for me?

I really opened up a can of worms, didn't I?

Did Louiqa give you something?

Actually, I'm going to New Zealand to study.

There are three thousand barrels of wine on the ship.

Tait didn't have much of a choice.

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It's something new.

I thought Robin wanted to marry Marek.

Troy and I, who are twins, would amuse ourselves by exchanging identities and fooling everyone.

You can't escape from me.

Wilmer tried to look busy.

Moe turned to Socorrito for advice.

Good boys love study and work.

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No one owes anybody anything.

He is not qualified for the job.

Speaking medically, I advise you to lose weight.

No one seems to have the guts to do that anymore.

Barbara asked Julianto if she was hungry.

Just tell Johann to stop kissing Bob.

We'll go see Hui.


Are you sure you want us to burn these documents?

The pot was boiling.

Shadow usually keeps appointments.

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No one can deprive of your human rights.

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Brent asked Ariel if she wanted to go to the restaurant.

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I will take my revenge on him.

I want to become better at guitar.

They have no house to live in at all.

There must be something at the bottom of all this.

I think Ronald is in Boston.

Crude persuasion is to persistently egg someone on.

Does she have a pet?


The meaning is still obscure to me.

Two coffees with milk, please.

Have you told her yet?


Famine stared us in the face.

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My sister was on a diet for a week, but gave up.

Toby doesn't think anybody else wants to come.

I'll help you to the best of my power.

Your nose is running!

It is bad to hurt others.


I'd say that's accurate.


I must have a haircut at the barber's today.

You ought not to stay up so late.

Are you just going to give up?

Why don't you let him go?

I have to lock this door.

Two rival parties are essential to good democratic government.

First of all, we must dismiss the cook.


I think I found something.

Ramon saw that Francisco was busy.

Mittens are warmer than gloves.

Victor is not poor. On the contrary, she is quite rich.

How much longer will it be till we get there?

We did what we could.

In German you use the ending "-in" for female forms of nouns.


Everything will be OK.

This process must be stopped immediately, otherwise the server will breakdown.

Now what's the deal?