A Milky Way 'Mixer' Amongst the Stars - Source: ESA/NASA/JPL-Caltech



I am a 23 year-old IT engineering student in my fourth year at the eXia.Cesi Strasbourg, and a Science enthusiast. I like to work with Unity to simulate and test models. I have been passionate by Computer Science since 5 years, and a science lover for as far as I can remember. I am fond of Artificial Intelligence, Video Games. I am also deeply interested in understanding and discovering how the World works, as much as I love to travel. This is why my third internship took place in Lisbon, Portugal, and I did a 4-month long school session in Montréal, Canada.
I am looking for an internship in Space Science from January 2019 to August 2019.

Minimalist Solar System - Source: Lapse on Wallhaven




  • French: Mother tongue
  • English: Level C1

Final Configuration Of ISS - Source: NASA



  • 24H Chrono 2014: Team Serenity Box, 3rd place

  • Start'Up Weekend Mulhouse 2015: Team Speech'log

  • Hacking Health Camp 2016: Team Slack4Health, Ekito price

  • Hacking Health Camp 2017: Team Pepper Pulse Detection, best potential price

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  • 2016 Natevia, Strasbourg, France: Development of a website allowing to locate the different points of interest of a city. Made with Slim V2.

  • 2017 INSA, Strasbourg, France: Development of a module in a computer aided design software. Made in C#.

  • 2018 Techsensys, Lisbon, Portugal: Development and Design of a prediction module. Made in Python.