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Why Choose Southern California Medical Gastroenterology Group?

We have been part of the Westside of Los Angeles community since 1974, becoming the largest private GI practice in the area. In 1991, we opened the first Endoscopy Center on the Westside, further solidifying our commitment to the community.

  • Dedicated to the individual – most new patients can be seen within a few days
  • We offer a complete line of services, including clinical trials
  • We are privately owned and operated – we put your needs first
  • We are an innovative and vibrant practice that invests in the technology needed to give our patients the best experience we possibly can provide

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Welcome to Southern California Medical Gastroenterology Group

Medical technology is constantly progressing and at SoCal Gastro Group we keep up with those changes. Investing in new equipment that makes our Endoscopy Center state-of-the-art. We prioritize your well-being and condition. You are more to us than a number, you are the reason we pursue excellence.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in maintaining the highest level of comfort for patients at our practice. Our safety standards are strict and specialized to keep you safe, preventing critical infections that may endanger your health. Earning your trust is our goal and we have been a successful practice for a number of years.

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Raising the Standard of Gastroenterology

Our doctors have consistently proven their excellence in the gastroenterology field. From interventional endoscopy to ultrasound and to hepatology, we are highly specialized in each facet of the field. We continue to improve upon medical innovations and create higher standards of care than ever.

Maintaining Charitable Values for the Community

At Southern California Medical Gastroenterology, we champion the value of supporting the community and raising awareness for medical issues. Our doctors devote a substantial amount of time in organizing awareness events, treating less privileged populations, and educating future doctors in their local area. We aim to provide benefits that go beyond our office.

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