15+ Best LED Grow Lights of Nov. 2018 – Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide
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What if I tell you that selection of Best LED Grow Lights doesn’t need to be messy or expensive?

It sounds crazy, right?

But, I mean it. Yeah, I mean it.

Let me explain:

Wait, before explaining you the real reason behind my statement, I’d like to tell you that our team had spent a lot of efforts in research about some of the best grow lights on the market.

And I believe that comparison is one of the best solutions to the confusion. So, take a look at this comparison table. And, trust me, you’ll be halfway there in your selection process.


Best Led Grow lights for cannabis of 2018 Complete Review

ImagesModelCoverage AreaWattageCheck Price
Advanced Platinum P900Veg: 24": 6' x 4'
Bloom: 18": 5' x 3'/3.5'
Veg: 279w
Bloom: 557w
Check Price
G8LED 600W18-24”:5’x4’390w Check Price
Solarstorm 440W18”:3’X3’Veg: 235w
Bloom: 320-350w
Check Price
Advanced Platinum P600
(Editor's Choice)
Veg: 20”:6’x3.75’
Bloom: 18”:5’x2’/2.75’
Veg: 184w
Bloom: 368w
Check Price
G8LED 450W18”:4’x3’270w Check Price
Advanced Platinum P300
(Most Famous)
Veg: 20":4.5' x 3.8'
Bloom: 18":4' x 3'

Bloom: 180w
Check Price
Marshydro Reflector 960W (Simply Best)Veg: 20”:4'×4'
Bloom: 18”:3.5'×3.5'
388±5%w Check Price
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector 450WVeg: 24":2.5’x2.5’
Bloom: 18":2’x2’

450w Check Price
MEIZHI Reflector 450W18”:2’x3.5’450w Check Price
Bestva 1000W (Best In Budget)18”:5.1’x4.7’185w Check Price
HYBERGROW 300W (Cheap)Veg: 25”:3’x3’
Bloom: 22”:2’x2’
300w Check Price
Ledgle 300WVeg: 22”:3’x2
Bloom: 18”:2’x1.5’
300w Check Price
TaoTronics ( E26 12w 3 Bands)1.7’-5’ Height/Per Plant

Bloom : 1.7’-5’ Height/Per Plant
12w Check Price
ABI 12W RedVeg: 2’-4’ Height/Per Plant

Bloom : 2’-4’ Height/Per Plant
12w Check Price

That’s it,

You’ve just compared the Best LED grow lights 2018 available on the market.

And if you’re done with your led grow light comparison. Then, let’s back to the discussion and let me prove my words.

Lighting plays a vital role in indoor cannabis growing. Do you agree with it?


that’s great.


How could one mess with a necessary and essential element of the cannabis or say any plant’s life cycle?

Selection of best grow led is a crucial and confusing task, but it isn’t if you know real and proven way to select the one.

Before selecting the best LED grow lights (Wikipedia) for your indoor cannabis growing, we will understand the role of this LED Grow lights in the cannabis life cycle.

Then, we will understand some important things to consider before buying an LED grow light. Because we all know that comparison could give us the sorted list of products that suit our needs, but each product has its features, advantages and disadvantages and much more about it.

So, to make a wise decision, we will go through each essential aspect of this selection process.

Then next, we will review some of the best LED grow lights on the market for you.

Let me tell you one thing,

Initially we planned to review only top 10 led grow lights but later on we changed our mind and thought to consider best for all categories and your growing needs. So that you can make your decision wisely.

Hang On!

There is a lot to come in this post. So, get the scroll on man.

It’s going to be a complete proven package for your selection of Best LED grow lights.

Role And Importance Of Lighting In Cannabis Life Cycle.

We all know that all the plants on this planet earth need some necessary elements for its healthy survival. And most essential elements are air, water, and light.

Yeah, Light is also one of an essential element for any plant’s healthy survival. There is some tricky science behind it.

Let me explain!

Have you ever wondered that why those plants have that pretty attractive green color? Yeah, that’s because of two processes called photosynthesis and phototropism.

If you’ve noticed, Sometimes our indoor plants incline towards a nearby window. Yeah, because that tree-plant wants to get some light for its survival. If we feel hungry, then we cook food same way if the plant is feeling hungry then they’ll also prepare food.

You might think that I’m going mad.

Then, No, I’m not.

Those plants are smart. They know that if they’ll absorb some light and then if carbon dioxide and water will mix with it, then a tasty recipe of sugars will be produced. And that’s why they incline towards your window from where light is entering into your room.

The process which plants hormone force it to incline towards the window to absorb available light is called phototropism.

And, The process which helps the plant to produce sugar like glucose by mixing Carbon dioxide, water, and light is called photosynthesis.

This science also implies to cannabis plants as they fall under the category of living plants only.

Now, as we have understood the role of light in cannabis life cycle let’s move forward and take a brief look at all available artificial lights that could give us better results by better plant growth and better yields.

Type Of Cannabis Grow Lights.

Nowadays, there are many grow lights available for sale, but collectively they all can be categorized major three categories.

Each type of lights has its pros and cons.

You remember my initial statement? That selecting best grow led lights shouldn’t be expensive.

Yeah, it’s right time to prove my words.

Here, our primary focus would be on two factors.

1). Lesser electricity consumption as it’s going to be a recurring cost for us.

2). Better light, And higher yields.

So, by keeping this two primary thing in mind, it’ll become easy for us to find out best grow led lights for our cannabis plants.

You might be thinking that this guy is going out of track. Then, I’m not.

Really, before making a wise decision one needs to understand all aspects of his choice.

Now, without wasting time let’s go through categories of best grow lights on the market.

1. Fluorescent (wikipedia) Grow Lights:

Pleasant lighting experience and lower electricity cost that’s the reason behind its success and demand as best grow lights on the market.

Yeah, this type of light is in demand nowadays.

And, its design factors could also be one of the reasons behind its demand though people won’t consider size and shapes when it comes to yield.

This type of lights can be categorized further into two parts.

i) CFL grow lights.

CFLs means compact fluorescent light. As the name suggests, they are small sized twisted light bulbs.

But, They generate a great spectrum for your cannabis growth.

This light is best suited for those people who’re having limited space to grow their plants. It’s usually the first choice of those people who are growing just one or two individual plants as it doesn’t need much space and can be fitted into smaller compartment too.

ii) T5 grow lights.

As this light also falls under the category of fluorescent lights its working is same as CFLs. But the noticeable difference is because of its size it can be used for multiple plants too. This lights also generate the great spectrum, but the only difference is in its utilization.

This lights usually needs a supporting panel for its use. Hence, Independent fixture is not possible in case of T5 fluorescents.

T5s can cover the larger area and number of plants. If you’ve for say three or five tree plants then just hang this panel few inches away from your plant and seat back with relaxation.

Yeah definitely, this light will help your tree-plants to survive and sustain better growth.

Now, as we are familiar with both the fluorescent light let’s move forward and take a look at its pros and cons.

Pros of fluorescent lights:
  • Comparatively cheaper cost. So, you can consider it as best cheap grow light.
  • Full spectrum light for plants better growth and health.
  • If appropriately used then excessive heat could be avoided.
    (Tip: – Don’t fit so many lights in the small area.)
  • Around 10000 hours of extended lifespan.
  • Lesser electricity consumption.
  • If we consider just CFLs, then they can be fitted into standard sockets resulting in lower cost for external fixtures.
  • It’s an Excellent choice for individual and shorter plant.
Cons of fluorescent lights:
  • Comparatively lesser yields per watt of electricity. Fluorescent usually gives yields of 0.25 gram per watt of electricity, while other grow lights on the market could give you 0.5 to 1 gram of yield per watt of power.
  • It’s not a wise choice for taller plants in flowering stage.
  • If we consider just T5s, then they need external panel for its fixture resulting into higher cost for maintenance.

2. HID Grow Lights:

Basically, HID is abbreviation used for High-Intensity Discharge lights. They are more powerful then fluorescent lights.

Specific formation of expansive glass bulbs are controlling this type of lights, and that could be one of the reasons behind its highly proficient output.

Tree plants receive more amount of light because of its typical structure. Yeah, some light bulbs are screwed inside a reflector or hood which results in the multiplied amount of light, and that’s the reason behind its efficiency.

HIDs are incredibly famous among bud grower lobby. But, this kind of lights generates tremendous heat, and hence they need an allocated exhaust to vent out excessive heat. Initially you’ll get best cheap grow light in this category but later on its power draw makes it to be costlier for long run.

Majorly three type of HIDs are available on the market.

1). Metal Halide Grow Lights.

This type of HIDs is best suitable for vegetative phase of any plant. Metal Halides forms somewhat bluish light. And, bluish light is recommended for small plants in the vegetative stage.

Though it’s not compulsory to use this light in the vegetative stage, it could be used throughout plant life cycle.

2). High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights.

As bluish light is an excellent choice for small plants in the vegetative phase, similarly yellow lights are excellent choice for tree plants in the flowering stage.

It’s an excellent choice in the flowering stage because it exceptionally empowers bud growth during this stage.

In Fact, Yellow light spectrum simulates bud growth, and that could be the reason behind its fame.

3). Ceramic Metal Halide & Light Emitting Ceramic Grow Lights.

No need to be confused here. These both names are used for one same thing.

Let me explain.

Former is its traditional name while later is its modern name.

This type of HIDs utilizes ceramic as the prime factor for light production, the same way like HPS. And this kind of CMH bulbs are more proficient than standard Metal Halide lights.

Yeah, The best part is yet to come.

LEC is an indistinguishable thing from CMH lights.

We could say that “To win over the popularity of LEDs in the current market some manufacturers have given this new name to the CMH lights.

As we’ve taken a brief look at all three type of HIDs now let’s talk about its pros and cons.

Pros of HID Grow Lights:
  • If considered yield per watt of electricity then this light is more proficient than all other grow lights, As it gives you around 0.5gm/1w of electricity.
  • HPS kind of HID grow lights are highly productive and best choice for plants in blooming phase.
  • It doesn’t need to change its position, and you can hang it on an appropriate distance from your tree plant throughout its life cycle.
Cons of HID Grow Lights:
  • Bulbs used in this kind of lights usually generates extreme heat, Excessive heat can harm plants. And that’s the first reason why people avoid this type of lighting for their indoor gardening.
  • HIDs needs some particular setup for ventilation of excessive heat. Usually, people utilize an exhaust fan for ventilation purpose.
  • As numerous parts and components are basic requirements, each increasing number of the plant also increases your maintenance cost.
  • Even though this type of light gives you good yield per watt of electricity, it just saves electricity bills while increasing other recurring expenses for fixtures.

3). LED Grow Lights

LED is abbreviation used for Light Emitting Diodes. It is basically contains two specialized semiconductors that are stuck together when you apply the more considerable amount of voltage across them they emit light from a process called electromagnetic luminous.

Many good LED grow lights are ruling over the lighting market. There are many reasons behind it.

Let me explain:

If you’re getting more amount of light using less amount of electricity, then would you stop for a second before investing your money in cheap lights which are producing less amount of light using comparatively more amount of power?

Yeah, definitely anyone would think for a moment before making a move.

There are other reasons behind its demand too. Like, traditional lights need to be heated to emit light, and a significant amount of energy is wasted in formal heat. Moreover, materials, as well as plants, suffer at a high temperature. While in case of LED Grow Lights no excessive heat is produced to generate light resulting into saving electricity cost. That’s why many weed cultivators are migrating fro HID to led grow light systems.

Setup of an LED Grow Light is straightforward and feasible. Imagine, you can just hang it over any plant with significant distance and work is done. It doesn’t need any other supporting parts for its working which is indeed less demanding than Other Grow Lights.

LEDs also have great spectrum (wikipedia), so you don’t have to worry about moving it much of the time like other types of lights.

Just, Hang it over your bud plants and enjoy growing.Then who won’t plan for led grow systems?

Now, let’s move forward and be familiar with LEDs pros and cons.

Pros of LED Grow Lights:
  • Many good LED grow lights does not need any exhaust to vent out heat and to cool plants individually. Because LEDs run cool as it comes with built-in cooling and it doesn’t demand any cooling device that’s the reason behind its success and demand.
  • Smaller sized LEDs could be mounted to the wall without doing anything else. Simply, Hang it over your plant, connect, turn it on, and start growing.
  • It’s observation that plants grown under LED lights sustains more healthy survival and produces more resinous buds. Though it’s just an observational result obtained by comparing LED with other types of light and more testing and research in this direction is needed.
  • LED grow lights provide better yield per watt of electricity if you compare it with traditional fluorescent.
  • Even though it gives you yield of around 0.5 to 0.7gm per watt of electricity which is lower than HIDs, it is a better choice compared to HIDs as it reduces recurring cost of maintenance and other costs for setting up whole lighting thing.
  • It helps in boosting your grow cycle. If you’re completing a single grow cycle within six months then with this grow lights it’ll become 5 to 5.5 months with the help of its full spectrum abilities.
Cons of LED Grow Lights:
  • Large size LEDs with more than 300W gets heated at longer up time. And that heat needs to be exhausted to avoid damage to your lovely bud plants.
  • If considered your coverage area, LEDs needs more heights to cover more area. Small sized LED boards could be kept at a distance of around 18” during buds first phase while it’s recommended to keep it at least 25 to 30” during plants flowering phase.
  • If you don’t care about recurring cost, then this lights gives you comparatively smaller yield than HIDs. It’s advised to take a wise move here. No, Nope I won’t decide what you should choose.
  • It boosts Harvest cycle too, yeah, with this lights plants get proper nutrition with the help of light energy. And stays healthy for more time, resulting in multiple harvests in a single season with LED Grow lights.

Now, as we’ve understand all three types of light don’t get confused here. And if confusion is still not leaving you alone. Let me throw an easy decision game. Take a look at it in a nutshell part.

CostVery LowHighLowFluorescent
Light ColorShades of WhiteDepend on Material Used in HIDWide Range Of ColorsLED
Size Medium & LargeSmallSmaller to LargerLED
WarmUp TimeNoticeableNoticeableNoneLED
DirectionOmnidirectional 360 degree Omnidirectional 360 degree180 degreesLED
EfficiencyLower than HIDHight Than Fluorescent And Lower Than LEDBestLED
RadiationNoneIR and UVNoneTie Between LED & Fluorescent
Heat EmissionLowHigherLowerLED
LifeSpan25000 hours to 30000 hours6000 hours to 25000 hours25000 hours to 200000 hoursLED
External Setup Some Needs And Some Don’tAllSome Needs And Some Don’t Tie Between LED & Fluorescent
ExhaustNoYesNoTie Between LED & Fluorescent
Coverage AreaLowerLowHighLED
Suitable ForIndividual PlantsSmall Group Of PlantsLarge Group Of Plants(Depends)LED
Yield per watt of electricityLowestHighestHighHID
Maintenance CostVirtually Zero.HighZeroTie Between LED & Fluorescent
Shock ResistanceFragileFragileCan Bear with physical ShockLED

Yeah, that’s it.

Now, Choice is yours.

How to choose Best LED grow light ? - Buyer's Guide

Though some of the factors in our nutshell part you can neglect we will recommend considering following few points to always stick with.

Net Cost:- When we talk about Net Cost it means we just don’t have to look at the initial cost of the thing instead we have to consider various external costs which are strongly bound to it.

Average Yield:- When talking about weed plants our prime concern will always be our outcome. So we could not neglect our expectations here. So, here weighing yield with per watt of electricity would be a bad move instead we should consider it with the final cost that we are getting throughout any plants life cycle.

Coverage Area:- Each type of light has its maximum area of coverage. Some offer fixed area of coverage while some offer variety of coverage area based on the various size of lights.

The phase of Plant Life Cycle:- For multiple stages, there are different lights available, but it’s recommended to choose one full spectrum grow light which could be helpful throughout the life cycle of your bud plant.

As we stated earlier, there might be several other factors too but these are the compulsory to consider before buying any of the LED Grow Light which has been labeled as Best LED Grow Lights over the internet.

There are many best indoor led grow lights reviews available over internet but still users have to be careful and each one should also consider most needed factors prior to make a wise decision. And, it’s good to do at least led grow light comparison before your final move.


If you’re asking that what are the best led grow lights ?

Then,Wait is over!

Now, let’s move forward and review all best led grow lights high times which are currently available on the market.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 – (Most famous) Youngest Sister for marijuana growing.

Platinum is a huge name on the market for producing best LED grow lights for plants. That’s why it’s an excellent choice.

Do you believe that brand matters when it comes to quality?

No, we should not just rely on brand, we should also look at quality, suitability, and other factors. And even after considering these all factors Advanced Platinum stands on the top for best full spectrum led grow lights category.

It’s all about PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation). It is a measurement of intensity emitted by an LED grow light.

PlatinumLEDs have the highest PAR per watt of any other LED grow lights available today! That’s what manufacturer is claiming for their products.

Wait, the best part is yet to come.

Experienced cultivators and LED users have already proven their claim to be true. And, the majority of users are recommending LED lights from platinum to their friends, family, and relatives.

If we consider only Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED grow light, then there are many reasons behind its high demand.

General Overview:

Platinum…Sorry, Advanced Platinum Series P300 offers stunning execution and highly efficient light for your plants with the highly satisfactory outcome.

It’s a recent launching in the LED market. Still, it has obtained number one position for many cannabis cultivators. No, it’s not cheap. It’s value for money product.

P300 comes with switchable dual spectrum which helps you to provide a highly useful spectrum of light to your bud plants throughout its life cycle.

Although P300 uses a power supply of 93 watts, you can boost it to around 185 watts just by flipping a switch.

Design Overview:

If you’re unfamiliar with multiple bands, then don’t worry. This LED light is not made to confuse you instead it’s made to help you. That’s why manufacturers are giving a switch with Veg and Flower mode.

To ventilate excessive heat quickly, there is an exceptionally quiet fan.

It also has an upgraded aluminum coated heat sink to manage heat using a built-in fan.

Technical Overview:

To deal with almost all type of plants, it is delivering fantastic 11 band spectrum.

It comes with 100 3W LED bulbs, and all bulbs have 60-degree primary focus angle and 90-degree secondary focus angle. This setup is elegant because it provides more amount of light per watt of electricity to your bud plants.

In our opinion, its secondary focusing angle is fabulous as it adds more depth and spectrum to the light and helps P300 to exceed significant part of the competition. And it also gives you some extraordinary tweaking effects.

It produces 2-3x better light than its competitors. The P300 LED Grow Lights has a good coverage area of 4.5’ x 3.8’. And this part makes it a choice for professional weed growers too.

Primary features of Advanced Platinum P Series P300 includes its 11 spectrum mixture of lights covering 380/415/440/460/480/615/630/660/720/740/760nm.

Platinum P Series P300 works at a voltage of AC 85 – 260v at power usage of 93w to 185w.

You can set it around 18 to 48 inches above the plant depending on the type of bud plant and stage of the plant. During the flowering stage of your weed plants, it provides an astonishing coverage area of 4.5’ x 3.8’ at the height of 18”.

In our each grow light reviews it’ll become more easy for you to decide where should you throw your pennies to get best out of it.

Now, let’s look at Advanced Platinum P300s pros and cons.

Pros of Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light:
  • Quality, Lifespan and Maintenance Cost: Advanced Platinum Series P300 is manufactured using best quality materials ensuring you the longer lifespan and lesser maintenance cost.
  • Focused Lighting in Secondary Lenses: As discussed in the technical overview of product it has astonishing 90-degree secondary focus point which provides direct downward straight light to your bud plants.
  • Possible Tweaks in Setting: Unlike other LED lights which just gives you one type of wattage setting this  Grow Light allows you to change watts as per your plants need.
  • Excellent Lighting System: This LED doesn’t need any extra products to achieve its full potential. It comes with the built-in cooling system and it is generally at low heat because it just doesn’t need much electricity for producing efficient light. It makes this light to be best led grow lights high times.
  • Larger Coverage Area for Plants: Even at smaller form factor of 19 x 3 x 9 inches it can cover a significantly larger area of around 4.5 x 3.8 feet at the height of 18”.
Cons of Advance Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light:
  • A Bit Costly: Though we didn’t found it to be much expensive some of the users complained that this grow light is a bit pricey. If we consider excellent warranty period, Made in USA panel which is best on the market, up to the mark 24/7 after sales support and huge period of 90 days for a refund to unsatisfied user this product isn’t much expensive.“If each of your pence is worth for what you’re getting then the thing you’re getting isn’t expensive.”
  • Direct Focus: As we’ve discussed, this light comes with the secondary focus of 90 degrees it’s recommended to keep it off during your initial cannabis phase. This secondary focus is useful in buds flowering stage and it could be harmful to young plants and can result in clones being prematurely developed.

What Professionals and Existing Users say about the product?

At the time of writing this article, there are in total 285 reviews for Advanced Platinum P300 series grow light on Amazon. With around 80% of 5* and approximately 10% of 4* reviews. You want to buy led grow lights, So it’s recommended to keep others experience and opinion in mind before making any decision.

Most of the customers are happy with their move to purchase this grow lights, and many of them are also planning to rebuy the same product.


6175891918 is an incredible product that any bud cultivators and any grower can rely on in spite of its price which is a bit expensive than what people are willing to spend for grow lights. This product passes our led grow light test by satisfying all our initial constraints.

The minute that you see your plants grow, you will be sure that you made a wise decision initially.


Advanced Platinum Series P900  – Full Spectrum Grow Light For Better Growth.

Before saying anything let me tell you one thing, if you read Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light Review then this grow light is just Eldest sister of that grow light.

There are several grow lights available from the Platinum manufacturer, but here at 420expertadviser, we will review best three siblings for their relevance. Yes, P900 is the eldest sister, P600 middle sister and P300 is younger sister out of them all.

This LED Grow Light is for those who have significantly large grow space. As we’ve already discussed in the Advance Platinum Series P300 Grow Light, This Offers same features with some extension to your requirements. As we’ve already stated it stands on the top of best full spectrum led grow lights category.

Platinum LEDs offers twice to thrice intensity of light compared to other ordinary lights available on the market. Advanced Platinum Series P900 has highest lumen output per watt of consumption.

With its effective and state of the art lighting technology Advanced Platinum Series P900 always offered more than grower’s expectation.

Advanced Platinum Series P900 Grow Light uses different 12 colored wavelengths to produce high-quality full spectrum light which is the best choice for not only weed plants but for any live plants.

Advance Platinum Series P900 Dual LED grow light also has two modes for its lighting which you can set as per your preference depending on your weed plants current stage. It has the primary focus of 180 degrees while the secondary focus of 90 degrees which can provide direct downward straight light to your marijuana plants.

And by fixing your P900 24” away from your canopy, you can get approximate 6’ x 4’ of coverage area during the veg phase of your bud plants. While keeping it 18” away from your canopy will provide you around 5’ x 3-3.5’ of large coverage area during bloom phase of your bud plants.

Feeling skeptical?

Why both phases has different coverage area?

Let me explain.

I know this question might be teasing your mind from the beginning.

During Veg stage of your marijuana plants, they need less light. So, you can fix this LED grow light few more inches away from canopy which will increase coverage area. While in Bloom phase your cannabis plants need more light. And that’s why you’ll have to keep your LED grow light nearer to your bud plants canopy resulting in the provider of more intense light.

Advanced Platinum Series P900 grow light also have same lighting system as its sibling P300. P900 has 300 LED grow light bulbs each utilizing 3w of electricity for efficient lighting.

This grow light is rated among top LED grow lights because of its vast coverage area, efficient lighting, dual mode and smart built-in cooling. Though During bloom phase this grow light bulbs utilize more watts and resulting in a bit more heat which sometimes needs an exhaust to vent out excess heat quickly.

Apart from this features and advancement in this light all other features are same as its sibling P300 like Great finish and design, Aluminum coated sink with cooling fan for advanced heat management.

Now, as we have discussed everything about this pretty girl let’s take a look at P900’s pros and cons.

Pros of Advanced Platinum Series P900 LED grow light:
  • Larger Coverage Area: It Provides vast 6’ x 4’ of coverage area during veg stage while it can cover maximum 5’ x 3.5’ of the area during bloom phase of your bud plants.
  • Efficient Light & great spectrum: This LED consists well managed 300 led grow light bulbs which can provide best-suited light for your bud plants during both phases of its life cycle. Bulbs could be adjusted accordingly as per your preference in two different modes, i.e. veg, bloom.
  • Quality and maintenance: Advanced Platinum Series P900 grow light is an excellent choice when it comes to quality. This grow light has a built-in fan which can be used to vent out excessive heat from your grow tent. And it also has a lifespan of approximate 100000 hours.
  • Low Power Usage: Because of its two-mode operation electricity consumption could be reduced by a noticeable amount. It has an average power draw of 279w during veg phase while 557w during bloom phase.
  • Best in Class PAR value: When it comes to PAR, Advance Platinum leaves all competitor behind as this particular LED grow light provides PAR value of 1615.
Cons of Advanced Platinum Series P900 LED grow light:
  • Cost: Compared to competitors P900 has a bit high cost. But same way competitors also failed at some aspects of build and utilization. And yeah if you’re having growing space smaller than 6’ x 4’ then don’t put your bet on this LED grow light as in smaller grow space you can’t fully utilize it. After all, everything comes at a price.
  • Direct Focus: If misused then it can harm your plants. 90-Degree focusing bulbs can hit your plants directly and can result in premature development.

What existing growers say about Advance Platinum Series P900 LED Grow Light?

At the time of writing this article, there are around 31 reviews on Amazon. With approximately 71% of 5* reviews and 3% of 4* reviews, this platinum series grow light is a better choice for many professional cannabis cultivators. So many forums had also placed it under their category or tag of top 10 led grow lights. Growers who were looking for full spectrum led grow lights and purchased this beast are happy with this product.


If you’re planning for a full indoor bud growing farm with grow space of around 6’ x 4’ then this grow light is an appropriate choice with value for money decision. Yeah, it’s best led grow light for the money.

It’s a tremendous product for bud cultivation as it can provide your bud plants real sunlight mimicking effect which will result in certain healthy plants and better yields.


G8LED 600 Watt – One Of The Best Grow Lights.

Many users who were asking that what are the best led grow lights? G8LED had answered it by giving value for money products.

G8LEDs uses LEDs from BridgeLux, Epistar, and Optotech which are very well researched organizations and known for their expertise in the LED manufacturing business since last few decades. Grow lights from G8LEDs are extraordinarily efficient and effective as it utilizes state of the art technology from experienced manufacturers on the market.

G8LEDs 600w LED provides optimal eight band ratio clarification of which is given by manufacturer as “Using fewer wavelengths will decrease the ability of healthy survival of plants while using more than eight wavelengths will waste energy on colors which are not that much necessary for plants photosynthesis process.”

8-Band spectrum seems to be perfect if we consider various user experiences and advice from professionals. Few cultivators observed that 8 band spectrum provides the highest yield per watt of electricity.

G8LED 600 watts LED has the power draw of 380watts which is 800-1000watts HID equivalent.

G8LED 600 watt is suitable for entire life cycle starting from seedling to flowering stage of your bud plants.

This one of the top LED grow lights have the form factor of 21” x 14” x 3” and it weighs around 22lbs.

This sturdy 8 band full spectrum can be adjusted 18” above your marijuana plant canopy and can cover an approximate area of 4’ x 5’ throughout the bud plant life cycle.

Designing of this marvelous LED grow light saves your few bucks by being extremely cold during its operational hours. Thanks to its internal fans.

And yeah, I forgot to mention one thing here.

If you consider its price, then there are very few competitors to this brand which are providing UV and IR in their LED grow lights with same price range as (770) 430-9445.

And this UV and IR technology in LED lighting is a vital factor behind healthier growth and highest yields with great harvests.

Now let’s take a look at G8LED 600w pros and cons.

Pros of G8LED 600 watts LED Grow Light:
  • Quality: It is manufactured using top quality materials and highly researched lighting technologies.
  • Effective Light Spectrum: G8LED 600w LED grow light emits blue, red and white spectrum along with UV and IR which results in the healthier growth of your cannabis plants and more massive yields at the time of harvesting. It makes this light to be most suitable indoor led grow lights for your indoor growing hobby.
  • Built-In Cooling fans: It has built-in cooling fans to keep your grow tent cool as well as helps to maintain your grow space temperature by not creating excess heat.
  • Cost savvy efficiency: If you’re investing a bit high price initially then it’ll save your recurring costs in the long run. Though we’ll not say a bit high rate because manufacturers are providing UV and IR are already charging twice or thrice of the price of G8LED 600w grow light.
  • Size: It is designed in a way that it will utilize extremely minimal space for its fixture.
  • Longer Lifespan: G8LED 600w LED Grow light has a lifespan of massive 50000 hours.
Cons of G8LED 600w LED grow light:
  • Initial Cost: Initial cost of G8LED 600w might be a constraint for some, but it justifies its worth at longer run by giving you better quality harvest and positive yield outcomes.

What existing growers say about G8LED 600 watts LED Grow Light?

At the time of writing this article 9733043127 has 11 reviews on Amazon and all of the reviewers are satisfied with the product and given 5* review after using it. By looking at some of the cultivators reviews it seems like this manufacturer had given some of the best grow lights because many are using more than one model from same manufacturer.

On inquiring some of the professional cultivators we got the same voice that “If you’re expecting highest yield per watt of electricity then go for this LED grow light.” Either way whoever had invested their bucks in this product seems to be satisfied entirely and happy with their outcomes.


If you’re not having prohibitive initial investment budget then going for this product would be a wise move. But before making move cross check your requirements and grow space need. If you’re having grow space smaller than 20 sq.ft then you should look into other small-sized led grow light panel available on the market. We wish you happy led growing.


Solarstorm 440 watt – One Of The Best Lights For Indoor Growing.

California Lightworks Solarstorm 440-watt LED with UVB

California Lightworks Solarstorm 440-watt LED with UVB

California Lightworks succeeded in manufacturing something with out of the box thinking of its researchers. They’re presenting it as a full fledged led grow light panel for indoor cultivators. If we talk about this specific product ‘Solarstorm 440 watts with UVB’ then there are several things behind its success on the market and high demand.

Solarstorm 440 watt  is featuring 88 LED grow light bulbs each utilizing power of 5 watts. These LED light bulbs are made in the USA.

Wait, the best part is yet to come.

This product from California light works can supplement UV-B which is unique in the segment. Primarily real sunlight contains this UVB which is an essential element for plants to develop with higher potency. And to supplement this vital part in artificial grow light is a bit tough task.

In traditional HID grow lights this UVB factor was not covered significantly. Even no other LED grow light can supplement light spectrum with UVB but Solarstorm succeeded in supplementing the one. Primarily LED lights bulbs are not able to focus on a broad spectrum and have a narrow spectrum.

But, Solarstorm fixed two T8 fluorescent tubes each utilizing 15 watts to supplement best possible UVB light factor to your bud plants in a separate control.

It’s important to notice here that this UV-B should be turned on only during blooming or flowering stage of your bud plants life cycle as they need UV-B in final stage just to boost their potential for flowering.

Apart from this unique feature called UV-B, there are several other important factors to consider before investing in this LED Grow light.

Solarstorm 440w LED grow light can cover around 3’ x 3’ of uniform grow space throughout its lifecycle by hanging it 18” away from bud plant canopy.

Solarstorm 440w has dual mode switch to adjust light spectrum according to your plants existing stage.

During the veg phase, it has a power draw of 235 watts while during blooming stage it has a power draw of approximately 320-350 watts.

Solarstorm 440w has a built-in cooling fan with a heat sink to reduce heat generated by this grow light. Cooling fan runs extremely quiet and it does works as it should be.

Solarstorm 440w grow light comes with 90 days full money back guarantee from California Lightworks.

Now let’s look at Solarstorms pros and cons.

Pros of Solarstorm 440 watts with UVB:
  • Switchable Colour Spectrum: Solarstorm 440w LED grow lights can provide you dual mode switch to ensure your plants efficient and most suitable light according to its life cycle.
  • Separate Controlled UVB: Solarstorm 440w has two T8 tubes with the separate control to provide your plant an essential lighting factor called UVB when they need it most.
  • Extremely quiet fan: This LED grow light has heat sink along with the cooling fan to perform heat management smartly and to prevent your bud plants from getting seek.
  • Uniform 90-degree focus: Solarstorm has 90-degree primary focusing optics which can provide a direct light to your bud plants and avoid light wastage.
  • Flowering phase boost: Thanks to its UVB mode, it helps you to boost your bud plants potency to give you more substantial yields during the final stage of your marijuana plant.
Cons of Solarstorm 440 watts with UVB:
  • Comparatively Smaller Coverage Area: Though it offers uniform coverage area of 3’ x 3’ at the height of 18” from your canopy, it’s relatively smaller than its competitors. By balancing things, we’ve concluded that this point could be neglected as none of the competitors is providing UVB which can boost yield at the final stage of our bud plant.

What existing growers say about Solarstorm 440 watts with UVB?

At the time of writing this article Solarstorm 440 watts LED has 16 reviews on Amazon and all of the reviewers are satisfied with the product and given 5* review after using it.

Most of the customers and professionals are impressed by its UVB ability. And they agreed on its ability to boost their plants potential during its flowering stage. And many existing cultivators admitted that it’s best led grow light for the money they’ve paid.


A big YES.

Serious growers who are expecting a result oriented product for their indoor growing with grow space of 3’ x 3’ should go with this product. By using it wisely and according to plants needs it will give you definite positive results at the end.


Advanced Platinum P600 – Best Light For Best Outcome.

Advanced Platinum Series P600

Advanced Platinum Series P600

What this light offers is more than its younger sister Advanced Platinum Series P300 and less than P900. A noticeable change is in the coverage area only.

Apart from coverage area during veg and bloom phase of your bud plant life cycle there not much that is different from its siblings.

Advanced Platinum Series P600 has the form factor of 36” x 8” x 3” and weighs around 24lbs.

This grow light has 200 LED grow light bulbs which are made in the USA, and each is utilizing the power of around 3w. Advanced Platinum Series P600 has an average power draw of 184w during veg stage while 368w during bloom phase.

P600 also offers dual-mode same as its elder and younger siblings.

It also has the primary focusing angle of 180-degree while the secondary focusing angle of 90-degree.

Advanced Platinum Series P600 offers max coverage area of 6’ X 4’ at the height of 18” from your canopy during its veg phase while it offers max coverage of 5’ x 2.5’ at the height of 18” from your bud plant during its flowering or bloom phase.

And Lighting system and spectrum ability are same as its sibling which is 12 band full spectrum for healthy and sustainable growth of cannabis plants resulting in more substantial yields per watt of electricity. It also has an aluminum coated heat sink with the built-in fan to remove unnecessary heat from LED and to avoid harm to plants. When it comes to full spectrum led grow lights Advanced platinum series never failed to amaze their users by it’s performance.

With its highest PAR value, this Series succeeded in providing value for money products to its highly satisfied customers.

Now, let’s take a look at Advanced Platinum Series P600 LED Grow Lights pros and cons.

Pros of Advanced Platinum Series P600 LED Grow Light:
  • Easy to use operation: This LED grow light is User-friendly starting from its installation to its maintenance.
  • Dual mode: No need to worry about different grow light for different phases. This light is pretty much able to provide you all the things for your convenience.
  • Highest PAR: Platinum Grow Light manufacturer’s signature is their highest PAR resulting into more and more intense light for your plants using less electricity.
  • Full Spectrum Light: P600 has 12 band spectrum light which covers almost all color spectrum and succeeds in mimicking the real sunlight. There are many manufacturers who are manufacturing full spectrum led grow lights but Advanced Platinum series is standing on the top.
  • Strong Build: Platinum LED products are made in the USA only and made up of best quality materials ensuring users value for money product.
  • Longer lifespan: P600 has approximately 100000 hours of long lifespan which proves that it’s not going to need to be changed soon. Apart from long lifespan Platinum also ensuring customers about quality by providing 5 years warranty period.
Cons Of Advanced Platinum Series P600 LED Grow Light:
  • 90-Degree secondary focusing angle harms plants sometimes: This 90-degree focusing angle should be used wisely. To grow plants quickly few growers keeps the light in flowering mode since the very beginning. It’s recommended to observe your bud plant before changing lighting mode. 90-Degree focusing angle gives your plants a straight downward light which can result in immature development and harm to clones.

What existing growers say about Advanced Platinum Series P600 Grow Light?

At the time of writing this article Advanced Platinum Series P600 LED has 99 reviews on Amazon and 90% of the reviewers are satisfied with the product and given 5* or 4* ratings after using it.


It’s not going to be a purchase; it’s going to be an investment with guaranteed returns. Cultivators who are weeling to go for full spectrum led grow lights should buy it to get up to the mark results. Serious growers with growing space of 6’ x 4’ should invest in this product. It’ll prove its worth in the long run. With effectively lower power usage, dual mode, more massive yields, quiet operation and longer lifespan this beast is not an easy to beat thing. Enjoy your LED growing at its best.


2063787068 – Best LED grow light For Entire Life Cycle.


G8LED 450 Watt LED Veg

The G8LED 450 watt LED grow light can perform replacement for 800 watts HID grow light. This LED grow light ensures your plant’s vitality and healthier growth.

It has uniform 8-Band spectrum which suffices for entire life cycle and does not need an operation to switch lower to higher and higher to lower spectrum for your bud plants.

5072035285 has a coverage area of 12 sq.ft and its suitable for your average sized indoor garden. If fixed 18” above your bud plant canopy it can cover 4’ x 3’ of growing space.

With its Optimal 8 Band color spectrum, it can provide your plants right kind of the light at the right time.

It has a form factor of 17.5” x 11” x 3” which weighs around 14lbs and hence it can be fixed at any smaller sized space too.

G8LED 450watt LED Grow Light is designed by keeping entire life cycle of your plants in mind. And thus it’s able to provide your plants 90W of red flower boosters to boost your yield to the maximum level possible. They’ve not opted for turning off diodes because they wanted to provide an LED grow light which can be utilized to its highest potential.

It has an average power draw of 270 watts which is best in class replacement for your 600 to 800 watts HID systems.

With its ability to emit UV and IR using 3W LED bulb chip it becomes more efficient and trustworthy.

G8LED grow light also has a built-in cooling fan to keep your Grow Light cool during its operational hours.

It has a lifespan of around 50000 hours, and throughout its lifespan, you can use it to its fullest potential.

Now, let’s take a look at G8LED 450 watt LED grow lights pros and cons.

Pros of G8LED 450 watt :
  • Ultimate Power Saver: This LED grow light uses 270 watts of electricity on an average hence it can be best in class replacement to old HID systems which are still utilizing 600 to 800 watts of electricity on an average. Makes it a part of best led grow systems.
  • Ability to Adjust In Smaller Sized Space: With its minimal form factor you can settle it in any smaller sized compartment or grow tents as it doesn’t need much more space to get settled.
  • Full Spectrum Output with UV and IR: G8LED 450 watts LED grow light can provide your plant’s full spectrum light by utilizing optimal 8 band color spectrum. With 90w of red flower booster, they’ve ensured you that you don’t need to worry about your plant’s current stage. Along with Full-spectrum it also delivers UV and IR spectrum for your bud plants which are mostly available in real sunlight.
  • Best Choice for Beginners: If you’re new in this growing business or say hobby and you’re confused about plants life cycle then this can be a proven choice for you as this LED grow light can deliver best-needed light spectrum throughout plants life cycle without switching it to different modes.
  • Better to have in small-sized tents: If you’re using a tent with the size of 3’ x 4’ then this light is the best choice in such cases. Professionals and experienced growers mostly recommend this LED grow light for small grows.
Cons of G8LED 450 watts :
  • Having Lesser Coverage Average: Few of the competitors are offering more coverage area in the same 450w segments. That’s true. But, the fact to notice here is that their light spectrum is not up to the mark, and that could result in smaller yields per watt of electricity.
  • A Bit High Initial Cost: I Agree. But few people neglect bright side of this fact that it’s not a short-term purchase, you’re going to make a long-term investment so you should get something that can be proven worth its price at the longer run. And in such case G8LED 450 watts justified its price. Some of the growers informed that they’ve got what they’ve invested in just their first grow.

What existing growers say about G8LED 450 watt?

At the time of writing this article 317-864-0494 has 44 reviews on Amazon and 85% of the reviewers are satisfied with the product and given 5* or 4* ratings after using it. Just not on the Amazon this LED grow light is rocking the floors on the internet, and it is in the limelight on the most of the forums. All in all this beast has satisfied so many growers throughout the world and had built a strong fan base.


Not much experienced in growing?

Are you worrying about having smaller coverage area?

Feeling skeptical about your existing HID system?

Failed in developing healthier plants and getting more massive yields?

If any of the above questions are relevant to your existing situation, then this is the right time to take action by purchasing this excellent product for your indoor garden. We agree that you’ll have to make a somewhat costly investment, but you won’t regret your decision later on.


Marshydro Reflector 960W – Best Budget LED

Marshydro Reflector 960W LED Grow Light

Marshydro Reflector 960W LED Grow Light

After looking at all above assorted grow lights from the best manufacturers if you’re not still able to choose an LED grow light because of your tight budget then this LED grow light will be the best product to look on.

We want you to have best product for your indoor growing. That’s why we are reviewing all top rated led grow lights in all the categories. We don’t want you to regret later.

MarsHydro is well known manufacturer for manufacturing budget friendly indoor LED grow lights for beginner growers. With marginally low price it offers some of the good to have features.

But you should not expect made in USA product for this low price. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, it’s a made in china product.

Each LED light bulb is surrounded by a mirror-like reflector to spread light up to its extent level.

This tremendous grow light has the form factor of 22” x 19” x 2 ” and it can cover up to 4’ x 4’ of growing space during your weed plants veg phase and 3.5’ x 3.5’ of growing space during your weed plants bloom phase. It has an average power draw of 388 ± 5%W at 110v which can replace 450W HID systems.

MarsHydro Reflector 960W is having the dual mode and can be used according to your plant’s current stage. Though at this initial cost power draw of this LED grow light is minimal, and we should not expect it better than this at this price.

During bloom phase, you’ll have to use it smartly, and a bit of research is recommended before using this LED grow light during plant’s bloom phase.

Yeah, that’s a bit tricky as it doesn’t have any instruction booklet provided with it.

Though installation of this product is very much user-friendly and can be hanged to your convenience in your grow tent.

Apart from all these features, you’ll receive a sturdier product with budget-friendly cost. Yeah, a definite best cheap led grow light for your budget.

Now, let’s look at MarsHydro Reflector 960W pros and cons.

Pros of MarsHydro Reflector 960W:
  • Budget-Friendly Cost: At the marginal cost, you’re getting best budget led grow light with some of the eye-catching features.
  • Balanced Spectrum: This LED grow light has 5W of LED light bulbs which are placed systematically and results in providing you rich spectrum for your bud plants.
  • Sturdier Product With 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty: You’ll get a very sturdy product out of the box with a minimal initial cost.
  • Efficient Cooling: This light comes with built-in cooling fans to keep your growing space as well as grow light as cool as it should be.
  • Best for beginners: If you’re beginners in growing hobby then this is a recommended product for you.
Cons of MarsHydro Reflector 960W
  • Made In China Product: Some of the growers have a tendency to avoid Chinese products. And if you’re falling in the same category then, sorry it’s a Chinese product But, the thing to consider here is that it’s not any low-quality Chinese product, it’s manufactured by MarsHydro which is a very reputed manufacturer in LED Grow Light business.
  • During Bloom Phase It Harms plants: If you’re not familiar with the entire life cycle of your plant’s life cycle and if you’re turning it to bloom mode at the ending period of veg phase then some of your bud plants get seek.

What existing growers say about MarsHydro Reflector 960W LED Grow Light?

At the time of writing article, This full spectrum led grow lights reviews have massive numbers of 245 on Amazon, and 95% of the reviewers are satisfied with the product and given 5* or 4* ratings after using it. By looking in depth, we’ve concluded that people are delighted with the product and got what they were expecting before making it as their choice. All in all led grow lights cheapest price ? Then, MarsHydro won’t let you regret later on.


It’s best in kind budget friendly LED grow light. If you’re running tight on budget and want to buy led grow lights, then this could be a proven best choice for you for an average coverage area of 3’ x 3’. You’re getting a very sturdier product with two years of manufacturer warranty. Being a chinese product it still passes our led grow light test. Hence, For smart growers who can still do their own research before using any product with accordance to their plant’s phase are getting a very efficient outcome at the end.


VIPARSPECTRA Reflector 450W – Best LED For Weed


Viparspectra is also well known name for manufacturing some of the best led hydroponic lights for budget oriented growing. The reason behind its low price is not any other factors, but it’s under your budget because manufacture itself is selling it directly to customers by eliminating distributors and third-party sellers it reduces direct cost to customers.

If we consider technical factors of this light, then it offers you massive 2.5’ x 2.5’ of coverage area at the height of 24” which is very good coverage compared to its competitors. If we look at its form factor, the dimensions of this light are 15.8” x 8.4 “ x 2.4” with a weight of 8.8 Pounds while shipping.

90 powerful LED grow bulbs of 5W each is organized systemically to provide best lighting effect possible to your plants. Its systematically organized light placement offers you best in segment PAR value at budget-friendly cost. They’ve placed four pcs of IR lights which are not working up to the mark and didn’t show any effect, but if you consider other 11 band spectrum, then it works up to the mark.

Each LED light has focus angle of 90 degrees to provide you efficient lights needed for your growing plants.

To reduce the temperature of your growing space and your grow light this product comes with high 0.8” aluminum heat sing which makes heat dissipation better.

This light can also be set as per your preference like veg mode and bloom mode, but it didn’t offer any dimming functionality.

If you’ve tight budget and can’t afford heavy duty cost then going for this light wouldn’t be a bad bet. It;s also one of the top rated led grow lights in budget friendly category.

If we consider its power usage, then 450W reflector series utilizes approximately 200W of electricity.

Apart from its technical factors, it comes with three year warranty period, and you’ll have 30 days to ask for your money back if you’re not satisfied with this product.

Now let’s discuss Viparspectra reflector series 450w LED grow lights pros and cons.

Pros of Viparspectra Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light
  • Affordable:- As truth be told its affordable not because of any problem with this lights, but it’s affordable because you’ll get this lights directly from manufacturer to your doorstep, Resulting in the elimination of all hidden costs. That makes it best budget led grow light.
  • Decent Light Spectrum With 12 Band:- Even though it’s cheaper compare to its competitor it offers proper and efficient light for your bud plants.
  • Suitable for whole growth cycle:- As it has two modes of operation it can be helpful to you for both the stages of your plant’s life cycle.
  • Decent Power Draw of 200w:- If you raise your plants with HID lighting system then it will draw huge 400w of electricity while this LED light will consume only 200w it means at the end it’ll always put some money in your pocket by being less demanding.
Cons of Viparspectra Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light:
  • Chinese Manufacturer:- If you think that Chinese manufacturers are cheaters then give at least one try to this manufacturer.  It’ll prove you wrong.
  • Not suitable for large grow space:- With its average coverage area 2.5’ x 2.5’ you’ll probably need more set of this LED light for your large garden.
  • Not Dimmable:- Though it can’t dim as per your preference, it can be set as per your plant’s current phase.

What existing growers say about Viparspectra Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light?

At the time of writing this article, Viparspectra Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light has 282 reviews on Amazon, and 90% of the reviewers are satisfied with the product and given 5* or 4* ratings after using it.

We’ve researched so many other grow light reviews too but Its stats speaks itself what this grow light is offering to their users. People are not just using it, in fact, they love it. Many of them admitted that it’s best led grow lights for indoor plants.

Having strong and satisfied customer base means a product which deserves a definite place in your garden. Apart from everything it also chosen for best indoor led grow lights reviews over many forums.


It’s affordable LED grow light because of their choice of being transparent and direct to the customer. If your pockets are denying giving much money, then this could be a proven choice for your indoor garden with a coverage area of 2.5’ x 2.5’. Our opinion will be straightforward to you that if your budget is tight and you’ve decent grow space as required for this product then buying this grow light will never be a bad move. Happy Growing.


MEIZHI Reflector 450W – Get Better With Best Budget.

MEIZHI LED Grow Light 450W

MEIZHI LED Grow Light 450W

Are you looking for the best cheap led grow light ?

Then, Just take a deep breath.!

A strong competitor to viparspectra and mars hydro is waiting to be reviewed. Yeah, Meizhi is a well-known name on the market for its affordable light products. This product also offers you many features at a leveled price tag.

If you’re finding a replacement for you 450W HID system, then it’ll comfortably fit your need with lower power consumption than your existing system.

garden purslane LED Grow light will offer your plants maximum spectrum for the coverage area of 2’ x 3.5’ at a recommended height between 18” to 30”.

Just FYI: Manufacturers recommend height for Light placement to avoid any harm to your plant leaf and canopy.

If we look at its form factor, then it is 19.6” x 10.7” x 8.2” grow light and weighs around 8 pounds.

It has a massive lifespan of approximate 10000 hours. And it comes with 90 LEDs of 5W which are places scientifically to generate full spectrum light which is almost same as sunlight and good thing here will be this light will not transmit any UV radiation to your plants.

It has 120 degrees reflector to cover your seven sq.ft grow space for growing around four cannabis plants at once.

For heat dissipation purpose it had a heat sink and built-in cooling fan, but still, we will recommend having a ventilation system for your bud plants during its flowering stage to avoid excessive heat.

In the end, it’ll consume only 195W of electricity and will reduce half of your burden with power saving.

Even being on the tight budget doesn’t mean that invest our money in any scrap. We know that your every buck is there in your pocket because of your hard work and that’s why we’ll not suggest anything that doesn’t deserve even your attention. Our primary concern is still better growth and more massive yields. No matter what we are spending.

This light is being suggested because it satisfies our constraints of good growth of our cannabis and more massive yields by providing full spectrum light to our bud plant throughout its life cycle.

And Yeah, we forget to mention one thing here. Meizhi had designed this product very smartly, and because of that it becomes daisy-chainable, means you can always link two or more lights together. Which in turn be able to cover more grow space for you.

Now, let’s take a look at Meizhi Reflector series 450W LED Grow Lights pros and cons.

Pros of Meizhi Reflector series 450W LED Grow Light:
  • Less Power, Still Great Light:- Even at a power draw of 195W this light offers great full spectrum light for your plants throughout its life cycle.
  • Easy Installation:- Mounting of this LED light isn’t a mess. Just hang it over your bud plant at a suggested height of 18” to 30” and connect the power cord. You’re done.
  • Affordable:- With meager cost compared to other lights this beast offers you more outcome. If the price tag is a reason to worry about you, then forget it, and go for this beast with affordable price tag.
  • Compared to price, it can grow multiple plants:- Yeah, if we consider its price then it’ll also allow you to raise and grow around four cannabis plants at once with decent coverage area. And yeah, that too multiple time, thanks to its vast lifespan. It makes this light to be selected in category of best LED grow lights for indoor plants.
Cons of Meizhi Reflector Series 450W LED Grow Light:
  • A bit noisy:- Few of the users complained about its noise factor. But meizhi reports noise level of 53db which you can easily relate to noise from any fan on medium and such noise shouldn’t draw your attention.
  • Limited Warranty Period:- You’ll always have a choice for replacement within first 30 days. If it doesn’t seem to be satisfactory, then return it. Then for first three months, they’ll provide you free repairs. And remaining nine months, they’ll provide you paid maintenance.

What existing growers say about Meizhi Reflector Series 450W LED grow lights cheapest price?

At the time of writing this article, Meizhi Reflector Series 450W LED Grow Light has 194 reviews on Amazon, and 92% of the reviewers are satisfied with the product and given 5* or 4* ratings after using it. Thus stats for this full spectrum led grow lights reviews are clearing all its users doubts. Being budget friendly, it’s always the first choice for beginners, and some of the professionals also stated that this LED light has everything you need then why should one go for high budgeted products.


Go for it.

Yes, not because of a price but we’re suggesting this light because of its ability to meet your expectations and performance that existing growers had appraised.

With all the required features this grow light can fully satisfy you within the first cycle of your bud plants. You’ll definitely thank yourself for this choice when you see those resinous buds in your hand.


(850) 725-8439 – Double Chips For Double Power

BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

No need to be skeptical here, we’ve verified it. They’re not lying.

Yeah, They are claiming that their LED grow light will provide you 1000W equivalent light spectrum at an actual power draw of only 185W. And that’s true.

They’ve equipped this light with 100 LEDs from EpiLeds, and each led bulbs generate the light equivalent to 10w of HID lamp. But these LED lights consume much less actual power for generating this much efficient light. This makes it to be a best part of led grow light systems.

Yeah, 100 LED grow lamp each one is able to generate 10W of HID equivalent light. Now, Judge it’s ability yourself.

It has the form factor of 12.2” x 8.26” x 2.36” and weighs around 7 pounds. So definitely, it won’t consume more space for placement.

The focusing angle of LEDs will be 120 degrees, and it’ll cover around 5.1’ x 4.7’ of your coverage area at the height of 24”.

Its full spectrum light is suitable for entire life cycle of your weed plants. And will provide you massive results with the help of its efficient lighting ability.

At this price range, they’re offering you very efficient product. With powerful designing and scientifically engineered factors regarding light, band, and throughput they’ve invented something that deserves grower’s attention.

oppositeness double chips LED grow light comes with a built-in cooling fan which runs extremely quiet and helps heat dissipation. Scientific panel design with holes in aluminum heat sink also helps heat dissipation the better way possible.

For appropriate light management, it also has a built-in timer which will help you build a productive light cycle for your bud plants.

At very minimal cost they are offering best in segment light, good heat dissipation, larger coverage area, quiet operation, timer and what not? This beast deserves its place in anyone’s indoor garden.

Now let’s talk about BestVa 1000W double chips LED grow lights pros and cons.

Pros of BestVa 1000W double chips LED grow light:
  • Larger Coverage area:- Thanks to its powerful lighting ability and scientific design. It offers comparatively larger coverage area at this price range.
  • Full spectrum light:- with the help of dual chip 10w LEDs it can provide you best in class full spectrum light for your cannabis plants.
  • Timer Control:- So, you’re going out and worrying about your plants need? Then don’t worry just set the timer according to your need and your plants will be happy for your outings.
  • Easy to install:- This light means hassle-free installation. Just hang it over your weed plants at the recommended height and plug-in power cord. You’re all set.
Cons of BestVa 1000W double chips LED grow light:
  • Not waterproof:- At this price range we shouldn’t expect a product to be waterproof. But, still, if you’re looking for the same then sorry, it doesn’t fit your requirements.
  • Extreme Brightness:- Because of its intense brightness, you can’t look directly at it. Wearing a sunglass while inside the tent will be a better move.

What existing growers say about BestVa 1000W double chips LED grow light?

At the time of writing this article, BestVa 1000W double chips LED grow light has 243 reviews on Amazon, and above 80% of the reviewers are satisfied with the product and given 5* or 4* ratings after using it.

Some of the reviewers are so happy, and they’ve admitted that BestVa’s LED provides up to the mark performance and will surely repurchase it if they need more LED for their indoor garden.


I won’t lie, I was about to review HollandStar LED Grow Light 1000W, but I’ve chosen BestVa 1000W just because of its happy customer base. It doesn’t mean Hollandstar has not happy customer base but BestVa being a new name on the market and build a vast base it means they’re providing value for money to their customers.

Both are the best grow lights but BestVa won from our point of view. Because, Apart from their customer satisfaction, I’ve found few things like actual power draw and other few factors to be better than HollandStar, and that’s the reason for BestVa’s demand on the market. It’s definitely a good go.


HYBERGROW LED – Full-Spectrum Grow Light for Cannabis


What if I say that you can get a decent grow light under 100$? Obviously new grow lights are available at cheaper rate because of tough competitions.

Apparently, This grow light is not for large grow space. But if you’re beginner or just testing yourself with growing hobby then this grow light will be the best help for your bud plants growth.

HyberGrow succeeded in providing under 100$ grow lights to their customers with 100% satisfaction. That’s impressive.

These SMD series grow light from HyberGrow is equipped with 100 LED grow bulbs of 3W each. This light will give you 300W equivalent to HID system at an average power draw of 100W only.

You can set it as per your preference as it comes with an adjustable hanger to help you with light placement.

Full spectrum output is impressive. It includes All the needed band for your cannabis plants. You can set it to 25” away from your plants, and it can easily cover around four sq.ft area of your grow space. In other words, it can be the best choice for individual plants and at most two plants. But their ability to perform will amaze you at the time of Harvest.

For cooling and heat dissipation this grow light is equipped with two Cooling fans and systematic aluminum heat sink.

HyberGrow also offers you a protective glass as a bonus along with an adjustable hanger.

This light is rocking on the floor by performing up to the mark. And has 100% satisfied customers to date! All in all if you’re looking for cheap led grow lights that work, then it’s going to be right choice for you.

That’s all about its technical specification and performance. Now, let’s take a look at HyberGrow 300W pros and cons.

Pros of HYBERGROW LED Grow Light 300w with Adjustable Hanging Hook:
  • Full Spectrum Light:- HyberGrow LED light can provide your plants with most necessary of Yellow, Red, Blue, White lights with the mixture of UR and IR to boost your yield by 30% more than your expectation.
  • Quality And Technology:- HyberGrow succeeded in manufacturing something that utilizes the latest technology to build the high quality product. If you compare this grow light with any of the other grow light, then you’ll realize that you’re comparing a gem with a stone.
  • Suitable for Entire Life Cycle:- As We’ve stated this light will provide you with full spectrum light which is suitable for both the phase of your cannabis plant.
Cons of HYBERGROW LED Grow Light 300w with Adjustable Hanging Hook:
  • A Bit Noisy Fans:- In some cases, users complained about this light for being noisy. But, this light is doing what it is made up to do, and in that case, it’ll never give you a chance for complaining.

What existing growers say about HyberGrow 300W SMD grow light?

At the time of writing this article, HyberGrow 300W SMD grow light has 45 reviews on Amazon, and 100% of the reviewers are satisfied with the product and given 5* ratings after using it.

Not only on amazon but nowadays, this product is a point of discussion in various forums too. Many had clarified that, they were feeling skeptical about this full spectrum led grow lights cheap price but later on their doubt got cleared after its use. Growers are talking about it everywhere.


A big yes from our side for this new grow lights . With all features and functionality that one should expect under this budget line is being offered by this new LED grow lights. And the performance of this LED grow light is going to be up to the mark then why we should say no to you? If your budget is under 100 bucks and you just wants to raise one or two individual plants in your indoor garden then give this LED a go.


203-728-3464 – Best LED for Marijuana

(435) 201-7441

Ledgle Led Grow Light 300W

To provide best user experience, Ledgle designed this grow light very smartly. They’ve equipped this LED light with 50 LEDs of 6W. Yes, they’ve thought out of the box and placed 6W LED grow bulbs or say LEDs to provide best in kind light for your cannabis plants. Yeah, Each one of it’s LED grow lamp is capable enough to generate sufficient light for your plants.

Light generated by this LED is of 11 band spectrum which suffices all the need of your growing plants.

They’ve also placed a switch to set light accordingly which provides you comfort and saves you some money throughout its lifespan.

This LED can provide you an average coverage area of 3’ x 2’ during the vegetative stage of your plants by hanging it 22” away from your canopy and can cover around 2’ x 1.5’ by hanging it 18” away from your canopy during the flowering stage of your weed plants.

An obvious thing to consider here is that we shouldn’t expect too much at this price range. We can easily differentiate this full spectrum led grow lights cheap price from other high budgeted LEDs.

There is a confusion between actual power draw and HID equivalent power draw. But still, you’ll get a pretty much efficient light for this price.

The manufacturer is claiming that 11 band spectrum includes IR and UV too. And if we’ll ignore this part then also we’ll be standing at winning side.

For Heat dissipation, they’ve included an aluminum sink and two cooling fans which runs pretty quiet.

All in all, Ledgle is offering you everything that any novice grower or beginner can expect out of an LED grow light.

Even some of the professional growers who are not willing to spend much on LED lights are choosing this grow light and are happy with this product.

Now as we’ve discussed everything which is offered by this LED grow light then let’s talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Ledgle Led Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light:
  • Affordable:- At low price range this product is offering you all the factors which are relevant to your plant’s growth.
  • Effective Light :- 11 Band color spectrum including UV and IR with the help of 50 LEDs of 6W each provides you efficient light for your weed plants.
  • Suitable For Any Plant:- Even after using it for your cannabis plant you want to use it for any other vegetable or flower plant then you can efficiently use this light for your indoor plants. It provides light for the whole growth cycle.
  • Built-in Cooling:- This product includes two cooling fans and an aluminum heat sink.
Cons of Ledgle Led Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • Lesser work time:- Compared to other products on the market it has a bit less work time.
  • Confusion In Power draw:- It’s not yet clear whether 300W is actual power draw or equivalent as some of the existing users are saying that it draws an exact power of 300W while others are saying that its equivalent to HID systems.

What existing growers say about Ledgle Led Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light?

At the time of writing this article, Ledgle Led Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light has 145 reviews on Amazon, and 87% of the growers are satisfied with the product and given 5* or 4* ratings after using it. By stats, it seems like a satisfactory product for many growers.


As we’ve stated earlier at this price range whatever this product is offering is pretty much suffice for your indoor garden. If you’re bound to spend less on new LED grow lights then opting for this LED would not be a bad move. We recommend this LED light only for individual plants or at maximum two plants. If you’ve more than that, then you should probably move towards better LED than this at a bit higher price tag.

TaoTronics Led Grow lights Bulb – A Small LED Grow Light


TaoTronics Led Grow lights Bulb

Buckle up, guys!

Tiny beast is going to rock the floor.

This masterpiece from TaoTronics is just incredible and does exactly what it supposed to do. People who have individual plants and wants to take personal care of each marijuana plant with separate LED light are never looking at any other product than this.

Are you looking for led lights for growing pot? Then, this beast is famous among all cultivators who are growing small indoor plants in growing pots.

Now let’s stop appraising efforts of the manufacturer and move towards its technical specifications.

This tiny light bulb has 12 LED grow bulbs where 3 LEDs are for blue spectrum while 9 LEDs are for Red spectrum. This LED light bulbs are transmitting highly efficient and brighter light to your marijuana plants.

It’s recommended to place this lights at a maximum height of 4’ and a minimum height of 1.7’ to get better quality yields from your bud plants.

The power consumption of this beast it pretty low and helps you with saving your much at the long run. And if we consider design factor here then outside panel is built in heat sink fashion which helps your bulb to stay cool even after extended consistent use. Some of the cultivators are saying that, Getting up to the mark results from led lights for growing pot isn’t possible. But, this tiny led grow bulbs are proving them wrong.

So many people are going for hydroponic cultivation and searching for led hydroponic lights for their individual plants. If you’re also looking for the same then this is right product to consider before your purchase.

This LED light is best suited while your plants are in flowering stage. If you use this LED light continuously for around two weeks, then you’ll yourself notice the difference. Thanks to the efficient and brighter light, it has the ability to provide healthy and sustainable growth to your plants.

Now, let’s talk about This grow lights pros and cons.

Pros of TaoTronics LED Grow Lights Bulb:
  • Best for individual plants:- As it has compact size with both most needed bands like blue and red it is best suited for your plant.
  • Less Heat, More Outcome:- As being compact and with the help of exterior scientific design it produces minor heat and bud plants can get cool and brighter light which results into better health and growth of your weed plants.
  • More massive Lifespan:- This beast can stand out for more extended life run of 50000 hours. At this little cost, it runs quiet longer.
  • Lower Power consumption:- At pretty low power draw it offers decidedly brighter light to your bud plants.
Cons of TaoTronics LED Grow Lights:
  • Smaller warranty compared to competitors:- At this cost, competitors are offering a bit more warranty period but looking at its quality and durability we think this factor isn’t a significant concern.

What existing growers say about TaoTronics LED Grow Lights?

At the time of writing this article, TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb has extensive 1582 reviews on Amazon, and 90% of the growers are satisfied with the product and given 5* or 4* ratings after using it. Yeah this small LED grow light has satisfied people more than our expectations. We won’t speak even a single word more.  Judge it yourself. Period.


Look at existing customers and growers satisfaction level. We want to say even a single word more. But if at the same price range if you’re selecting any other grow light then we’d suggest you think once more.



(313) 238-1471

ABI 12W Red 620-630nm

Even after looking at TaoTronics you’re feeling skeptical for the price?

Then this could also be a good choice. At the very low cost, you’ll get highly efficient and sturdy product with similar lifespan as TaoTronics.

ABI 12W Red 620-630nm Grow light bulb will offer you red spectrum to enhance your grow space environment.

Manufacturer recommends this light during blooming phase of your garden plants. It’s ultimate flower growth booster and provides your bud plant most necessary color spectrum during its bloom phase.

This red spectrum also improves bud quality and results into resinous buds into your hands. At the actual power draw of 12W it provides 24W equivalent light.

The focusing angle of the light is at 30 degrees and prevents any direct damage to your plant’s leaf.

This light is only suitable for individual plants, and we suggest you not to use for multiple weed plants.

That’s all that we’ve gathered for you about ABI 12W red Led Grow Light-bulb. Now, let’s talk about its plus and minus.

Pros of ABI 12W Red 620-630nm PAR38 LED Grow Light Bulb for Flowering:
  • Adequate Light For Blooming stage:– Red spectrum of this light provides your plants very efficient light during its bloom phase.
  • More considerable Lifespan:– This grow light bulb can stay intact and perform well for a more significant lifespan of 50000 hours.
  • Lower Power Consumption:– This grow light only consumes 12W of power and provides you with 24W equivalent light.
Cons of ABI 12W Red 620-630nm PAR38 LED Grow Light Bulb for Flowering:
  • Only for Flowering Stage of plants:- This LED light is only suitable for cannabis plants in blooming phase. So, you’ll have to use two different light bulbs for two different purposes.

What existing growers say about ABI 12W Red 620-630nm PAR38 LED Grow Light Bulb?

At the time of writing this article, ABI 12W Red 620-630nm PAR38 LED Grow Light Bulb has extensive 48 reviews on Amazon and having 90% of happy cultivators who’ve given 5* or 4* ratings after using it. Are you looking for cheap led grow lights that work for flowering phase of your individual marijuana plant? Then it’s best bet. We won’t speak even a single word more.

Judge it yourself. Period.


If you’ve plants in blooming phase, or you already have a light which is performing well during veg phase but lacks red spectrum during bloom phase, then this grow light will not disappoint you.

With massive warranty period of 3 years, it wins the trust of their customers. If you have a limited budget and you’re comfortable with two LED grow lamp for two different stages then for blooming phase we’re recommending you this beast.

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Small Grow tent

Best LED grow lights – Final Recommendation

Ohh god.!!!

I’ve read more than 15 Best LED grow lights reviews here. Now, I’m confused what to buy and what not to?

Is it the case mate?

Then, let me help you in fewer words.

As we’ve seen so far, various manufacturers are offering different features in their Grow light. Now, it’s up to you which one you’re going for. Our verdict will be dependent on your preference, needs and feasibility.

Value for Money LED grow lights

If budget isn’t a concern for you and you want to invest your money in a value for money product then relying on two manufacturers would be a great deal.

Because initially you might need to invest somewhat more money, but later on you’ll get larger coverage area at very lower power draw. Apart from coverage area to power draw ratio, you’ll get the best possible quality of light from these both manufacturers.

Yeah their names are:

  1. Advanced Platinum
  2. G8LED

Now, Which one to select based on our requirements?


If you’ve got a grow tent of the size under 4.5’ x 4.5’ then going for advanced platinum series P300 would be a wise decision.

If you’ve somewhat bigger than 4.5’ x 4.5’ but under 6’ x 4’ then you’ll have two options from Advanced platinum

  1. Advanced Platinum P600
  2. Advanced Platinum P900

Noticeable difference in both of these grow lights is coverage during bloom phase. Yeah, it’s 5’ x 2.5’ and 5’ x 3.5’ respectively.

Led grow light for 3’x4′ Grow tent

If you want to grow light for your 3’ x 4’ grow tent, then G8LED is also an excellent choice as I said.

Here, you’ll have two choice

  1. 828-237-5022
  2. G8LED 450W

The major difference in both of this is the average power draw. Yeah, it’s 380W and 270W respectively. While coverage area of both the LED grow lights is 5’ x 4’ and 4’ x 3’ respectively.

Here, if you’re confused between P600 and G8LED 600 then going for P600 would be a good move.

If you want to invest in a grow light with power draw under 250W and with coverage of 3’ x 3’ along with UV feel to your plants then going for the Solarstorm 440W panel would be the best led grow light for you.

But, here thing to consider is it’s a bigger sized panel compared to other LED grow lights. So, you should also keep your grow space in mind before investing your bucks in this LED grow panel.

If you’re a professional grower, then you’re knowing it better where you should invest your money. Because it’s not all about investments, it’s all about long-term returns.

Now, if Budget is a concern for you, then we have few lights for you too. These grow lights are best choices for beginner growers with less growing expertise.

Best LED grow lights for 4’x4′ Grow tent

(351) 322-5903 is for those who have to grow tent with a size of 4’ x 4’ and it utilizes power between 395W to 415W depending on your use. Yes, you might be noticing a huge difference between high price tag products and budget-friendly products. As I said earlier in this article, “If you’re planning to save money in the long run then be ready to invest a bit more initially.”

Best LED grow light for 2.5’x2.5′ grow tent

(602) 553-2082 is for those who are expecting 2.5’ x 2.5’ of coverage area from their LED grow light with an average power draw of 200W.

This is a grow lights for beginners from our point of view because it lets you connect second grow light without any worry with the help of daisy chaining feature.

glut herring is also a better option for those who don’t have higher budget initially but wants a great light for their 2’ x 3.5’ grow tent at an average power draw of 195W.

Compared to ViparSpectra 450W this doesn’t have any daisy chaining feature. But, still, you’ll get an efficient and powerful grow light at a lower cost.

5808503712 and Ledgle 300W both are for those who’ve 7132638241 of size and ready for an average power draw of 100W and around 150W respectively. There is still confusion about the average power draw in Ledgel 300W, but we’re assuming it based on its specifications and functionalities.

If you want value for money large grow tent of size 5.1’ x 4.7’ at very lower power consumption.

Yeah, it’s (662) 241-9575. It consumes around 185W only.

Now, if you’re finding a small-sized LED for your individual plant, then you have two choices depending upon your need.

If you are having large space to grow then do check the 6157298659 & 10×10 grow tent now!

And if you still want more then find one here on amazon.